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Florina Hanson Feb 2020
Master expression, abstract creation
We bring it onto canvas and paper.
What triggers such beautiful art?
From birth channeled thru our senses
Visual or otherwise without seeing
Blindness will not hinder expression
On the contrary, creation is life itself.
Our minds are filled with memories
Flourishing desires will fire our will
It is our destiny to share these stories
From past generations and cultures,
Story telling in many forms and shapes.
They inspire a nation and fulfills a void
Enchanted mediums capture our soul.
We strive to perfect this art, but fail
It is meant to stir much needed emotion.
Florina Hanson Feb 2020
So many questions, so many thoughts.
At the end of each day we decide to rest.
Every chapter is written in suspense
As our future is unknown which is best.

We take a moment to review the past
Wishing we were different or be someone else.
Thriving to acquire every ounce of wealth
Choosing riches over health.

Back and forth, each page is turned,
Erasing few words may change the rest.

Wondering if anyone will read our quest.
By the time we finish writing the book
This life has passed us by oh well...

How do we decide the importance of our age?
The answer is to be happy day by day.
Within happy moments we learn
Our journeys become something else.

Less struggles to impress the rest.
Freeing our mind from insanity is best.
Walking away from pressure of the press,
Happiness comes with a price tag

Can we afford it in this lifetime?
Maybe I am wrong to point this out.
Whatever price is asked for happy times
Just pay, it will be worth the cost.

No more questions, no more thoughts,
Life has been beautiful from the start.
Explore every corner of our new found world
Don't let anyone bring you down.

Who knows what they say or think?
Let them talk, one day they will turn around
Only because happiness is contagious to the rest.
Florina Hanson Feb 2020
Crack-ling, vivid energized flames,

Burst into unthinkable shapes.

Sparks of golden glowing waves

Warmth reached, desires unleashed.

Unknown senses surfing, breaching,

Spheres dancing,  shifting places,

Heat devours,  dense blood flows,

Mood changed, passion grows,

Obsessions melt away in rows.

Time stands still. Fire within

Entangled in a labyrinth of dreams.
Florina Hanson Feb 2020
Visualizing a tangible reality
I submerge my energy fully.
Obscure at first, exhausted
I let it come to me naturally.
Without forcing contact
I listen without prevail.
The shielded realm will unveil
I believe in the infinite space.
Possibilities are endless
I take time to understand.
Our minds comprehend it
I think we are never alone.
We are supreme beings
I feel it captivating my soul
Insecurities closes this door.
I must be strong to enter.
A reality I've haven't seen before.
Florina Hanson Jan 2020
Betrayed, I vowed revenge
Like a double sword; sharp
Piece by piece, out of order
I swallow my pride in distress
As you left me on the ground.
You tried to destroy my life
My reputation tarnished.
Like lightning burning
Striking everything in site.
My echoed thunder awakens
The dead from their graves
Without hesitation I plot
With an army by my side
We erased your existence
How does it feel?
You deserve whats done.
Your punishment.
Florina Hanson Jan 2020
In this blazing fire, my soul I torment.
Flesh into ash, bones into dust
Fragmented burning images
From history removed forever
Cleansed from old memories
New self-discovery awaiting.
Fresh air soothing my naked soul
So free and yet so exposed
Reborn from a pile of dirt
Craving knowledge of today.
Florina Hanson Jan 2020
What is happiness?
Are we born happy?
Is it in our DNA?
Do we learn it?
I often ponder on it.
Is happiness linked with love?
Are we happy without love?
Is unhappiness missing love?
Our views are different.
If listed, it will fill pages.
Upbringing, an influential force
Experience is the voice of "I"
We are uniquely designed.
Happiness is a state of mind
Love is a feeling, free from the beginning of time!
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