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With every word you speak,
A ray of sunshine brushes my cheek.

I am in awe of your beauty, and
Mesmerized by your gaze.

With every gentle embrace,
I’m certain you’ll keep me safe.

The world stops for a moment,
While I stare into your eyes.

A profound connection,
I’m so fortunate to call you mine.

Your presence is exciting,
Your passion deeply pure.

My soul has found a place called home
Forever intertwined with yours.
Even now
As I see your beautiful features
Another countless act
All of the smooth curves that craft
Your sweet face
I knew them so well
I realize this
But despite my ability to see you
So clearly
I never fully appreciated all that you were
I stare at the night sky and
It’s as if I feel you with me
The unknown
Always lingering
Dragging my thoughts
Once I accept these demons
For what they are and
Remind myself of the infinite light
Still above me
Seemingly pulling me away from this darkness
I find myself content with
The version of home
I am still able to trace in my mind
Been so drunk my thoughts
Are saturated by the desire
To find sanity but I’m at a loss
For I no longer understand what I’m
Searching for and
What I really need.
My poetry *****
Now that
I no longer feel you and
Your magic pulsing within
Me and my being have become
Nothing but an empty shell longing
For desire and passion
As I sit in the dark lying
In bed
And to myself for I lack
Understanding of my present—
Or presence? but
Consciously trying to
Catch my breath
Pleading to you and wanting
You back as I
Stare at the sea foam blue scattered
Within your eyes
Becoming one with each and every
Shade that presents itself to me
I crave your touch but you neglect
Me and my desire
And I
Suddenly remembering
We are no longer
The beings
We once were
Running out of fuel, yet
Trying to maintain
The person I was before
Pulled further now
Unaware of heavy weight
Gravity still present
Overwhelming me now
Unable to stand as tall
Or maybe at all
Seeming smaller, lesser now so
Where do I go from here ?
Who am I suppose to become ?
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