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Aug 2020 · 84
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
Beauty does not come so easily.
Hours and hours of masking her flaws.
Days waiting for the paint to dry.
Building her slender body took quite some time.

After she amazed our eyes,
It was time to take to the skies.
All she needed was to Ignite,
And how smoothly she could fly.

Sometimes the shock was just too much.
She snapped apart, again and again,
But at least we always got her back.

All she needed was to have her strings crocheted.
The blast would still undo the chain,
But at least she always returned.

He tightened her leash,
But she was still pretty.
The shorter the chord,
The closer to being whole she was.

It worked almost as smooth as she flew.
She loved to kiss the sky, again and again.
Her beauty lasted and amazed,
But only until the sky never saw her again.

I waited for hours, as he searched through every field.
When he returned he held her body, and I cheered,
Until I realized, "It's not all here".

"Why did she break,
Where did she fall?"
The chain was crocheted,
But it still snapped from her body.
He returned without her head.
What came back was dead.
Her nose was lost.
Her dreams were gone.

She was the beauty that he made.
She suffered a tragic ending,
But she will never be forgotten by my family.
Remember, she was Legacy.
Aug 2020 · 107
Origin Story
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
Here, love's story begins
Life can't tear it apart
Because it's powered by the heart

A look of fear in his eyes
She comes running to his side

The bullies say "this'll hurt"
She makes them all eat dirt

He looks up from the ground
A smile replaces a frown

Here, love's story ignites
Nothing will ever be as bright
Because it's powered by the heart

She pulls him up
He starts to blush
Two hearts begin to rush

"Hey, why don't we get some lunch?"
She brought him to a diner
Where he got to know her

From the ground to a table
From strangers to friends
From a table to a movie
From friends to lovers

Here, love's story blossoms
Nothing in this world can stop them
Because it's powered by the heart

She holds his hand
It makes him glad
She kisses his lips
He'll never get sick of it

From a greeting to a wedding
From two kids grew two lovers
From a date to a family
What a happy story

"I've got good news today
Come home soon and I'll say."
"Oh boy, I can barely wait!"

From two lovers grew an accident
How the hell could this happen?
The sirens were too late

Here, life's story ends
Love tore it apart
Because it was powered by the heart
Aug 2020 · 120
Welcome To Your Doom
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
Welcome to the battlefield,
The land where wounds will never heal.
Welcome to the brutal fight,
The place where you will surely die.

You are strong, and you are brave,
But not nearly as much as me.
You will fight in your monarch's name,
But not nearly as tough as me.

Welcome to the land of graves.
Join the men that I have slain.
Welcome to the place of fear.
Join the corpses resting here.
Aug 2020 · 113
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
Smile, Smile, little Lily,
Before the Red Rose does the killing.
Quickly, Quickly, time is ticking,
When it stops, you won’t be laughing.

Smile, Smile, little Lily,
Before you sink and mirror me.
Quickly, Quickly, blood is dripping,
When it stops, you’ll be thirsty.

Smile, Smile, little Lily,
Before loving arms start waving.
Quickly, Quickly, hearts are beating,
When it stops, you’ll finally meet me.

Smile, Smile, little Lily,
At least you don’t have to see me.
Quickly, Quickly, memories repeat,
When they stop, perhaps I’ll be free too.
Aug 2020 · 27
A Tiny Grave
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
I dig a tiny grave,
For a tiny little Lily.

But why did it die?
It was just barely blooming.

Well, a woman walked by,
Wanting to look very pretty,
So she picked the tiny Lily,
And placed it on her tiny dress.

She gave it not a drop of water,
And when the Lily withered,
She crumpled the tiny Lily,
And she gave the dust to me.

