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Dimitri Ali May 25
We cya do what we wah do,
Everybody have something tuh say.
When yuh try tuh try and try yuh best,
Yuh make next to nothing at the end of the day.

Meh empty bed does laugh at me,
De late hours of de night,
Spent leaned over de work desk being whipped by worries.
Just to get those blue bills that sweet sight.

Yuh see meh fren, slavery is alive and well,
It does just wear a suit and ride in luxary,
Yuh does be quick to buy wah it sell.
Modern day slavery is why we go continue to live in poverty.

Argue amongst we selves as tuh who better,
The 'coolie indian' or the 'hard back creole'
PNM or the UNC,
We argue as to who is de biggest *******,
But them making ******* outta all ah we.

Watch de high prices, de crime, an de struggle,
Yuh feel they give ah dam about we,
Lemme tell yuh, is you fuh you an I fuh I an we go never be we.
Dem hav we so, can't even afford ah nuggle.

Buh we does fett de hardest tho,
We does wine the baddest tho,
We does horn down to the dog tho,
An nobody does do carnival like we!
Ah pride dat is always by yuh side nationwide!

We does take pride in de wrong ting,
We does **** one another, theif and cheat one another.
While Dem ha we like slaves still,
And we grinding slow but still,
We does grind in the old slave mill.
A poem written in Trinidadian creole about segregation and modern slavery from a trini's perspective.
Apr 28 · 79
Tears In Your Eyes
Dimitri Ali Apr 28
We are all broken people,
Breaking people.
One big domino effect,
Glass dominoss, fragile people filled with neglect.

You'd break me, then I'd break a girl,
And she'd break someone else,
Its the breaking cycle of the world.

Like every other cycle that exists,
Is as real as this.
The cycle of pain Reminding us for a brief,
Some how making us human, relief,
From our heartless actions,
You know the ones we always fail to mention.

The bad mark that we think makes us bad people, unfit for a mention.
Bad actions do not make a bad person, bad people are those with bad intentions.
We all make mistakes, karma hunts us all,
For the ones we've broken, the ones we kicked after their fall.

Pain will come,
One way or another,
You pay the price for you or your brother,
Pain will come.

Falling to your knees when the cycle comes back,
Its never a great plan of attack.
Pain will not pity you or believe your lies,
When pain comes it's up to you to face it, tears in your eyes.
Mar 11 · 104
The Whip
Dimitri Ali Mar 11
With every crack of the whip,
I loose a part of me.
With every part lost,
I feel like there is less of me to be.
A magnet this whip,
As it seems to draw my memories.
The torment of those moments,
End it please.
I face portions of my life,
Portions forgotten, buried in the crypt.
I see the scars, the tears,
Please end it.
Terrified of the battles,
The battles with demons long gone,
But with each crack of that whip,
They all seem to live on.
It feels like...
Dec 2019 · 75
Depressed I Guess
Dimitri Ali Dec 2019
I'm depressed about a lot,
The who what when and the buts.
It depresses me,
The fantasies of things that once were but now can never be.
The fact that I include my best friend in every single adventure,
But he won't pick up the phone to see if I'm doing better.
I can't blame him though,
Just wished I meant more.
Can't really say what's on my mind,
Feels like nothing and everything at the same time.
Took 4 years to get a 2 year diploma,
Stings to see everyone way out infront yuh.
There's alot more that's there,
But these feelings set it and I just don't care so let's end here
Dec 2019 · 169
Strand of love
Dimitri Ali Dec 2019
Soft and sweet the symphony,
As soft and sweet as it will ever be.
As calming as diamonds blue,
A whisper beyond what's true.

Simply sweet the harmony,
Sweet and simply you and me.
Falling stars create a bliss,
A hazy fog soon becomes this.

Shattered glass an echo's cry,
Boken pieces of dreams never fly.
An ashy grey mist upon the sun set,
A flustered chime to echo yet.
Love and its lifespan
Dec 2019 · 66
Misguided Admiration
Dimitri Ali Dec 2019
Someone approached me today,
About my poems they had something to say.
As they expressed,
Their feelings of admiration,
I stood perplexed,
As I was incapable of reacting in this situation.
People read these poems,
Line by line,
A mechanism to cope,
Relics of my life, a forgotten time.
I've never seen my rhymes as something great,
But instead as my way to banish the hate.
To banish the pain, the sadness, the sorrows,
To wash clean this stain, to hope for brighter tomorrows.
My poetry for me has never been something to admire,
But it has always been my hope that they could make someone's day a bit brighter.
Sep 2019 · 83
Dimitri Ali Sep 2019
Pieces scattered on the floor,
Pieces scattered nothing more.
Upon these pieces people step,
Upon these pieces filled with regret.
All these pieces on the floor I see,
All these pieces, pieces of me.
Sep 2019 · 72
Dimitri Ali Sep 2019
I want to show the monster that I am,
The darkest of fires that rage within my heart,
To show the monster and for once not be calm,
The monster and me, they can't tell apart.

