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Etienne Bams Feb 2021
The sun has risen
Keep your heads low
Remain discreet
Beware of her
She's contagious
She's like a yeast
In a dough
Very effective
She will make u rise
Za ta sa kai ka ya tashi
Za ka dinga kada kai kaman kandangare
Etienne Bams Dec 2020
Don't talk!
I said A
You  said B
we never said C
and we never talked
I spoke
you spoke
we never spoke
this silence was peace
at least it was good for me
leaving in peace
until you broke the silence
now you spoke
this time you spoke to me
and I know no peace
how could you?
if you had  spoken  to someone else
I wouldn't have said anything
now  you spoke
no peace
and I didn't see it coming
but I want you to see this coming
Let's not talk again
I wish you never spoke
Don't talk!
Etienne Bams Aug 2020
She has FAITH
She says my FATE
will not FADE
Etienne Bams Sep 2020
Ask me about fireworks
I'll tell you how fire works
firework works when fire works.
fire walks mysterious ways
fire walks when fire works
fire works mysterious things
fire works firework
fire is mysterious.
There's fire in the mountains
we walk walk walk
and the fire
work work work
till the fire is out.
There's fire on the mountains
work and work no more
the fire
walks and walks no more
Etienne Bams Mar 2022
Ill woman
wondering why you wander in the dark?
Vague aren't you?
unexpected and befitting isn't it?
Feeling unhealthy?
Still struggling with appetite?
No courtesy?
I lost my manners
Why are you here?
Are You sick?
Are you looking for sanity?
Who did you come to see?
what are you doing here?
...I tell you she cannot handle this  untimely questions "*******" would have been the words she'll say and I will say no more.
But she's not here.
I'm not there either.

How silly it can be, Just to be at a hospital premises. Sick person will be thinking there's a new kid in the block.
I wonder what other crazy things aside unprecedented interviews and interrogation a mad person can do.
Etienne Bams Mar 2022
I went to the Hospital
While navigating through the hallway
Suddenly this vague woman I see
Skinny and Ill-mannered
She has a very unhealthy taste for courtesy
Randomly she starts to ask me
Why are you here?
Is it your father?
Who did you escort?
Are you sick?
Who did you come to see?
Your mother?
A relation?
Then what are you doing here?
Just a look was enough to answer all her untimely inquiries
were the words in my eyes
Then she didn't say anymore
Me too...
Etienne Bams Jan 2021
My  psychological state has climaxed to the point where my level of sanity has been breach.
This as a result of saturation.
I'm currently on an irregular routine.
And this routine has deprived me a lot of sane previlages.
I'm  prone to abnormalities.
Necesito un terapeuta
Etienne Bams Mar 2022
Small Girls;
Smart girls
Fine girls
Fresh girls
Innocent girls
Brilliant girls
All dem curious.

Small girls
See dem big girls
Small girls see dem still small
But dem small girls join dem bad girls.

Small girls
Now big girls
Big girls dem Bad Girls
Dem bad girls like to bam-bam
Dem bad girls chill with Big Boys
Dem big boys like dem bad girls.

Now Big Boys
Dem killer guys with killer guns
Dem killer guys **** like Killer Bean
Killer Bean **** dem bad guys
Killer guys **** dem bad girls.

Small Girls
Big Girls
Bad Girls
Still dem no wise
Buy dem think dem so smart.

Smart Girls
With killer brians
Smart girls read some big books
Dem smart girls get motivation
Smart girls dem wan be KILLER GIRLS
See smart sense.

Killer Girls
Who be killer girls?
Killer girls dem be **** girls
Dem **** girls dress like *******
Dem ******* get **** like wild dogs
Wild dogs boom! Dem pregnant
Dem pregnant with no father...

Small Girl
Better calm down
Small girl please calm down.
Etienne Bams Aug 2020
I'm a lyricist
literary meaning
my words are literally written
only  literates comprehend my art.
Etienne Bams Mar 2022
So I crossed a line
That many have cross
Oh ****!
I shouldn't have
They said it was in appropriate
The manner in which I crossed
There was a procedure
I wasn't aware
Next time
I'll try my best
I shall cross this line
This time more appropriately
Considering this procedures
They must recommend me
I'll be the standard for others
And when I cross
I shall cross their names
And cross them
It's just a procedure
Etienne Bams Mar 2022
He never bothered
But It took him unaware
how things went so swift
Is this how life would have been
on a fast lane?
He's so brave
Even in cowardice
He thinks every experiment is prosperous
Poor boy do not attempt impossible probability
Don't you see?
He saw an opportunity
A flaw to enhance
A strength to diminish
Unfortunately it came his way
At a great cost.
A trap
If only he knew
What his fate will look like
A prisoner?
Lock in a dungeon?
Fed with butterflies?
Suffer a stomachache?
And be cheerful?
While his strength was betraying him
He was too visionary to notice it
He fell and it took him away
Now he's a victim
She craves for him insanely
Etienne Bams Mar 2022
I'm a sheep
In wolf's clothing
I cannot help but disguise myself
For I will be devour
When we sheeps were more
They came disguise
In our clothing
They dovoured us
Until we were just a handful
They are more
I swore to my clan
That I must avenge this evil
It's time for us to infiltrate
I guess
It would be the first time
You'll see a sheep in wolf's clothing
Seeking for a wolf to devour
Don't ask me
How this is achievable
Don't worry you'll get to hear the full story at the appropriate time
Etienne Bams Dec 2020
I'm a worst brother
I've failed to live up to expectations,
Of my several mischief and exploits
you've always been a victim circumstance.
I feel so ashamed
How can I?
But know that's not my true intentions.
I want you to be HAPPY always
So on this day
I pray that intentions be manifest that you will see the light.
That's my wish for you.
Mark this day!

— The End —