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They're still standing like statues of marble rock.
They still linger in humans hearts bearing the gift of old.
Nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne keeper
of world's memory.

With eloquence and harmony of voice Calliope presides in epic poetry.

In heaven of holy spirit Urania withers away
warden of philosophy.

Sacred is her hymn, sacred is her poetry, sacred is Polyhymnia
the dancer.

Joy and laughter brings Thalia with comedy and idyllic poetry
and men overcome their grief.

With a lyre in hand Clio tells the story of the world
but with no delight Melpomene narrates the tragedy of this world.

She is the loved one, the desired one Erato of loving poetry
giver of delight.

And close to the sea stood another, with a lyre in hand Terpsichore
dancing with her daughters, the Sirens.
Let your heart unleashed
let your mind released
let your tears flow
let them wash away your feelings
of destruction.
Let your soul free once again and
welcome the cooling breeze
of sunset's late glimmer.
Sky cloudy and grey
wind blew cold, no excuses
for season's being.
I found myself
at the doorstep of an old building
half ruined but not abandoned.
At the hallway
a huge fire was light.
An old wooden library dominated at the end of that
hallway, but stood empty.
No, wait...Is not empty there is only one book in it!
Odyssey is the title, and as i read there was no Odysseus,
no Gods, no tail but the story of my life.
I read a bit and laughed with irony.
I threw the book into the fire with ease
and left the place with a smile on my face.
It was a dream...
The four pillars of the earth they were
before Atlas held the world in stir
most powerful but unknown they were.
To south stood the ram as a costellation
at the sky he appeared, Crius was his name.
To north stood an oracle with unceasing foresight
and wisdom, Coeus he was called.
To west stood the spear, the craftsman. Life and death
he wielded, Iapetus the piercer he was called.
To east stood the light, the first light, the one above all,
the father of sun, moon and dawn. The mighty Hyperion
that none dared to cross.
We all walk on the same earth Gaia
we all sail on the same sea Oceanus
see the same sky Uranos
the same sun Helios
the same moon Selene
and welcome everyday the beautiful dawn of Ios.
All held in the arms of the mighty Atlas.
Here i lie on mount of smoldering rock
here i wonder in poems of silverlight.
Of gods and titans i lilt
of elves and mountain folk i write
of nymphs and elven maidens
i play this lyre
of forests and deep blue seas i dream.
Last of my name
last of my kin
lost in my lay.
The room is dark
all so quiet
maybe too quiet.
From window's frame
i stare sky and stars.
All so quiet.
Not a single breath
not a single soul
could be heard.
The street is empty.
No wind blowing just the sight
of flickering lights from
the mountain's top far away.
I don't know why sometimes i like this silence
i don't know why sometimes i find peace in it.
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