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Aug 1 · 27
Dreams visions of our memories, thoughts, fears
as seen by our heart. What if we are always dreaming,
even if we are awake and we are able to see only a portion
of reality. Is this what life is? Maybe we are afraid to see
the world for what it really is. Better or worse it doesn't matter,
it would be real. In this hard gravelling earth illusion takes hold
and spreads like a disease, but at that same earth i got to know
true love and friendship. I got to know the good, the bad, the worse
and all were real.
Jun 16 · 51
I thought that there was no greater virtue than
fighting for truth.
I thought that by believing the right ideals,
οthers would do the right thing too.
They did i suppose what was right by them.
Shadow fell and light was forced to run
whatever’s left screamed and won.
Justice or survival?
A devil's deal.
Our hearts might not be looking for war
but war is looking for us.
If it finds me what could i surrender in return?
My sanity?
My hope?
My love?
No matter the outcome it will not be the
end but a new beginning
cause i know that i never lost my way.
Jun 15 · 41
Make a difference
Just a moment that's all it takes in our lives.
A moment when you are offered a choice
to make a sacrifice, conquer a flaw,
save a friend, spare a life and all fall away.
The way you see yourself,
the way you used to
understand the world.
Jun 13 · 31
A small breath
There are times that life shows a hard face
and we are forced to become someone else
in order to face the void.
Our hearts deny it but our souls know the truth.
We’re born in a world controlled by fear and rules,
slaves to a fault.
What is the point of been created
just so we can serve someone else’s wishes.
All I wish is to set myself free and I would beg for others
to do the same.
Then those magical people come to our lives
and make us realize our mistakes, to forgive, to remind us
who we really are.
Those magical people are there to inspire, to preserve the feeling
of love, to make us better, even if they don’t know it.
Jun 8 · 25
In my eyes she is
Sparkly eyes like a starry night  sweet like a summer's first sunrise.
She smiles and the sun shines brighter she laughs and the wind sings of mirth.
Her hug speaks no language but only matters and means the world's rejoice.
I almost gave up but her company makes
my chest feel lighter and now i want to try more.
My efforts filled with meaning of happiness and hope i write.
I stand stronger now and my humble embrace will always be given free for her delight.
Gratitude, like a vast ocean overwhelms my heart and sorrow slowly shunts aside.
I will always be there to take her fears.
I will always be there to comfort her tears.
to hear her dreams in wonder.
I will always be there for her to rest her thoughts.
I will always be there for her to lie her soul whose
beauty is that of an angel.
I will always be there in case she forgets
how amazing human being she is.
If my love was time i would give her eternity.
My humble love and care always hers.
Jun 7 · 22
Change of heart
A life of less behind
a demand of love bursts inside
i write words and songs of mourn
i provoke my heart, our souls in yearn
with poetry i cast this sorrow aside
every whiff of yours gives me life
your voice and music make me fragile
questions make this mind agile.
I don't know how should I put it into words
I can’t express it in this world
I stand where none would ever dare...
Jun 4 · 25
Loyal to a fault
I remember, i know this place so well
the very spot we used to watch the sunset
hear the waves crushing to this little port.
Now it lingers in my mind like an image
from an old dream and i discover
a strange truth. That i start to forget
your face, your voice and i'm frightened.
Before i meet you i had emotions i could not see
i had time i could not fill
and i had love i could not feel.
Now i realise the void inside my heart,
endless affection my love.
In time i could see the world as you did,
a place full of music and joy.
Now i hold only a fragment of it
and i try to move on, feeling cold
Mar 27 · 72
From old to new
Universal and timeless is the sound.
Cosmic and unending are the songs of past.
Truth and destiny
myths and folklore of primal time
tail and story of ancient gaze.
Old ways and thoughts
traditions and tools
in so many ways still echo to our hearts
still carry the relevance in our thoughts
to create something new.
That is the purpose
that is the challenge.
Copy the past is not difficult
but taking the old and learn
embracing the old and turn it to something new
accepting the old and give meaning today
that is the saga of the Gods.
Dec 2020 · 81
By Ram by Bull by Stag
Dimitris Sarris Dec 2020
Cernunos the forgotten god
the misjudged, the demonized one by younger folk,
naive folk that sunk in prejudices.  
Cernunos, called the cursed one from that very same folk
that forgot nature.

