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Oh, the somber wind blows
the ice and the snow.
It’s a different kind of cold
that chills to the bones.
Bringing self doubt to what we think we know,
when all we want to do is just go home.
But when the world says no
you’re left with nowhere to go.
Lost and alone,
the somber wind blows.
I just wanted to try to write something with the same rhyme all the way through and this is what I came up with. I'm not terribly pleased with it but I thought I'd share anyway.
Bow the **** down, get on your knees.
Pray for mercy, it's the reckoning.

The blackness is coming, its rolling in fast.
A torrential **** storm, my hate on full blast.
You've really done it now, time to reap what you've sown.
This is what happens when you leave me alone
to stir
and fester
giving me time to perfect my anger
towards you.

Look at your creation,
a ******* abomination.
This one was just for fun when I was asked to freestyle a poem in the style of metal lyrics. It's super cheesy I know.
I can fake my identity and try to look happy,
but its all just a cover.
Take a swig from the flask and remove the last mask
only to find another.

There was once a time when I knew myself,
but now I'm not so sure.
All semblance of self-worth lay eroding in the dirt,
and its all thanks to her.

It's not really her fault, I'm truly to blame.
I grew selfish out of fear.
Afraid of being alone, I couldn't let her go
and now she's nowhere near.
A quick freestyle that I did.
I was gonna write something to say what a blessing you were
But our friendship cant be summed up by these meaningless words.
Emotions are hollow, expressions are empty, now that you’re gone.
So I’ll force a smile onto my face and try to move on.

Freezing rain pours down and it chills me to my bones.
A ******, cloudy day, perfect for a funeral.
Burying the best part of me, six feet under ground.
I’ll always carry your memory even after we’ve lowered you down.

Will you put in a good word for me?
Tell the big man upstairs that I’m so sorry
for not being perfect, not that I really tried.
I’ll see you again, but for now
I guess this is goodbye.
So I accidentally deleted this one because clicking is hard...****.
I’m falling apart at the seams,
Trying to keep you out of my dreams.
Every night I see your face,
A perfect image of my shame.
A time in my life where I went so wrong.
I’ve moved on I just want you gone.

The memories come flooding in,
from a place in my mind that I thought was dead.
Who is that man pretending to be me?
Was I really that awful?
I’m so sorry.
A quick little poem that I had jingling around in my head and decided to write down.
While you waited for the future you forgot about today
And the sand kept on pouring.
And time slipped away.

— The End —