I want to set that monster free,
That monster that sits on my left side.
I want that monster to take over me,
Then they'd know why I hide.

I'd keep calm though,
Keep him caged for reasons beyond me.
I'd smile and think happy thoughts so they'd never know,
And that monster they'd never see.

But I want too, I really want him out,
So I'd be the puppeteer,
Dance! Jump! Shout!
Hahaha hahahaha.... and I would not care.

I would not care who is left in the aftermath,
Who was hurt along the way,
I'd laugh hahaha and lower my hat,
I've been trapped my entire life so now hear what I say.

A twisted mind,
Tortured by a caged beast,
A hefty fine,
To pay to never be at ease.
Sanity or sanctuary,
Me or them,
My personal demon or my family and friends.
Sep 2019 · 323
A wall
Dimitri Ali Sep 2019
There's a wall that stands between,
A wall that can not be seen.
A wall of silence,
A wall of compliance,
A wall that stands between.

I feel the ties,
I hide the lies.
A yearning touch,
That brings the rush,
A silent voice that hides the cries.

There is a wall between us,
Unsaid words and thoughts between us.
A single kiss upon your lips,
Gentle hands around your hips,
But there is a wall between us.
Aug 2019 · 152
When will peace
Dimitri Ali Aug 2019
When will my peace come?
When would I be at ease instead of far from?
When would these tides subside?
When will peace by my heart abide?
When will fires die?
When will rest my head to lie?
When will tears not fall?
When will this storm heed its call?
When will my soul ravish in simplicity?
When will my mind rid its negativity?
When will peace lay beside me?
When will calm my eyes to see?
When will I proclaim to be,
With peace within and for me.
Aug 2019 · 178
The door
Dimitri Ali Aug 2019
Beyond the door that hangs the latch,
A shining light my eye to catch.
Fading in and out, a haze,
The broken pieces in her eyes,
Emotions puzzled like a maze,
Solem sorries she cries.
Its not her fault, just a moment frozen in time.
Its not her fault yet she apologises, the fault is all mine.

Beyond the door fitted in to wall,
I see the lights of the chandelier,
As people dance a carefree scent fills that hall,
As she sits next to me while people speak of us and how they never doubted we'd reach here.
The cake towers,
As minutes fade to hours.
I look into her eyes, eyes so true,
I look into her eyes and utter, I do.

Beyond the door,
Through my eyes,
A screen's dim light blinds me in the dark,
As my fingers tap the keys I think,
Would I cry?
Would I laugh?
Would I always wonder how?
The door to my past,
The door to my future,
And lastly the door to my now.
The mind is an amazing thing, able to view the past, hope for the future all whole we're surviving in the now.
Jul 2019 · 257
The forgotten fairy tales
Dimitri Ali Jul 2019
We are self destructive creatures of habit,
Like Alice in wonder land, a chase to catch the white rabbit.
Like robots we march day to day on a linear path we refuse to scatter,
And as the small minded do, we all condem the mad hatter.

We all read the story,
You know, that one with the magic red slippers and Dorothy.
Take head to the lessons because we all live, no! We all the survive the best way we can,
Without hearts and love just like the tin man.
Like idiots we are we take abuse, our silence means compliance, means we yearn for more,
Some of us are like the scarecrow, our heads filled with straw.

But who am I to condem?
I lived for love like that which exists in the beauty and the beast,
Dreaming one day a girl would love me for me, a dreams that never seems to cease.
Some girls take Cinderella a bit too much to heart,
Longing for the handson Prince to sweep them away, she was basically a slave you know, or did you forget that part.

These fairy tales made us,
They shaped us,
Their forgotten lessons now serve to condem us.
Everything in the life has a purpose,
Realizing what that is is solely up to us.
Jun 2019 · 242
R.I.P Little Cousin
Dimitri Ali Jun 2019
I'm not mad that people won't know the truth,
The reason behind why you had to go.
I am mad little cousin, that you left before you had a chance to know.
To know that we all love you.
Your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother,
My mom your aunt she was like your second mother,
Your cousins, we miss you too.
For christ sake I just wish you knew.

You left behind more than what words said,
More than what eyes have seen,
Left it all behind at the age of 19.
Forgive me because out of all your cousins I'm the oldest,
I loved and respected you, I hope you died knowing this.