Here is the voice of the God
By Ram by Bull by Stag
I am the hunter in the wild, the horned one,the healer,
protector of nature and master of the sun.
I am balance.
Aug 2020 · 135
Dimitris Sarris Aug 2020
In the end everyone dies
and so the Gods envy us.
They envy us cause we're mortal
because any moment could be our last and
everything is more beautiful because we're doomed.
This doom is our freedom.
This doom is what Gods seek.
Dimitris Sarris Jul 2020
The Way to Hel

I sought the songs
I sent the songs
when the deepest well
offered drops so mighty
of Valfather’s pledge

I know it all, Odin
where you hid your eye

Who will sing me
in the death-sleep sling me
when I walk the road to Hel
and the tracks I tread
are cold, so cold

Early or in fading day
still the raven knows if I fall

When you stand by the gate of Hel
and when you must tear loose
follow you I shall
across the bridge of Gjöll with my song

You become free from the bonds that bind you
You are free from the bonds that bound you
Feb 2020 · 141
The Elfin Knight
Dimitris Sarris Feb 2020
Oh warrior of old
Oh knight of ancient oath
Oh folk of old with blade utter
Oh soul with armour shattered

Brave against the odds
Valiant for kin and folk
Gallant with conviction and sacrifice
Fearless in death's embrace

Oh warriors of old now gone
Oh gods of old so long forgotten
Oh mortal folk so unwilling
Oh humans of despite
Oh world of burning greed
Inspired by
Jan 2020 · 118
Dimitris Sarris Jan 2020
Lagertha the shield maiden
Lagertha the ice maiden
Lagertha who flies with the Valkyries
Lagertha who now lies with Ragna once more
Fair well
Dec 2019 · 235
Titaness vol.2
Dimitris Sarris Dec 2019
Cosmos was filled with beauty
darkness welcomed their light with weal
and so Uranides, Oceanides, Goddesses of old
took a place in the unending void
and sat to thrones made of starlight
giving place to children of their own.
Asteria daughter of Coeus and Phoebe. Goddess of
shooting stars and as one of them fell to the ocean
creating the island of Delos.
Leto sister of Asteria mother of Apollon and Artemis
motherhood and light were her gifts.
Hecate the witch the bearer of torches daughter of Asteria and Perses.
Eurybia master of the seas daughter of Pontus and Gaea herself.
Wife of Crius and mother of Astraeus, Perses and Pallas.
Eurynome the Oceanid a goddess of the sea, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, mother of the three Charites of grace.
The one of those who nursed Hephestus.
Metis sister of Eurynome goddess of wisdom and deep thought,
mother of Athena, still bearing a child that could
overthrow Zeus himself.
Styx the third sister of Eurynome an Oceanid goddess of
the underworld river. Wife of Pallas and mother
to Zelus,Nike,Kratos and Bia.
Sorry i love mythology.
Oct 2019 · 118
Darkness the unknown
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2019
It s not the darkness that makes freeze from fear
it s something old and powerful, notion long forgotten,
Erebus or Nyx it is ?
No feels something out of time and place, undimensioned
the old ones are here that s why i quiver in fear.
Oct 2019 · 145
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2019
The first daughters of cosmos
queens and princesses of the world
and worlds to come.
Theia the wide shinning creator of light.
Rhea mother of the gods the eternal flow
mother of us all.
Themis the just one keeper of wisdom
counsellor of Cosmos.
Mnemosyne keeper of memory mother of
the nine Muses.
Phoebe the cold crowned, the prophet. All bright
she was as hope in mortals hearts.
Tethys the purifier the blessed water that nourishes
the earth from man's distortion.
Jul 2019 · 448
Dimitris Sarris Jul 2019
They're still standing like statues of marble rock.
They still linger in humans hearts bearing the gift of old.
Nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne keeper
of world's memory.

With eloquence and harmony of voice Calliope presides in epic poetry.

In heaven of holy spirit Urania withers away
warden of philosophy.

Sacred is her hymn, sacred is her poetry, sacred is Polyhymnia
the dancer.

Joy and laughter brings Thalia with comedy and idyllic poetry
and men overcome their grief.

