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I thought that there was no greater virtue than
fighting for truth.
I thought that by believing the right ideals,
οthers would do the right thing too.
They did i suppose what was right by them.
Shadow fell and light was forced to run
whatever’s left screamed and won.
Justice or survival?
A devil's deal.
Our hearts might not be looking for war
but war is looking for us.
If it finds me what could i surrender in return?
My sanity?
My hope?
My love?
No matter the outcome it will not be the
end but a new beginning
cause i know that i never lost my way.
Just a moment that's all it takes in our lives.
A moment when you are offered a choice
to make a sacrifice, conquer a flaw,
save a friend, spare a life and all fall away.
The way you see yourself,
the way you used to
understand the world.
There are times that life shows a hard face
and we are forced to become someone else
in order to face the void.
Our hearts deny it but our souls know the truth.
We’re born in a world controlled by fear and rules,
slaves to a fault.
What is the point of been created
just so we can serve someone else’s wishes.
All I wish is to set myself free and I would beg for others
to do the same.
Then those magical people come to our lives
and make us realize our mistakes, to forgive, to remind us
who we really are.
Those magical people are there to inspire, to preserve the feeling
of love, to make us better, even if they don’t know it.
Sparkly eyes like a starry night
sweet like a summer's first sunrise.

She smiles and the sun brighter shines
she laughs and the wind sings of mirth.

Her hug speaks no language but only matters
and means the world's rejoice.

I almost gave up but her company makes
my chest feel lighter and now i want to try more.

My efforts filled with meaning
of happiness and hope i write.

I stand stronger now and my humble embrace
will always be given free for her delight.

Gratitude, like a vast ocean overwhelms my heart
and sorrow slowly shunts aside.

I will always be there
to take her fears.

I will always be there
to comfort her tears.
to hear her dreams in wonder.

I will always be there
for her to rest her thoughts.

I will always be there
for her to lie her soul whose
beauty is that of an angel.

I will always be there
in case she forgets
how amazing human being she is.

If my love was time i would
give her eternity.

My humble love and care
always hers.
A life of less behind
a demand of love bursts inside
i write words and songs of mourn
i provoke my heart, our souls in yearn
with poetry i cast this sorrow aside
every whiff of yours gives me life
your voice and music make me fragile
questions make this mind agile.
I don't know how should I put it into words
I can’t express it in this world
I stand where none would ever dare...
I remember, i know this place so well
the very spot we used to watch the sunset
hear the waves crushing to this little port.
Now it lingers in my mind like an image
from an old dream and i discover
a strange truth. That i start to forget
your face, your voice and i'm frightened.
Before i meet you i had emotions i could not see
i had time i could not fill
and i had love i could not feel.
Now i realise the void inside my heart,
endless affection my love.
In time i could see the world as you did,
a place full of music and joy.
Now i hold only a fragment of it
and i try to move on, feeling cold
Universal and timeless is the sound.
Cosmic and unending are the songs of past.
Truth and destiny
myths and folklore of primal time
tail and story of ancient gaze.
Old ways and thoughts
traditions and tools
in so many ways still echo to our hearts
still carry the relevance in our thoughts
to create something new.
That is the purpose
that is the challenge.
Copy the past is not difficult
but taking the old and learn
embracing the old and turn it to something new
accepting the old and give meaning today
that is the saga of the Gods.
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