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In the end everyone dies
and so the Gods envy us.
They envy us cause we're mortal
because any moment could be our last and
everything is more beautiful because we're doomed.
This doom is our freedom.
This doom is what Gods seek.
The Way to Hel

I sought the songs
I sent the songs
when the deepest well
offered drops so mighty
of Valfather’s pledge

I know it all, Odin
where you hid your eye

Who will sing me
in the death-sleep sling me
when I walk the road to Hel
and the tracks I tread
are cold, so cold

Early or in fading day
still the raven knows if I fall

When you stand by the gate of Hel
and when you must tear loose
follow you I shall
across the bridge of Gjöll with my song

You become free from the bonds that bind you
You are free from the bonds that bound you
Oh warrior of old
Oh knight of ancient oath
Oh folk of old with blade utter
Oh soul with armour shattered

Brave against the odds
Valiant for kin and folk
Gallant with conviction and sacrifice
Fearless in death's embrace

Oh warriors of old now gone
Oh gods of old so long forgotten
Oh mortal folk so unwilling
Oh humans of despite
Oh world of burning greed
Inspired by
Lagertha the shield maiden
Lagertha the ice maiden
Lagertha who flies with the Valkyries
Lagertha who now lies with Ragna once more
Fair well
Dimitris Sarris Dec 2019
Cosmos was filled with beauty
darkness welcomed their light with weal
and so Uranides, Oceanides, Goddesses of old
took a place in the unending void
and sat to thrones made of starlight
giving place to children of their own.
Asteria daughter of Coeus and Phoebe. Goddess of
shooting stars and as one of them fell to the ocean
creating the island of Delos.
Leto sister of Asteria mother of Apollon and Artemis
motherhood and light were her gifts.
Hecate the witch the bearer of torches daughter of Asteria and Perses.
Eurybia master of the seas daughter of Pontus and Gaea herself.
Wife of Crius and mother of Astraeus, Perses and Pallas.
Eurynome the Oceanid a goddess of the sea, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, mother of the three Charites of grace.
The one of those who nursed Hephestus.
Metis sister of Eurynome goddess of wisdom and deep thought,
mother of Athena, still bearing a child that could
overthrow Zeus himself.
Styx the third sister of Eurynome an Oceanid goddess of
the underworld river. Wife of Pallas and mother
to Zelus,Nike,Kratos and Bia.
Sorry i love mythology.
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2019
It s not the darkness that makes freeze from fear
it s something old and powerful, notion long forgotten,
Erebus or Nyx it is ?
No feels something out of time and place, undimensioned
the old ones are here that s why i quiver in fear.
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2019
The first daughters of cosmos
queens and princesses of the world
and worlds to come.
Theia the wide shinning creator of light.
Rhea mother of the gods the eternal flow
mother of us all.
Themis the just one keeper of wisdom
counsellor of Cosmos.
Mnemosyne keeper of memory mother of
the nine Muses.
Phoebe the cold crowned, the prophet. All bright
she was as hope in mortals hearts.
Tethys the purifier the blessed water that nourishes
the earth from man's distortion.
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