With a lyre in hand Clio tells the story of the world
but with no delight Melpomene narrates the tragedy of this world.

She is the loved one, the desired one Erato of loving poetry
giver of delight.

And close to the sea stood another, with a lyre in hand Terpsichore
dancing with her daughters, the Sirens.
May 2019 · 396
Dimitris Sarris May 2019
Let your heart unleashed
let your mind released
let your tears flow
let them wash away your feelings
of destruction.
Let your soul free once again and
welcome the cooling breeze
of sunset's late glimmer.
Apr 2019 · 172
It's been a while
Dimitris Sarris Apr 2019
Sky cloudy and grey
wind blew cold, no excuses
for season's being.
I found myself
at the doorstep of an old building
half ruined but not abandoned.
At the hallway
a huge fire was light.
An old wooden library dominated at the end of that
hallway, but stood empty.
No, wait...Is not empty there is only one book in it!
Odyssey is the title, and as i read there was no Odysseus,
no Gods, no tail but the story of my life.
I read a bit and laughed with irony.
I threw the book into the fire with ease
and left the place with a smile on my face.
It was a dream...
Mar 2019 · 164
Titans vol.2
Dimitris Sarris Mar 2019
The four pillars of the earth they were
before Atlas held the world in stir
most powerful but unknown they were.
To south stood the ram as a costellation
at the sky he appeared, Crius was his name.
To north stood an oracle with unceasing foresight
and wisdom, Coeus he was called.
To west stood the spear, the craftsman. Life and death
he wielded, Iapetus the piercer he was called.
To east stood the light, the first light, the one above all,
the father of sun, moon and dawn. The mighty Hyperion
that none dared to cross.
Mar 2019 · 666
Titans vol.1
Dimitris Sarris Mar 2019
We all walk on the same earth Gaia
we all sail on the same sea Oceanus
see the same sky Uranos
the same sun Helios
the same moon Selene
and welcome everyday the beautiful dawn of Ios.
All held in the arms of the mighty Atlas.
Mar 2019 · 426
Last of my name
Dimitris Sarris Mar 2019
Here i lie on mount of smoldering rock
here i wonder in poems of silverlight.
Of gods and titans i lilt
of elves and mountain folk i write
of nymphs and elven maidens
i play this lyre
of forests and deep blue seas i dream.
Last of my name
last of my kin
lost in my lay.
Mar 2019 · 322
Dimitris Sarris Mar 2019
The room is dark
all so quiet
maybe too quiet.
From window's frame
i stare sky and stars.
All so quiet.
Not a single breath
not a single soul
could be heard.
The street is empty.
No wind blowing just the sight
of flickering lights from
the mountain's top far away.
I don't know why sometimes i like this silence
i don't know why sometimes i find peace in it.
Feb 2019 · 1.3k
Hyperion's heritage
Dimitris Sarris Feb 2019
I know now that it wasn't you
who fashioned such noose.
It was them, those dark abominations
who fled before the stars of Uranus.
We are not weak!
Madness is such a hard thing to define
which makes it such an easy label
to affix to one's enemies.
It's not madness to fight for our right
to exist!
It's not wrong to make a stand and
wake up from the slumber of their lies
to the beautiful dawn of Eos!
Another draft from the book i write.
Jan 2019 · 353
Dimitris Sarris Jan 2019
Haunted by grief of loss
as a soul trapped
inside a broken mirror
that tried desperately to scream
and beg solely through the tears
that slid down a darken face
cold and very much alone.

Now tell me i am wrong
now listen to the steel sing
let courage and fury fill your heart.
Kicked to the floor
now rise anew.
Alas for victory is here
alas for the gods return.
Remember for the scars run deep
remember for the scars may never heal.
Now rise at the sound of the horn
and gods demand revenge.
Zagreus son of Hades and Persephone.
A small draft from the book i write.
Jan 2019 · 446
Dimitris Sarris Jan 2019
He is the brother i never had
he is the friend from far distant shores.

He is a writer a poet of life and wonder
a warrior worthy of Valhala
a hero worthy of Olympus
a soul worthy of Tir na nog from Celts.

Wildman he is called in my book
of elven folk grandmaster smith
which Hephestos himself teached
of ancient long forgotten craft.

