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Maria Aug 2020
and there i go again.
trying to pick up the broken pieces
of the canvas i call "my life"

thought i was over that phase
thought i was finding myself
thought i was in a better place
didn't think it would slowly creep back into my life.
Maria Sep 2019
i guess you just thought
that i'd wait forever.
well i won't,
and i'm not.
you thought you had
your hooks deep in me.
well you don't,
you were caught.
and now
there is nothing.
you thought,
and that was your first mistake
Maria Aug 2019
who really knows me?
all of me?
no one.
i don't think if they did,
they could accept all of me.
the good days,
the bad days,
and the sad days.
i disappoint,
i push away,
and i'm hard to love,
but only because i make it so.
why you ask...
i don't trust anyone
with my most prize possession.
mi corazon.
Maria Jul 2019
it had been years,
but you still make
my breath catch.
i loved that boy
i left behind,
but i love the man,
i see before me now.

you and i just needed
time to grow into ourselves.
Maria Jul 2019
they will call you a liar.
let them.
they will say you wanted it.
let them.
they will make you question yourself.
you know what happened,
you know how it happened.

they are going to call you a ****,
but keep your head up high.
you know you are stronger,
then they will ever be.
you've come too far,
to give up now.
Maria Jul 2019
they said they were your friends.
they said they had your back,
but where were they
when you needed them?
gone with that bottle,
gone with the music,
gone with the lights,
gone as the smokers.
just gone, no where to be seen.
but he wasn't gone.
the only thing i wanted to be gone, was not.
Maria Jul 2019
while you're away,
halfway across the planet,
when you have a bad day
and never planned it,
i'll be here for you,
for you to come back to me.
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