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Mar 2022
Small Girls;
Smart girls
Fine girls
Fresh girls
Innocent girls
Brilliant girls
All dem curious.

Small girls
See dem big girls
Small girls see dem still small
But dem small girls join dem bad girls.

Small girls
Now big girls
Big girls dem Bad Girls
Dem bad girls like to bam-bam
Dem bad girls chill with Big Boys
Dem big boys like dem bad girls.

Now Big Boys
Dem killer guys with killer guns
Dem killer guys **** like Killer Bean
Killer Bean **** dem bad guys
Killer guys **** dem bad girls.

Small Girls
Big Girls
Bad Girls
Still dem no wise
Buy dem think dem so smart.

Smart Girls
With killer brians
Smart girls read some big books
Dem smart girls get motivation
Smart girls dem wan be KILLER GIRLS
See smart sense.

Killer Girls
Who be killer girls?
Killer girls dem be **** girls
Dem **** girls dress like *******
Dem ******* get **** like wild dogs
Wild dogs boom! Dem pregnant
Dem pregnant with no father...

Small Girl
Better calm down
Small girl please calm down.
Etienne Bams
Written by
Etienne Bams  21/M/Jos, Nigeria
(21/M/Jos, Nigeria)   
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