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Dimitrios Sarris Apr 2022
A life of pain and dreams ahead
a life of love and thoughts to miss.
Feel and live but not regret
for time is what we all got.
Time and memories is what our souls yearn.
Dimitrios Sarris Dec 2021
Mistakes are made yet share the pain.
Create and change.
Live and feel.
Express the thoughts  
hope for the days to come
and cultivate the art within.
Let the unspoken be spoken
embrace the notion of love.
Can you believe the outcome?
Dimitrios Sarris Sep 2021
Overwhelmed by anger
sorrow and loneliness changed you
power corrupted you
your lust for redemption consumed you
surrounded by pain your heart abandoned you.
An angel within sang in vain and fell
for you did not listen.
Hear my confessions
witness my truths
your eyes avert in bliss.
Mistakes are yours to burn
but i won't return in ruins.
Dimitrios Sarris Aug 2021
Dreams visions of our memories, thoughts, fears
as seen by our heart. What if we are always dreaming,
even if we are awake and we are able to see only a portion
of reality. Is this what life is? Maybe we are afraid to see
the world for what it really is. Better or worse it doesn't matter,
it would be real. In this hard gravelling earth illusion takes hold
and spreads like a disease, but at that same earth i got to know
true love and friendship. I got to know the good, the bad, the worse
and all were real.
Dimitrios Sarris Jun 2021
I thought that there was no greater virtue than
fighting for truth.
I thought that by believing the right ideals,
οthers would do the right thing too.
They did i suppose what was right by them.
Shadow fell and light was forced to run
whatever’s left screamed and won.
Justice or survival?
A devil's deal.
Our hearts might not be looking for war
but war is looking for us.
If it finds me what could i surrender in return?
My sanity?
My hope?
My love?
No matter the outcome it's not the end
but a new beginning
for i never lost my way.
Dimitrios Sarris Jun 2021
Just a moment that's all it takes in our lives.
A moment when you are offered a choice
to make a sacrifice, conquer a flaw,
save a friend, spare a life and all fall away.
The way you see yourself,
the way you used to
understand the world.
Dimitrios Sarris Jun 2021
Sometimes life reveals a harsh face
and we are forced to become someone else
in order to face the void.
Our hearts deny it but our souls know the truth.
We’re born in a world controlled by fear and rules,
slaves to a fault.
What is the point of been created
just so we can serve someone else’s wishes.
All I wish is to set myself free and I would beg for others
to do the same.
Nonetheless rare people come to our lives
and they make us realize our mistakes, to forgive, to remind us
who we really are, to inspire, to preserve the feeling
of love and make us better
even if they don’t know it.
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