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Maria Vannesa
23/Neutrois/Philippines    Reality is a pain in the ass.
Walter W Hoelbling
Austria & Spain & UK & US    Retired after 40+ years from teaching U. S. literature, film, and culture at a large Austrian university, now enjoying occasional visits to members of my ...
Singapore    Read it for yourself.
29/F/Pakistan    when i want an escape from reality ... I write. This account is just another hideout.
Free Bird
28/Buffalo, New York    Instagram: free.bird.poetry
Debbie Jean Embrey
Kentucky    I've written poetry since age 19. It was the very day my youngest child was born. She was my little angel, and the first several ...
Helsinki, Finland    Music, words and people are my thing.
Nebek Wormer
Within, without    live to die, die to live All Rights Reserved under Creative Commons ©
clayton crump
harrisburg ar    I'm 19, I've recently had to take a break with the love of my life, its hard when your life revolves around someone and then ...
poetessa diabolica
Poetry is much more than ink's indulgence, it's a memorialized rebirth in shared experiences, coming to terms and celebrating verily before our eyes.
Nicholas Steven McCue
Redding California   
Sara Johnson
Rhode Island    Fierce loyalty coming from the kindest of hearts...
Andrew Tinkham
William McLaughlin
Springdale Ar    Depression. Hurt. Emotional. Happy. Anger. Love. Reality. Life. Alone. Sadness. Understanding. Righteous. Misguided. Philosophical. Need. Want. Serenity. Tranquility. Darkness. Light. These are the words in ...
Infamous one
Hello friend! My name is infamous1! I've been writing for years, its my voice. I'm being more creative no longer self destructive. I started writing ...
20/F/UK    A Young Adult
Picture this
I live in different places but prefer somewhere hot I laze about, can't stand suitcases sometimes I don't get up I am most at home ...
a few of the lazier poems
Emily Mary Chin
Miri, Sarawak   
May the bridges I burn light the way
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