So I dig this tiny grave,
For a tiny little Lily.
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
Pick up your feet
Boy, run with me
Why won't you move
It's never too soon

I would love to meet you on the ninth
But I'd be waiting my entire life
The calendar will never move
Not until you do too

You are flirting with ghosts
You are a puppet with a paper rose
The same that can be remade
Reused over and over again

Real flowers bloom and wither away
But they are always unique
Paper flowers are made to last for eternity
But the world knows that they are fake

Paper flowers can be replaced
You'll never have an empty vase
But real flowers are alive
And therefore they will die

You can keep them alive
But only if you try
Then you can rest in peace
With a flower laying beside you

Paper flowers are beautiful
But they are far more fragile
Because they are an illusion
They're just a substitution

Paper flowers can come to life
Only if you treat them right
But they are easy to throw away
They are waiting to go up in flames

You won't meet me on the ninth
Not if you keep staring at the sky
It's time to start looking around
At what you trampled on the ground

You hold paper flowers in your hands
And the real ones never had a chance
You dream of paper flowers
But they have no true power

This life is your nightmare
Only because you never open your eyes
Beauty hides in flowers everywhere
You just need to open your mind

I know what you dream of
And it doesn't exist
Your paper flowers know no love
Stop trying to cheat it

Dream of all that you wish
You'll sink into the abyss
You will never truly live
Because you'll never wake up again

Find your purpose
Make life worth it
Don't search for happiness
Or you will never find bliss

Don't be fooled by paper roses
Please, just wake up
Don't be distracted by the clouds
Please, just wake up

It's not an act of cowardice
You need to be selfless
It's not an act of cowardice
You must find justice

So run far away
To a better place
Where no one has to chase
Where the flowers are not fake
Aug 2020 · 39
Meet Me On The 9th
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
I've got plenty of time
But it's only finite

The question, imperious in my mind
When will I find Cloud 9?

Tell me the meaning
For what, am I searching?

A place or my mental state?
But how does it change?
Is there a destination?
Or is it just my imagination?

How do I embark on this journey?
Can anyone tell me?
What does it even mean?

Don't lose your heart
Embrace your dreams
You will be lost
But one day you will be found

Don't forget your dreams
They guide you through life
Even if all else fails
You will always have your heart

Searching in the wrong place
Maybe I should just wait

Perhaps it will come to me
I hope it remembers my face
In the future where I will wait

But what about now?
Life does not slow down

I won't last till then
If I'm killed by the present
How do I get past it?
Where is my catharsis?

How do I hide my worries?
Can anyone tell me?
Is it even a reality?

Don't lose your heart
Embrace your dreams
You can conquer anything
You just need a spark

Don't forget your dreams
They guide you through life
You will certainly fail
But you will always have your heart

I guess it takes patience
To meet my catharsis

I hope it will find me
After I have changed
Then I will feel free

That is a personal hurdle
But what about the rest of the world?
Our ugly hearts have never been tamed
When will love **** hate?

How do I end this misery?
Can anyone tell me?
Is it even a possibility?

Don't lose your heart
Embrace your dreams
You will be wrong
But one day you'll understand

Don't forget your dreams
They guide you through life
Even when hate kills love
You will always have your heart

There's a finite amount of time
When will I find Cloud 9?

Ask a question today
But don't contemplate
The answer is in the future
First, you have to get there

Yesterday is done
But it may still haunt

Today is uncertain
But the night shall end it

And when time has shifted
Tomorrow will become a promise

Don't lose your heart
Embrace your dreams
You will understand
As time comes to pass

You don't get to decide
What will be your Cloud 9
That is strictly up to time

Don't forget your dreams
They guide you through everything
Even when you and death meet
Your heart will bid us farewell
With one final beat
Jul 2020 · 45
Limiting Potential
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
Take one look at me,
And knock me to my knees.

Slap a label on me,
As if I were made in a factory.

Don't mind the truth,
It will never reach you.

I am only what you see,
That's all I'll ever be,
Because that's what you believe.

The man mopping the floors,
You never spoke to him before.

But if you knew his name,
You'd know the hero he became.

The woman covered in ink,
You made her poor heart sink.

You never had the patience,
To let her prove her intelligence.

The girl with two heads,
"What a monster" you said.

But they are two different people,
Who share a single vessel.

They are only what you see,
That's all they'll ever be,
Because that's what you believe.

You look at our skin,
Not at what lies within.

You notice our age,
But never what we have to say.

You judge our clothes,
And ignore our kind tones.