A glass of old greek wine i raise
and wish to him Happy new year.
My gift to him my humble poem
my gift to him my gratitude
for being my brother.
Gratitude for being an inspiration.
Alas, for he is a man worthy of all
the blessings of the Gods.
Was written for a good friend from HP Mark,
thanking for being the brother i never had.
Jan 2019 · 172
Not worth even a title
Dimitris Sarris Jan 2019
Such pride and ego...
Still fighting alone...
Still fighting for worthless glory...
You have locked doors and closed windows
in your mind and dark rooms behind them.
Maybe it's time for some of us to depart.
Dec 2018 · 216
Fuel to the fire
Dimitris Sarris Dec 2018
Fear, tide over something passively stable without great risks
the motif of modern society. Have they ever tried something new,
different, risky? How can people ever get to know if they can
change, be better?
It's like they let themselves loose and accept whatever comes easy
without even considering the consequences.
Gradually they evolve into soft self indulgent figures without
being able to handle the hardness of life itself.
Like a great paradox, they are free for acting just how they please
but suffer from the naivety and outcome of their choice.
Dec 2018 · 162
Lost mythology
Dimitris Sarris Dec 2018
In vast mists of unending laments
spreads a silence with ominous vigil.
Shattered helms and cloven shields here lie cold
doomed to rust.
No wind blows as snowflakes fall
at these grey grass fields
spring seems to be forever gone.
Yet a flower grew with white petals
so helpless seemed to be but
no wind, no rain, no snow could harm its beauty.
A song was told by elven maids
and sunrays ogle its small green leaves.
Nov 2018 · 252
A riddle i came by
Dimitris Sarris Nov 2018
To all things i appertain
and yet some shunned and disdained.
****** and ogle me till you are
insane but no blow can harm me cause me pain.
Children delight in me, elders take fright,
fair maids rejoice and spin.
Cry and i weep, yawn and i sleep,
smile and i shall grin.
What am I?
Nov 2018 · 122
Dimitris Sarris Nov 2018
Hear the whispers among the trees
and the echo of the crushing waves
like an anthem of love lost in midnights call
where miracles carry out our wishes
soften our hearts
and warm our bodies.
Nov 2018 · 169
Like a swing
Dimitris Sarris Nov 2018
Red lips and old wine
a step or two
skiddy beep bop beep bop ba doo!
Sparkly eyes a dress in motion
a step or two and swing
beep bop ba doo!
Love starts to feel like heart attack
my heart is getting aches
is it me or is it you spinning around
like a beep bo ba doo!
Am i taking the wrong way or the
moves command?
And this is how i fall for you
skiddy beep bop beep bop ba doo!
Nov 2018 · 238
My heart's Lament
Dimitris Sarris Nov 2018
Feels wrong,
to be driven out by a lie that dooms hearts and minds.
Does one run away when someone tells lies about him?
No, he fights even if the odds are against him.
It's not about a battle that will be won or lost,
it is about something greater.
A battle for the soul and love that live within us,
perhaps it would be right and proper to be lost
in hell's fire otherwise.
There would be no reason at all to fight only against some
mad men's fantasies.
It's not the dying that frightens me, it's not having stood up
and fight for truth for those i love.
Nov 2018 · 381
In great view
Dimitris Sarris Nov 2018
Run the full gamut of emotions
feels like demon's motions.
Great drama
great trauma
happens everyday.
Why give into light out of great dramas?
Why make sense out of fake traumas?
Within ordinary people lie
demons lie
and love cries.
Love that is older from titans
and gods of old.
Love that is sang by angels
and ancient folk.
Love that gave power to
immortal and mortal alike.
Oct 2018 · 160
Barely stand
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
Slow heartbeat with heavy breath...
Tired of feeling lonely, my grey old blanket
was always big enough for two.
Now my heart is ever lonely.
I feel like that even when i am with family,
it's strange.
Feeling loneliness like a cold spot in the room,
at least you can tease me, shout at me,
get a reaction to know that i am still here.
But my sadness is like an icy well.
It's bottomless, swallows up my voice
and anything you try to drop into it.
I feel pain...
Apologies for my last poems, having that sad motif,
can't help it...
Oct 2018 · 885
Broken sword
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
I guess this is all that loyalty buys
in a world without love
pain in the night and death to love's floor.
Perhaps that awaits me too.
Oct 2018 · 117
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
As a dim pinprick of light
growing brighter with the
passage of time a slow