Remember the drinks that cheered our glasses?
The 'sup cuzz' that signaled our passes
On the street everyday because you lived next door,
Dam it kills to know that I won't see or hear you anymore.

You had a crown tattooed on your chest,
The symbol, a badge of a real king.
I'd wear your badge too, give a moment of silence while I cheers with friends, I'd hear the angels sing.
Rest now cousin, my brother, my family,
Though gone in body your spirit shall stay beside me.
Jun 2019 · 260
A memory
Dimitri Ali Jun 2019
It's fuzzy. Just barely visible,
Like figuring out a forgotten word with missing syllables.
The harder I try the more I see,
And the more this image comes to be.

It's in focus. A picture of a scene ideal,
A picture that before, my mind tried to steal.
I remember, a quiet day, the 13th of November
I once forgot but now I remember.

Just as I did, like a swollen river it invaded what surrounded.
Consumed by emotions I became, a struggle to keep myself grounded.

A single memory recovered from a cage,
In my mind it slept so soundly.
Fill me now my mind with rage,
As I despise the memory that made me feel so fondly.
May 2019 · 96
Dimitri Ali May 2019
I have done wrong things,
Earsed the line between right and wrong,
I have committed many sins.
I have done wrong things.

As I lay in bed,
And the hour becomes late.
Thoughts confused in my head,
I lay and contemplate.

The choices I made,
The lips I've kissed.
Those I slept with,
And the insults I've hissed.

If you hold a magnifying glass,
And focus,
You move closer or further, lower or higher,
That focal point soon catches fire.

It is what I was doing,
Magnifying the bad while the good was sleeping.
I have a talent for extreme over thinking.

I was given a choice,
A choice quite recently.
Only now thinking back, I realized I could have acted so stupidly.
A choice that saved a life unknowingly,
It showed me that the disaster though improbable is not impossible and comes from the choices we make so simply.
Apr 2019 · 221
The boy
Dimitri Ali Apr 2019
I first saw you in a picture,
Peering out from behind the rotted tree.
The shadow of boy that lingers,
Fixated on me.

Another picture,
From behind a pillar stands,
Peering out,
The boy who seeks a glance.

A picture of my family heading home aboard a plane,
From between the curtains at the end of the walk way,
There you are Peering out again.

A silhouette it seems,
A present shadow though the light gleems,
Though my  heart races,
The pictures show you moving closer,
No face just a figure,
Just the cold that rushes forward,
As straightened neck hairs refuse to bend,
I hear it!
The whisper in my ear,
"Do you wanna be my friend?"
Mar 2019 · 283
Dimitri Ali Mar 2019
Running from her home she seeks a better life,
An escape from the bloodshed, the tears, the pain and the strife.
At our ports they come by the hundreds it seems,
But her, in her eyes you can see the lost family, her hopes her dreams.

A broken soul with pieces left behind her,
Yet people would still take advantage of her.
Trap her, force her to do unspeakable things,
The tears she'd cry and keep it all in,
On her soul people place their sins.

She tries truly,
Though abused and treated cruely,
Though she's used she looks up lovingly,
Because if she doesn't she'd end up hurt badly.

I'm not proud to say where I'm from,
But this is the situation in my country currently.
Boatloads of Venezuelan refugees come daily,
In hope to escape the hell behind, they stumble into hell here blindly,
While people who care but are powerless, look on sadly.
While we claim on live to see monsters that require supernatural expulsion,
A soul is dieing without justice head held on the guillotine of corruption.
We are the monsters so don't live in fear,
We are the monsters who haunt the people who seek refuge here.
A poem on the current state of my once sweet nation I call home
Mar 2019 · 141
Dimitri Ali Mar 2019
How many of us come here to say what we can't say aloud?
Instead we write,
And somehow the letters convey what we want to say and we leave here at times proud.
A heart left on a page,
The joy of a good day left on display,
The sorror on a website for all to see,
And the words of hatred left it a fit of rage.
We all login for a different reason,
To write because some of us can not express,
But we can write about the wonders of the stars and the changing of a season.
What's my point?
I don't have one, I guess.
Mar 2019 · 128
Trials of a couple
Dimitri Ali Mar 2019
As I lay awake,
She's fast asleep,
A reminder to me,
Of promises to keep.
As I kiss her cheek,
I take her hand,
A reminder that I'm just a man.
As she lay there,
Fast asleep,
With my face in my palms I start to weep.
As I sit there,
At the edge of the bed,
Her fingers ventured through the hair on my head.
As she asks why am I crying, I reply I don't know what I'd do.
I never want to disappoint you.
As we both sit there, she said I'm doing fine,
Just remember I'd love you for all of time.
As I sit there,
Feeling like less of man,
She looked me in the eyes and took my hand.
She said she loved me,
Loved me like no other,
We shall face the struggles in life together.
Dimitri Ali Mar 2019
I'm not ashamed that I know you,
It's ironic that you are friends with all the people who have no friends.
I'm not glad that I know you.,
But knowing you made me better in the end.