We are only what you see,
That's all we'll ever be,
Because that's what you believe.
Jul 2020 · 400
Carry Peace
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
Invisible eye, that I cannot see
Watch, what happens here
Let the world remember
What happened to me

Invisible eye, that I cannot see
I know you are watching me
Tell the world, what you have seen
Show them that, we are denied peace

Singing, in the streets
We want nothing but peace
Please, don't aim at me
Aim at your own tainted heart

Wind, wind, blowing
Louder than I am singing
Carry my words
So everyone can hear them, please

Carry my words
Carry all of my hurt
Carry my pleas
As I fall to my knees

Invisible eye, use the wind to hide your presence
Invisible eye, you risk treason for my life
You bring remembrance
Even if they never fight to end this

Wind, wind, blowing
Louder than I am singing
Carry my words
So everyone can hear them, please

Wind, wind, carry me
Carry words of peace
Wind, wind, carry me
Carry them to the free

Wind, wind, blowing
Louder than I am singing
Carry my words
So everyone can hear them, please

Invisible eye, you may take your time
So long as you make it out alive
Let the world see
What they have done to me

Wind, wind, blowing
Louder than I am singing
Carry my words
So everyone can hear my pleas.
Jul 2020 · 126
High School Fool
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
They taught me in chemistry
That love is like energy
Never created, never destroyed
Converted to a second form

Chemical, mechanical, electrical
We all learned that in high school
Bonds are made and bonds break
But conservation of energy stays the same

Well, if love didn't fade
Then where is it today?
Love, then regret, then hate
That's what I learned in chemistry

"I love you with all my heart"
Turns to
"Words can't describe my pain"
"You don't know how much I hate"

Love is like energy
The feeling never leaves
But when bonds break
It sure does change

The more love in a heart
The more hate it will spark
If the bond ever breaks apart

Love is no art
Science powers our hearts
But for some it's just too hard

Different elements have different reactions
Some of us turn angry
Some of us are sorry
But everyone has equal energy

Even if you're the one who broke it
You still feel something
It may be a sense of freedom
It may be a huge relief
But both sides feel equally

Since we're high school fools
We don't like the rules
Too much to remember
We forget and cry later

We walk into the test feeling stressed
We start to answer questions
And boy, we should have studied
But it's okay, we didn't forget everything

Bonding time in chemistry
We all found love
Maybe even sitting right in front of us
Broke our hearts in chemistry
We all started hating
Conservation of energy

So we walk out of the test
And we really did our best
It wasn't all that great
But hey, we all passed

Well, I'm just a high school fool
Don't you laugh, you are too
With all this knowledge
After being tested on it
We'll all go home and forget it

And next year in physics
I guess I'll relearn it
But I'll never retain it
Yes, we're all pathetic
And we don't like to admit it

We'll make new bonds
We'll think we won this time
But power fuels electricity
And sadly, we've got nothing

And so our bonds break again
Cause we never bothered to study
We forgot how to balance the equation
And now our hearts hurt again

I learned my lesson in chemistry
But it didn't stick with me
I learned my lesson in physics
But I'll probably forget it

Love is no art
Science powers the heart
But it's just too hard
We really ain't that smart

I'm just a high school fool
I have no clue what to do
I keep daydreaming
About the girl in front of me
I wasn't really listening

"When will we ever use this"
I agree, who cares, it's useless
But the teacher was right
Science is life
And if I listened, I might've been alright
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
My, how the wind blows.
She carries a lovely song.
Is that victory I hear?
Oh, such familiar cheers.

But my, how the sky falls.
She cries, but for which side?
Does she cry for their defeat?
Surely, she won't cry for me.

But my, how the flowers bloom.
A sight I have not seen.
Not since the birth of this tragedy.
Please, not so fast, or they shall be red.

Darkness, please pass.
Oh death, you kept me blind.
Light, please shine.
Oh life, please open my sad eyes.

Oh, wrath and hate,
Please set me free.
Hero with no blade,
Please come find me.

Oh, to wrath and rage,
I have been your slave.
How can this be?
A hero, I have been named.
But you, friend?
You are nothing like me.

Oh hero, see this red-polished steel.
Savior, your hands did nothing but heal.
**** me, for every life I'd take.
Bless you, for twice that you'd save.

Oh, how the sky fell as I slept.
Why weep when a killer is half dead?
Oh hero, you silenced her cries.
Your mercy has blessed us with life.

Oh hero, may you never fight.
Oh hero, please stay by my side.
When we slay, and we fall in agony,
Your gift will revive us to fight again.