Entombed to our own minds
utter loneliness
all amplified and made
That i ve been trying to avoid...
Oct 2018 · 170
Beneath our eyes
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
Living in this era of fear. Each one of us consumed by
something else. Loneliness, insecurity, death, even fear
falling in love. So much stress and anxiety, does it even
worth to try? Such question i dare ask myself and i
answer in relief, of course it does and there it is i have still
strength and will. I can still dream and put my thoughts
into action. Life is unique but so small.
A white canvas with black and grey
but with passionate red and caressing blue,
heartwarming brown with a handful of green,
monotone yellow and others not so fancy,
all needed, all creative, all ruthless, all forgiving.
Oct 2018 · 101
Inside my head
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
Cunning herald distraught but glamorous
you promise wealth and fortune
in ways and prices of no existence
but who could refuse?
Gamble and some luck, a bargain for souls
you always come back.
I reject your offerings and refuse to go back
you're hollow a shadow of nothing
provoking my limits
tempting with your majesty
threatening with suffering.
I don't care if you always find a way
i will always transcend your ways.
You clame i am nothing without you
but the truth is you are nothing without me.
Oct 2018 · 440
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
What if happiness is not only joy.
What if happiness is the struggle you've been through
for a cause known only to a few,
yet full of love and compassion.
What if...
What if happiness is a light
seen only by few.
Oct 2018 · 238
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
Why there is no god when innocents die and
why there is just to show the implied forgiveness?
Where is he when decisions must be made and
why he exists to judge those who dare make them
eventually instead of him?
Love he may inspire but also fear, such fear that
faith lost its meaning. Is there any god after all?
Is it simply a notion of modern mythology?
I wonder what people would think in thousands
of years maybe less, i wonder if they would talk
about us as we talk about the pagans of the old.
Who am i to judge some may say.
I am a free man released from narcissism and
I am free to choose the feelings of the human heart.
I am free to defy a tail that was written like all others
and if i am to blame then free will would be such
a contradiction.
Oct 2018 · 246
Fallen vol.2
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
The last thing an angel feels is falling.
What about a human?
What could the feeling be like? Fall?
I look around and see so few alive,
the rest fallen into their shadows,
sinking in lies.
Not clipped wings but
the spark of their eyes long gone,
just a hollow look a blackness spreading
into this forsaken world.
The few become even less yet they bright
like a beacon of whatever remains true.
Skies falling, war is crying out.
The few suffer and the fallen hide behind
a pile of lies, just a bunch of excuses.
I awake from my frozen sleep and model through,
this war becomes my muse.
All will burn in light, i am here where are they?
Oct 2018 · 510
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
I sense it around me, my heart denies it
but my soul knows the truth.
All i need is to say it out loud.
We are born in a world controlled by fear
and compulsions, slaves to a meaningless
What is the point of existing just so we can
serve someone else wishes?
All i hope is to set myself free and i would
beg for others to do the same.
My instincts always served me well i can not
deny them now.
A distant voice echoes inside my head but for
the first time it is my own.
Oct 2018 · 825
Dimitris Sarris Oct 2018
The world turns away in horror.
As broken things, unloved they appeared
with blood on their crown the lonely night
uncovered them.
It's deep in their blood
it's deep in their bones
change is deep inside them
that light makes them look exceptional.
Drifting down to another side
relentless they survived.
Hope, love and fate they were named
and none could ever get how perfect
they were when they bloomed in
starlight skies.
Sep 2018 · 835
Thank you
Dimitris Sarris Sep 2018
Heart woven from world's greatest thread
with passionate beat
a donor of love
a donor of kindness
a donor of strength
a titaness of life
which warm tears shine
of love even in gloom.
A goddess of compassion
a soul with passion.
My heart fills with gratitude
my soul fills with love.
Thank you!
Thank you for you might be the
best of us all.
If more people were like you
this world would be a merrier place.
Thank you.
Sep 2018 · 1.4k
Dimitris Sarris Sep 2018
Where these words shall find you i don't know