We would have late night talks, early morning arguments,
We'd meet twenty times a week maybe or sometimes less frequent.
I'd sit on the school bench and you right next too me,
We would think about our teenage years,
Have a laugh then move on letting things be.

I don't miss you!
Not in the slightest,
You seem to appear only when life is at its darkest.
When life was dull and dark you were the one that convinced,
Me to think grim thoughts, honestly I've grown up since.

I've made a new friend,
Opposite to you actually.
Yet the three of us could have a conversation simultaneously.
You'd like this new friend because neither of you could exist without the other,
Side by side an inverted image of one another.

My new friend pulls me through,
Makes me smile and gives me a reason,
Something you never managed to do.
I can't blame you it's in your nature to make me hate myself when I fall,
You are depression after all.
Feb 2019 · 292
I sang many songs
Dimitri Ali Feb 2019
I sang a song when I was 3,
About the birds and the butterflies,
About the cartoons that brought joy to me.
I sang a song when I was 3.

I sang a song when I was 8,
About how I love my family,
I sang it off key but mom still said I sounded great.
I sang a song when I was 8.

I sang a song when I was 13,
About how I hated the world and people,
That my favourite color was black and no longer green.
I sang a song when I was 13.

I sang a song at 15 I think,
About heart break and tears,
And how much life stinked.
I sang a song at 15 I think.

I sang a song at 20,
Legal to drink alcohol and have *** as I pleased,
Real friends were hard to find but fakes were plenty.
I sang a song at 20.

I sang a song at 22,
Fresh out of a failed engagement,
I hated the world once again and gave up on love being true.
I sang a song at 22.

I would be 25 at mid year,
I've now found love beyond what I ever dreamed,
So I'm singing this song at 24,
Life gets better even thought at time it's horrible or so it seems.
Nov 2018 · 581
Men Dont Cry !
Dimitri Ali Nov 2018
Boys don't cry!
A friend said to me when I was younger,
We don't cry he said,
When you feel to
Pretend to be even stronger!

Boys don't cry,
I was told we shouldn't show emotions,
Even when we feel passion,
Its blue like diamonds strewn across a blue blanket,
Its just the ocean.

Boys don't cry!
I had to grow up tough,
When the going gets hard,
We live for that,
We live for the hard and the rough.

Boys don't cry!
After my first heart break,
The tears came,
Boys don't cry!
So naturally I felt ashamed.

Fast forward I'm a man now,
Men don't cry!
We just accept it and move on.
We admire the ones that are hear,
We miss the ones that are gone.
But men don't cry!

People say men are heartless,
What do you expect ?
Some of us have been deprived of our emotions,
Obviously we won't cry, but that doesn't mean we care less.

Men don't cry!
My fiance left because I wasn't enough,
She needed someone who felt,
Not someone who was always tough.
Men don't cry!
So I moved on,
I never had the chance to say how I felt when she was gone.

Men don't cry!
One day I'd have kids of my own,
One day I'd be able to say,
I'm scared to be alone.
When that day comes I won't lie.
So son, its OK for men to cry.
Nov 2018 · 407
Trinidad is just a shadow
Dimitri Ali Nov 2018
I weep for my country,
Once amazing now fallen,
The twin islands of T&T.
Don't sin or you'd go to hell,
This we've been preached so we know,
How is it a third world country where people can afford super cars,
Still have kids starving in the ghetto?

To me this is hell,
They say you'd burn in fire for all eternity,
I'm not afraid because they burn people in trunks of cars in my country.
The rob the rich or the moderately well off even in their homes,
What do the authorities do ?
They deploy a special task force to find a politician's son's phone.

We once held pride in the fact that we were united!
Indian African Chinese and all in between.
Now my people stand segregated,
I hate it I hate it all, all that I've seen.

Politicians steeling money,
No big surprise there,
But a prime minister who for his people doesn't have a care.
Since he ascended to power,
He's been everywhere else except T&T,
Never a word in times of tragedy.

They say it loudly and proudly we are trinis!
There once was a strong pride attached to that statement,
Now for me it breaks my heart because it fills me with resentment.

There's nothing to be proud of,
Guns drugs and ****** paint our national flag,
As the just as guilty politicians pretend to blind and think they're above,
You could find it all in Trinidad and Tobago except love.

