He is the brother i never had
he is the friend from far distant shores.

He is a writer a poet of life and wonder
a warrior worthy of Valhala
a hero worthy of Olympus
a soul worthy of Tir na nog from Celts.

Wildman he is called in my book
of elven folk grandmaster smith
which Hephestos himself teached
of ancient long forgotten craft.

A glass of old greek wine i raise
and wish to him Happy new year.
My gift to him my humble poem
my gift to him my gratitude
for being my brother.
Gratitude for being an inspiration.
Alas, for he is a man worthy of all
the blessings of the Gods.
Was written for a good friend from HP Mark,
thanking for being the brother i never had.
Such pride and ego...
Still fighting alone...
Still fighting for worthless glory...
You have locked doors and closed windows
in your mind and dark rooms behind them.
Maybe it's time for some of us to depart.
Dimitris Sarris Dec 2018
Fear, tide over something passively stable without great risks
the motif of modern society. Have they ever tried something new,
different, risky? How can people ever get to know if they can
change, be better?
It's like they let themselves loose and accept whatever comes easy
without even considering the consequences.
Gradually they evolve into soft self indulgent figures without
being able to handle the hardness of life itself.
Like a great paradox, they are free for acting just how they please
but suffer from the naivety and outcome of their choice.
Dimitris Sarris Dec 2018
In vast mists of unending laments
spreads a silence with ominous vigil.
Shattered helms and cloven shields here lie cold
doomed to rust.
No wind blows as snowflakes fall
at these grey grass fields
spring seems to be forever gone.
Yet a flower grew with white petals
so helpless seemed to be but
no wind, no rain, no snow could harm its beauty.
A song was told by elven maids
and sunrays ogle its small green leaves.
Dimitris Sarris Nov 2018
To all things i appertain
and yet some shunned and disdained.
****** and ogle me till you are
insane but no blow can harm me cause me pain.
Children delight in me, elders take fright,
fair maids rejoice and spin.
Cry and i weep, yawn and i sleep,
smile and i shall grin.
What am I?
Dimitris Sarris Nov 2018
You can hear the whispers among the trees
and the echo of the crushing waves
like an anthem of sorrows lost in midnights call
where miracles carry out your wishes and
seeds of love soften our hearts and warm
our bodies.
Dimitris Sarris Nov 2018
Sparkly eyes like a starry night
sweet like a summer's first sunrise.

She smiles and the sun brighter shines
she laughs and the wind sings of mirth.

Her hug speaks no language but only matters
and means the world's rejoice.

I almost gave up but her company makes
my chest feel lighter and now i want to try more.

My efforts filled with meaning
of happiness and hope i write.

I stand stronger now and my humble embrace
will always be given free for her delight.

Gratitude like a vast ocean overwhelms my heart
and sorrow slowly shunts aside.

I will always be there
to take her fears.

I will always be there
to comfort her tears.

I will always be there
to hear her dreams in wonder.

I will always be there
for her to rest her thoughts.

I will always be there
for her to lie her soul whose
beauty is comparable to angels.

I will always be there
in case she forgets that she is
an amazing human being.

If my hug was time i would
give her eternity.

My humble love and care
always hers.
For a person that means lot to me.
Thank you.
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