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Sedina Durmic Mar 2021
Here I am checking up on you again
Here I am going through your followers
Here I am looking at our mutual friends checking if you liked a picture or not
Here I am still getting so weak as I speak of you
My voice is trembling my hands are shaking
Wondering how much I’d fall apart if we spoke once more
Here I am still missing you
Here I am still so in love with you
Sitting here still so ****** up over you
Here I am blaming myself again
Trying to apologize for loving you too much
For being human
For making expected mistakes after being broken by you
Here I am wondering if you miss me too
Wondering if you think about me
Here I am thinking certain songs you post and the matching shirt you wear has something to do with you thinking about me
Here I am still thinking that you may be just as in love with me as I am with you still
Here I am still in denial
Here I am wasting my time and thoughts on you
Reliving my memories with you
Here I am wishing it was just us once again
Here I go getting all sad
Over someone who never really deserved me
But I love you anyway
Sedina Durmic Aug 2020
You hurt me I hurt you
I loved you
Beyond words
Beyond imagination
Beyond explanation
I left you
And if you ask me why
I won’t have an answer
I didn’t want to keep hurting
And you kept on hurting me
I didn’t want to hurt one another
And we kept on doing so
Love wasn’t enough
That’s whAt you told me once
I understood that when I left
Sedina Durmic Aug 2020
**** I miss the old me
Sitting here listening to the songs that remind me of everything before
It seems so hard to go back to who I once was
A happy person
Who use to do her nails
Get her hair done
Get all dolled up
No matter if staying inside or going out
You used to love my feet and my hands
You said they were ****
So i always made sure they were done nice and pretty
You loved it when I made an effort
So I made sure I always looked good
You made me feel beautiful
You made me feel amazing
You used to brag about me
It use to make me blush
Things went bad and you made me feel ugly
You made me feel fat and disgusting
So I gained weight
I stoped trying
I no longer do my nails or get dolled up
Sweat pants and T-shirts’ is all I wear
I don’t really care anymore
But now I miss the old me
I miss the me I always was and let you take away
I miss the me you’ve changed with all the hurt and pain
I just miss the old me
Sedina Durmic Apr 2020
Never have I loved someone so much
Never enough to see them in my dreams every night
Never enough to ache all over
We gave up
I don’t know why anymore
Maybe it was too broken to fix
Maybe we didn’t care to try anymore
Maybe we just knew nothing would change
He hurt me
Destroyed me
Broke me
He left me the way he found me
And nothing would ever fix that hurt caused
So why did we bother
I’m still losing my mind over him
While he lives on like I don’t exist
So many regrets
So many wishes and dreams
We broke eachother in the end
But he’ll always be my other half
There was a bond and no matter the damage, the mean and hurtful things said he’ll always be in my heart
I’ll always wonder and I’ll always have an unsent text written out.
I love you
Forever and always
And I am always looking at the moon
Talking to you
Hoping you’ll hear me
And talk back too.
Sedina Durmic Mar 2019
You were the sun that brightened my day
The stars that lit up the dark night
The lyrics to my favorite love songs
The dreams I never want to wake up from
You were the joy to my tears
Perfect couldn’t have existed until I met you
You were the glow to my soul
The beat to my heart
You were my right hand
Your love was only 6 hours in distance
But seemed like it was a second away
Your arms were my castle
Safe and warm
Tender and caring
Heaven was with you
And I’d go through hell and back just to get to you
Sedina Durmic Jan 2019
People don’t change, they just show their true colors of who they really are.
Sedina Durmic Jan 2019
You are a,
Thunder roaring,
Lightening bursting,
Fire burning,
Heart exploding,
Dream crushing,
Sadistic loving,
Narcissistic caring,
soul deriving,
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