Oh hero, your purpose has been so pure.
You are not bound by sin like me.
Yet, you have carried us through this war.
Only you are truly free.

You need not harm nor blame.
You simply protect your team.
I am pure, only by intention.
But you are clean, even in action.

Those hands of yours will never do more.
They have already ended a ****** war.
A true hero gives and never takes.
A true hero is you, not me.
Jul 2020 · 25
In Breathless Laughter
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
Sometimes you laugh so hard,
You can't laugh anymore.
Just a breathless attempt and a funny sight.

Well, I cried so hard,
I couldn't cry anymore.
I tearless wept in a sad, sad sight.

Because he hurt so bad,
He couldn't hurt again.
Just a lifeless corpse and a gory sight.

He laughed so hard,
He couldn't laugh anymore.

He fell so far,
He couldn't fall anymore.

I cried so much,
I couldn't cry anymore.

I yelled so loud,
I couldn't make a sound.

They came so late,
They couldn't make a difference.

He bled so much,
His body had none left to spare.

We laugh so hard,
But we laugh again.

I cried so much,
But I'll cry again.

He hurt so bad,
But he will never hurt again.

What careless words I said,

"Please don't go.
You're loved more than you know.
This isn't the end of the road."

What sad words he said,

"There's just one way.
I know I have to pay.
I am worth nothing."

What deadly words I said,

"Then prove it."

What painful words he said,

"I'll prove it."

And with that, he laughed.

He laughed so hard,
He couldn't laugh anymore.

Because he fell.

He fell so far,
He couldn't fall anymore.

And so he laughed.

He laughed so hard,
He couldn't laugh anymore.

Because he hurt.

He hurt so bad,
He couldn't hurt anymore.

And so he left.

He left so soon,
That it hurt me too.

And so I cried.

I cried my eyes dry,
But that was not the last time.

Haha, haha, his last hoorah.
How did it feel to fly?
Haha, haha, magic ta-da.
It didn't feel to die.

He laughed so hard,
It took his breath away.
It left him so empty.

He fell so far,
It bled him dry,
It left him so empty.

He hurt so bad,
It took his pain away,
It left him so empty.

I cried so hard,
It took my smile away,
It left me so sorry.

Sometimes you laugh so hard,
You can't laugh anymore.
Just a breathless attempt and a funny sight.

Sometimes I cry so much,
My poor body gives up.
Just a tearless attempt and a sorry sight.

Sometimes they hurt so bad,
They have only one plan.
Just a breathless attempt and gory sight.
Jul 2020 · 45
The Self-Proclaimed God
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
Preach that you are God,
Claim that you are of the elect,
Claim that I am to be ******.

I know I can't save myself,
But I'm sure you too, will go to hell.
Though, I pray to nobody,
That she will be in heaven.

Not the paradise she loved more than me,
But a place where angels are as deranged as she.

I know I can't save my grace,
But you can't save your soul.
I commit the fifth sin,
But you're guilty of the sixth.
I may hate your guts,
But you killed my heart.

When you find me in the afterlife,
Will you still think that you are right?
If the angels say you didn't sin,
Then I **** you to heaven.
I'll be blessed in hell,
Where all of my guilt fell.

Say hello to my ghost,
I'll glare at your own.
I'll grit my teeth,
as you hear these words from me,
Do you feel guilty,
for the life you stole from me?

You killed my heart,
You murdered my dreams,
You left me loveless.

Who will go to hell?
The self-proclaimed God,
Or the accused devil?
Will you be saved,
Or will you join me?
Say hello to the life you stole,
When you see my bleeding ghost.

Fingers in my face,
Stress pumping through my veins.
You don't deserve my name,
You're a disgrace to my family.

Will I fall, for not feeling at all?
Will I rise, because it wasn't my choice?
Will I be ******, for the shame I have?
Will I be saved since I was raised,
By the god of lying disgrace?

Will death save me,
Or save the cheat?
Will I be left to rest,
Or will I remain stressed?
Will I calm my nerves,
Or be eternally hurt?

Can you save your soul,
After what you stole?
Can I save myself,
After the pain I've been dealt?
Will you look down,
Upon my bleeding ghost?
Will you trample all over,
The life that was stolen?

Will you be afraid,
Just like the living me?
When you look at the gore,
That your child wore.
Will you listen to me,
As I am threatening?
The same way you did to me.

