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Liam Oct 2018
Time is Money
Time is Stress
Time is the reason I am not yet my best.

Give me time.

Time is Infinite
Time is Limited
Time is the reason that i am gifted.
Not good enough...

Give me time.

Time was Then
Time is Now
Time will lead us to ask the question -


...can I spend my time wisely?"

Give me time.

Time is Evil
Time is Forgiveness
Time makes us see what we once couldn't

Give me time.

Time will Prosper Whilst
Time Runs Out
Time will deceive us whilst we build up doubt.

"Where did time go?"

Time is an Illusion
Time is very Real
Worth more the Gold and Jewellery,
It's time that I would steal.

Give me time.

Time makes me Happy
Time makes me Cry
Time has revealed to me how often people lie.

Give me time.

Time is the Light
Time is the Dark
In time our ideas blaze from a Spark.

Give me time.

Time is our Heaven
Time is our Hell
Only through time will our legacies prevail.

Give me time.

Time is my Best Friend
Time is my Foe
When I sleep six feet under, where will time go?

Give Me Time.
Liam Oct 2018
Heavy eyes
Deep thoughts
Voids fill a space
that feel -...


Sinking deeper
Limbs flimsy
Breath is steady
my brain is busy
Racing faster
Heart beat harder

"I can't get to sleep tonight"

Silence so loud
it pierces my ear drum
Motors crying provide a backdrop
A constant
to reality

Darkness fills my eyes
with colours
My brain
to make out form
To make sense of it all

Shadow men watch
The island is stirring

Boredom floats like a dreamy
Suffocates the air
Seeps through my skull;
Deep into my mind
My psyche fills
with an Ocean of Doubt

"I can't get to sleep tonight "

— The End —