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  Dec 2018 Ella Channing
eye contact and a smile
it’s where those beautiful connections begin...
Ella Channing Dec 2018
Thoughts on people                                              Megalodon's reaction

Megalodon's aren't real they                      
died long ago!
                                                            ­         I wish they knew me... I have
                                                            ­        no hope.
All they did was cause to
much commotion.
                                                      ­               Sorry I was just swimming  
                                                                ­     in the ocean.                               
All though they were cool
they were quite scary.
                                                          ­          I didn't mean to scare you, I  
                                                                ­    was trying to be friendly.
They ate my sister and friends
                                                    ­                They were humans! I had no
                                                                ­     clue!
I heard their so big they could
eat a boat!
                                                           ­         It's true I can but I try not to
                                                                ­    gloat.
I will never believe thats just
                                                         ­            If you would look for me you
                                                             ­        would but you're just lazy!
Two Voice Poem about the thoughts of people on Megalodon's and the Meg's reaction to their thoughts.

— The End —