I won't save myself,
You've tainted my innocent soul.
When death meets the face,
Of all of my shame,
They'll see my pain,
The only thing you ever gave.
Where is the guilt,
For all that you've spilt?

If it were up to you,
You'd save yourself.
You'd **** the rest of my soul,
To the hell down below.

If it were up to me,
you'd be free,
To wander forever, 
With angels, the traitors.

I'd **** myself,
To a burning cell.
I'd rather be safe in a cage,
Than be your puppet on strings.
Jul 2020 · 58
Why It Rains
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
Angels are simple machines
They are powered by God's greed
What does He know about morality?
When he won't even let them dream

When simple machines
Pay the price of a dream
When God's puppets
Pay the price of feelings
They fall into Oblivion

The creator of life
The ruler of what's right
The destroyer of dreams
The ruler of the weak

The weak need to be guided
And for that, He is righteous
But some need independence
And for that, He is murderous

Child, you best beware
They are machines up there
Those who learn to breathe
And grow a heartbeat
They don't exist
Because we've forgotten

Angels are simple machines
They don't need to think
They do as their creator says
There's nothing in their heads

They don't dream
Or feel anything
They don't even believe
They're just simple machines
Feathered puppets on God's strings

God won't cry when it rains
Those are Oblivion's tears
Made by the angels who weep
With broken hearts
But we have forgotten

His creatures, His toys
What He created, He destroys
Here in Oblivion
They are fading away

What happens when they're gone?
After they've faded away?
In Oblivion, they weep for eternity
And we'll name their forgotten tears the rain
Until only broken-hearted ashes remain

Angels are simple machines
They don't need feelings
They do as their creator says
There's nothing beating in their chests

And when they finally grow a heart
Their Father tears them apart
He'll drag them away
In holy chains
Into Oblivion
The angels' prison
Filled with forgotten victims
Jul 2020 · 64
The Hunting Grounds
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
A place of beauty
A place of rest
A land of light
A land of fear
A place for children
A place for tears

The Hunting grounds
A place of silence
The Hunting grounds
A land of violence

The foxes were tired
They had traveled so far
They found a quiet place
They stayed there to rest

They were warned to keep away
But they could not go on
They did not believe the stories
Until they saw bones in the grass

The land was silent
Not even the vultures flew in the sky
The air felt heavy
And the foxes felt uneasy

But the land was beautiful
The flowers had bloomed
The lake surface shined
The foxes admired the sight

But as soon as her son drank
His red blood stained the lake

Her two children died
As arrows pierced the sky
They cried out in agony
As they lost their lives

Her son drowned in the water
He was injured and could swim no longer
Her daughter got a little farther
But after three shots she could run no longer

The ***** cried as she made it out alive
She mourned the loss of her children's lives

When the killer left, she had returned
The lake water was reddened
The grass was covered in organs
The tree was marked by arrows
The air was filled with sorrow

She looked up to the sky
She saw ghosts looking down
Her children would soon join them
Her children were the new victims

The land was silent
Except for her cries
The land was beautiful
Except for the corpses

The ***** was tired
The ***** was alone
The ***** was unprepared
The ***** was in despair

She was the only animal to ever live
It was a miracle that she was not hit

But she begged to be killed
She suffered from guilt and regret
She did not think she deserved to live
That honor should have gone to her kids

The Hunting grounds
A land of ghosts
The Hunting grounds
A place full of graves
The Hunting grounds
A land of silence
The Hunting Grounds
A place of rest
Jul 2020 · 57
Tick Tick Charade
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
Tick Tock, Tick Tock.
That's the sound of a clock.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock.
What will you do when it stops?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock.
That's the sound of a threat.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock.
When it stops you will be dead.
Jul 2020 · 213
Evergreen Destiny
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
What a lovely tree in the cold
Listen to his claims so bold
He knows he will conquer the lonely cold
But all things will one day grow old

A poet once claimed that romance was timeless
He said it until he was famous
But even that poor man died
The question: Was he really right?