maybe at some  far flung adventure.
I am worried cause you weren't entirely honest
at your last call. Maybe you have grown to long
in secrets and you have become over reliant on them.
All has not gone well with me i've been low and lonely
unwilling to welcome a new day, some sort of lethargy
sunking into my own sadness. I feel the absence of love
it's like cutting void. If i believed in God i would pray.
Perhaps this is what troubles me, i have lost hope or it
has left me and now i stand alone without love that i
have always depended. I am so tired that even fear of
what may come at the future does not affect me.
Old fears have echoed to silence and self confidence rises
for something yet remains. I remain...
So i sign off with hope now and as ever with love for
something new.
The bells might still tolling and flags at half mast
your world in tears, but you are the only one who hears
them who sees them for my heart beats with happy stars.
Let all be well. Goodbye.
Note. Someone asked me at HP if i say goodbye to the world caring if i am well, don't worry i am just saying goodbye to someone i loved and refer to her at this poem
Just in pain time will do the work thanks for the readings all
of you!
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
That night
Dimitris Sarris Sep 2018
Our voices covered the silence of the night.
Just me and a beautiful woman talking
about our vivid lives. The road is getting
darker, the moonlight could shed little light.
She tightly grabbs my arm and kisses me with
her soft red lips. No words could be spoken as
i lose myself to the pleasures of her kiss.
I responded "I am not a man who mistreats
a lady for a night's satisfaction."
She replied "I know, i can feel it. But what would you
do for a woman in need. In need of your love,
of your caress, of your kiss?"
We drove our way back to my house.
Her beautiful green eyes could see within my heart
and her passionate kisses fill my lips and tongue.
I lose the sense of time as our warm breaths become
a cool breeze to our throbbing bodies.
She holds me tight as i lay her upon the soft sheets,
gently she kisses my neck and lets me slide down to fountains
of pumping milking beats, ******* her healing liquids like honey drops.  
Slowly i enter the altar of her lustful ventricles
becoming one as we press into silken gist
and break open as her skin brushes like silk.
She holds me tight with her angelic body as i permeate
deeper when oceans of liquid lava burst at the white sheets
of our bed and her breast ignites in slow movement
as we gasp and sigh the air around us.
She holds me tight to take in a river that will
quench her thirst, licking heavens milk that covered the secret
spaces that our kisses marked.    
She holds me till the sun rises to put an end to this salacious sin.
She holds my hand and crowls her way back to me. Back to my craving heart, back to our prurient desires.
A bold release of trapped emotions. We had to break up cause of our age
difference (she was older) and i just wanted to prevent her from getting hurt in the future.
Breaking up for something usual hurts but when you have to break up
cause the circumstances of life itself block us
is a different quality of pain. I know that is happy now...
Wishing happiness and joy to the troubled hearts
out there.
Sep 2018 · 271
Bad dream vol.2
Dimitris Sarris Sep 2018
In black and white it seemed to be.
Thick fear was all around
ruins started crumble
frozen cold upon the frailest veil
too many paths appeared to be
but only one with a wall i could break.
There was a shapeless figure waiting
in the shadow of an old tree.
It was a woman who called for help.
Weak and sad she seemed to be
covered with leaves and feathers
from her black twisted wings.
She touched my heart
remembrance at last
she was the outcome of my lost love.
Sep 2018 · 186
Most dear
Dimitris Sarris Sep 2018
Don't waste tears for malevolent "ifs"
for you are as fair as the sun.
Don't feel sad for spiteful words
for you are as lovely as the moon.
Don't let their wicked tongues bind you
for you are brighter than the stars.
Such love and splendor dwells in your heart
that is too sore to my heart to see you hurt.
Sep 2018 · 162
Dimitris Sarris Sep 2018
Storm loosed upon a sea, i would have died upon your arms
it could have meant the end of our time.
We fear nothing and we're still struggling through this journey,
we've come to far to give up, even if the struggle is wasting
from inside.
I would follow you with eyes wide open against this endless void,
i would follow you until the end of my days.
A knight's mourning, a lion's roar.
A pale moon, a wolf's howl.
Still here, a single tread before the light.
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