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Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
Beauty does not come so easily.
Hours and hours of masking her flaws.
Days waiting for the paint to dry.
Building her slender body took quite some time.

After she amazed our eyes,
It was time to take to the skies.
All she needed was to Ignite,
And how smoothly she could fly.

Sometimes the shock was just too much.
She snapped apart, again and again,
But at least we always got her back.

All she needed was to have her strings crocheted.
The blast would still undo the chain,
But at least she always returned.

He tightened her leash,
But she was still pretty.
The shorter the chord,
The closer to being whole she was.

It worked almost as smooth as she flew.
She loved to kiss the sky, again and again.
Her beauty lasted and amazed,
But only until the sky never saw her again.

I waited for hours, as he searched through every field.
When he returned he held her body, and I cheered,
Until I realized, "It's not all here".

"Why did she break,
Where did she fall?"
The chain was crocheted,
But it still snapped from her body.
He returned without her head.
What came back was dead.
Her nose was lost.
Her dreams were gone.

She was the beauty that he made.
She suffered a tragic ending,
But she will never be forgotten by my family.
Remember, she was Legacy.
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
Here, love's story begins
Life can't tear it apart
Because it's powered by the heart

A look of fear in his eyes
She comes running to his side

The bullies say "this'll hurt"
She makes them all eat dirt

He looks up from the ground
A smile replaces a frown

Here, love's story ignites
Nothing will ever be as bright
Because it's powered by the heart

She pulls him up
He starts to blush
Two hearts begin to rush

"Hey, why don't we get some lunch?"
She brought him to a diner
Where he got to know her

From the ground to a table
From strangers to friends
From a table to a movie
From friends to lovers

Here, love's story blossoms
Nothing in this world can stop them
Because it's powered by the heart

She holds his hand
It makes him glad
She kisses his lips
He'll never get sick of it

From a greeting to a wedding
From two kids grew two lovers
From a date to a family
What a happy story

"I've got good news today
Come home soon and I'll say."
"Oh boy, I can barely wait!"

From two lovers grew an accident
How the hell could this happen?
The sirens were too late

Here, life's story ends
Love tore it apart
Because it was powered by the heart
  Aug 2020 Alexa Pishtey
Never mind, I take it back

Never mind, if you're still mad

Fine, but you'll just drag it out

Fine, nothing to talk about
You are digging yourself a hole, and don't say I didn't warn you
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
Welcome to the battlefield,
The land where wounds will never heal.
Welcome to the brutal fight,
The place where you will surely die.

You are strong, and you are brave,
But not nearly as much as me.
You will fight in your monarch's name,
But not nearly as tough as me.

Welcome to the land of graves.
Join the men that I have slain.
Welcome to the place of fear.
Join the corpses resting here.
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
Smile, Smile, little Lily,
Before the Red Rose does the killing.
Quickly, Quickly, time is ticking,
When it stops, you won’t be laughing.

Smile, Smile, little Lily,
Before you sink and mirror me.
Quickly, Quickly, blood is dripping,
When it stops, you’ll be thirsty.

Smile, Smile, little Lily,
Before loving arms start waving.
Quickly, Quickly, hearts are beating,
When it stops, you’ll finally meet me.

Smile, Smile, little Lily,
At least you don’t have to see me.
Quickly, Quickly, memories repeat,
When they stop, perhaps I’ll be free too.
Alexa Pishtey Aug 2020
I dig a tiny grave,
For a tiny little Lily.

But why did it die?
It was just barely blooming.

Well, a woman walked by,
Wanting to look very pretty,
So she picked the tiny Lily,
And placed it on her tiny dress.

She gave it not a drop of water,
And when the Lily withered,
She crumpled the tiny Lily,
And she gave the dust to me.

So I dig this tiny grave,
For a tiny little Lily.
  Aug 2020 Alexa Pishtey
Rupert Pip
You catch life
one tear at a time
to one day
fill an ocean.
I heard you liked short poems, so here's one for you.
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