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Sabrina Nov 2018
but love is passion
something you can't live without
I say,
fall head over heels
find someone you can love like crazy
and who will love you the same way back.
Sabrina Nov 2018
cry, they told me
it is okay to cry
but I did not
listen to their lies

for I will not
waste my time
on those who
wasted mine

my heart is precious
and my tears are rare
only when it is true
are my tears to share
do not waste your drops of gold
Sabrina Nov 2018
I think of all the things
we could have done with our time
and all the days and months
when I was yours and you were mine.
Sabrina Nov 2018
sometimes we must let go
of the things we love most
and only hope
that one day
they will find
their way
to us.
Sabrina Jun 2018
La vida
es un acto
de viajar
de aquí
para allá.
Sabrina May 2018
You were once the missing piece to my puzzle
but now we are two pieces
to an entirely different game.
Sabrina May 2018
Still, I trusted him.
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