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erin walts Mar 2018
I awoke changed

I could fly

But then
a small boy caught me
in his net of lies

Flakes of azure drifted to the floor as I deteriorated beneath his oily fingertips revealing the transparency that lay underneath
It made me weak
Then began the tears

And no longer could I fly
with these rips in my wings
And he left me there
To die dehydrated in the heat of the sun
Not close to shelter
Not close to anyone

But then
You found me

I don't know how

You took care of me
Gave me water
Built me a garden
Where I could crawl around

Like I used to when I was a child
And it's started to help with the pain
After awhile

And even though I can never fly again

I live azure
I love you
You saved me
You'll always be a friend
erin walts Mar 2018
We were both writers in a way
Both clever
Both artists and madmen
Disconnected from reality
Lost in translation
Bent with broken backs
From carrying the weight of humanity's misunderstandings

Yet somehow
We found our eyes for each other

I could finally see

That my capability for love was not broken
You were just looking for me
erin walts Mar 2018
People like to think I have a beautiful mind
Sad and romantic
Just like in the movies

But the truth is
I don't really have one at all

My head is empty
My skull is hollow
Forever drifting

I just follow
erin walts Mar 2018
Her madness is not beautiful
it makes her cold and unfamiliar
she isn't a real girl
and I doubt she'll ever be

She's a witch that uses glamor
it covers up her lack of empathy

She likes to play the victim and she likes to place the blame
She likes to judge others and uses them to seek her fame

She's a witch that uses glamor
am I the only one who can see?

She's cannibalistic a eater of souls and hearts
because she's heartless
although it doesn't seem

Her candy covered house lures you to that scene

and everyone knows what happened to Hansel and Gretel

So, why do you still believe?
erin walts Mar 2018
I don't feel alive
Until I go outside
Until I'm engulfed in nature

Like how babies don't know they're human

Until they look in a mirror
erin walts Mar 2018
The salt water washed away my face
As I made love to the man in the moon
In a gentle tide
I felt out of place
From the turbulence of the open sea chaos was my life
But his light bathed me

The sea glowed with a somber incandescence
The sea calmed almost to a halt
The sea slowly simmered within me

Me and The Moon

The storm was finally gone
erin walts Feb 2018
I'm good at making lines
and never ending them
Forever swinging on
life's daft pendulum
Even in the ice and snow
A girl like me is never cold
Even when there's nothing left to give
And nothing left to show
No pen to write with
and I'm all alone  

I'm good at making lines and never ending them.
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