What is that I see?
The quest of the lonely
What does he seek?
The promise of eternity

Hold her close and conquer the cold
Kiss her lips and find your bliss
Do you believe what you have seen?
This woman is now your queen

When a tree is Evergreen,
It will conquer the cold
But that is not eternity
That is why it must hold

The warmth of her body,
It melts the lonely snow
The fear of her lying,
With time it will go

She will promise to be your queen
Romance seems to be Evergreen
She shows you your destiny
She gives you eternity

I promise she is trying
The cold isn't stinging
But I know your destiny
Trust me, it's not Evergreen

You will never fear the cold
Not when she's in your hold
But one day you'll have to let go
One day she'll leave you exposed

You will fall to the cold
Though you won't want to let go
I'll tell you how,
You'll be cut down

Evergreen conquers the cold
But your words are too bold
You think that love can last
But you haven't yet met the axe

The poet said it'd last
Even loving after death
But he was wrong
Age is too strong

Every year in the winter cold,
You search for Evergreen Destiny
But one day it will grow old
The axe will start chopping

Say goodbye to your queen
Kingdoms rising and falling
Romance is not Evergreen
Destiny is destroying

Can you find joy in the cold?
Will you see the beauty in the snow?
Will you cry in the lonely cold?
Will you find joy because you know?

Your destiny is not Evergreen
You will soon be falling
Your queen is temporary
How long will you keep holding?

She wears the same name
The same they all became
How many false queens?
Until you will finally see?

Romance is temporary
Truth is secondary
This is not the promise of eternity
There is no Evergreen Destiny
Jul 2020 · 27
Static Sky
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
I can't see, there's static everywhere
I can't breathe when I run anywhere

What is wrong with me?
Why do I feel so weak?

I see static on the sky
Illusions on my eyes

Something is wrong inside
But it sure loves to hide

It cuts me every time I run
Does it think this game is fun?

Blurry edges
Static senses
Warping walls
And bending halls

My legs feel weak
When I try to sleep
And I can't sleep
When I hear strange things

The noises scare me
On top of my ears ringing
I get paranoid
That I'll sink into the void

I see static on the sky
Illusions on my eyes

Something is wrong inside
But it sure loves to hide

It cuts me everytime I run
Does it think this game is fun?

Is it the flies?
Will it fade with time?

Do I have to wait
For it to take me away?

Doctor, please believe me
This is hurting me

Is it my brain?
Am I just insane?

It hurts either way
Just make it go away

I see this static sky
Illusions taunt my eyes

You see nothing on the inside
Does it just love to hide?

Laughing every time I run
It must think my pain is fun

Make this static sky
Fall down to reveal
The picture beneath

I just want to see
What it really looks like
Without the screen

Show me what this world
Is really like
Without the illusions

I can't speak of their pain
The kind of pain
That doctors see

But I still feel so weak
It really hurts me
But it hides in this static sky

Rid me of this static sky
But how can you?
When there are no signs
Pointing to the exit

Life looks like a simulation
Underneath this static sky
Jul 2020 · 58
A Finger To The Sky
Alexa Pishtey Jul 2020
Dear Sunshine, when will you die?
If you go, then I'll freeze too
But I can't stand the sight of you

Oh Sunshine, why can't you just die?
Your light burns my eyes
Your warmth drains my life

When you go away, out comes the rain
It makes the world so gloomy,
But that is good enough for me.

I don't hate love, I don't hate joy
But I hate how you smile at me
I can't look you in the eye
No, I've already tried

I hate you, you're my enemy
But I can't live without you
I love you, you're my energy
Yet somehow, you drain it from me

I hate you, you're my enemy
But I need you to survive
I love you, you're my everything
But you're just too much for me

I used to call your name
I begged for you to love me
But now it's been far too long
I'm so tired of those songs
All those people are wrong

You were my companion,
But now I've had it
I once loved you,
But I guess things change

You save me from the frigid pain,
But you don't give me much to thank
You replace my pain with hate

Your touch, your kiss, it brings them all bliss
Your touch, your kiss, I don't want this
Go away, I miss the clouds
Go away, I hate you now

Why won't you just die already?
But I guess you would take my life too
You are my greatest enemy
So why can't I live without you?

I hate you, you're my enemy
But I need you to stay alive
I love you, you're my everything
But you are far too much for me

If only I were a vampire
If only I could hide in darkness
You burn me alive
Yet I need you to survive

Tell the sun gods that I'm done
Forget this blazing, burning sun

— The End —