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  Aug 2016 Extrovert
I wish
there was
a way

to know
you're in
the good
old days

before they
become the
good old
  Aug 2016 Extrovert
All this empty space
of places you've once been
taunting me with your memory
reminding me of your presence
realizing I'm the last one here
left with all this empty space.
  Aug 2016 Extrovert
C'est la belle vie
the words escape quietly from my lips
they float silently to the floor and settle there
the words are so quiet, so small
I can't be sure they ever really left my mouth
But there they are, sitting comfortably on the floor
They look up at me from below, questioning them self
I think about repeating them, maybe to reaffirm their meaning
but the sounds don't quite make it past my tongue
So I sit there in silence
with some fallen words
laying on the floor.
  Apr 2016 Extrovert
I've been so close to love
Right on the verge
I could feel it
But then it was cut abruptly
And now, I'm just
left with this ache
This burrow of what
could've been
but will never be.
April 1, 2016. 2;28 AM
Extrovert Jun 2015
She was so beautiful
on that starry night
I held her in my arms
and freed her of fright
  Jun 2015 Extrovert
It drives me mad
how I am so
irrevocably in love with you
and we have never
even met
this basically sums up
why most of my poems
are about love and stuff

  Jun 2015 Extrovert
Just hold me until the sun stops shining
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