Political parties slew the names of one another,
Separating us by race,
While there is continuoust cold hearted murders,
The police claim to be doing all they can and lieing to your face.

They hide the criminals they promote injustice,
The big bad wolves in blue,
Yet arrest students of a university protesting against **** on their campus, they are here doing something, which is more than what can be said about all of you.

You can't trust politics,
What else is new,
Neither the police,
Who do you turn too?
While they battle for money, for power for votes,
We are out in the floods with nothing, not even a rain coat.
We see the bloodshed the hardship and the tears,
while you're cuddled up in your mansions we live with the fear.

My country was once amazing,
Bright full of culture and life,
The steel pan, calypso music and a bond that binds the blood.
Instead of fear and death there was a flood,
A flood of undieing passion it was once amazing,
To me now Trinidad isn't even worth seeing.
Oct 2018 · 434
A friend
Dimitri Ali Oct 2018
You said to me I attract broken people,
Our friendship is proof that deep down you feel broken too.
It hides behind your brown eyes and bright smile,
It hides behind the little things that make you.

I don't know why the broken are attracted to me,
Because deep down I'm broken too.
Not many people see the pieces,
Its a short list of individuals that include you.

I'm strong I swear it even with the tears in my eyes and my face buried in my palms I swear it,
I'm strong,
And I know you are too,
You're just broken by people for being you.

You feel how others feel,
Because its wired within you directly to the core,
It is at times the source of your suffering but you can only be you nothing more.

You are under appreciated,
I know how that feels,
You wanna yell out at the top of your voice, " please care for me!"
But they never do so all that's left is for you to heal.

I was wrong to think the parts of me that were unique were flaws because they were strange,
You are perfect just as you are so don't do what I did, please never change!
Sep 2018 · 18.7k
Love yourself
Dimitri Ali Sep 2018
Look in the mirror and tell me what you see,
Is your smile weird, maybe its the shape of your face, what about your teeth?
Do some seem out of place?
You're no different from me, I look in the mirror all the time,
Even when I don't need to or when its not wort it.
What do I see ? I see the same as you, all things that I deem to make me less than perfect.
You see we're unhappy with ourselves,
Things we've been taught can be fixed with a product on a shelf,
Somewhere in an isle that feeds off our desire to look flawless.
Yet all we do is buy more and learn to love ourselves less.
What is self love ?
Do you even know where to start?
I don't but I believe that with all love it comes from the heart.
You see we compliment people who talk theirselves down,
But we can't compliment ourselves yet sometimes we give it all to erase a frown.
We're not incapable of loving, you an me.
We're just too blind to see, that we deserve our love too, to be as happy as can be.
Sep 2018 · 208
Dimitri Ali Sep 2018
Everything changes around us,
The moon fades as the sun rises.
The rain eventually stops,
And the silence is broken by noises.
A calm ocean of tranquil waters turns rough,
As we grow older a peaceful carefree life turns tough.
The leaves of the trees once green and blowing a stray,
Eventually turn to brown, wilt and blow away.
The lights of the city that we see as through life we run,
Eventually turn off one by one.
Everything changes no matter what we do,
The sad thing is sometimes people change too.
Aug 2018 · 151
Dimitri Ali Aug 2018
It was said,
In stories told to those who lay to rest,
That Zeus created us with four of each limb and a single head,
With two faces, mankind at its best.

But fearful he grew,
At the strength of his creation,
Each man split into two,
Scattered about that very nation.

And so we live,
We search to find,
A piece of us not left behind.

But apart from us till this very date,
Hence was forged the term, ' soulmate.'
Jun 2018 · 305
When I become a father
Dimitri Ali Jun 2018
When I become a father,
I'd hold you close and play with your tiny fingers,
When I become a father,
My love for you will never fade it will forever linger.
I'd buy you dolls and Barbie's dream home,
Even when I'm away you'd never be alone.
I'd rush home from work just to tuck you into bed,
Wish you sweet dreams and kiss your little head.
When you start school on the very first day,
I hold your hand, walk you in because daddy loves you princes, please do what your teachers say.
When you succeed I'd be there to praise because I'd be your biggest fan.
And if you fail I'd cry too my love, hug you and hold your hand.
When you get older and fall in love for the first time,
I'd get jealous but you're my daughter, my baby girl, you'd always be mine.
When you experience your first broken heart and feel like its all going to end,
I'd take you for junk food and ice cream just to see that broken heart mend.
On the day you get married I'd cry the most but with a smile,
Just know I'd be seeing that little girl playing with dolls in my mind as you walk down that aisle.
I'd hope you come to visit more than often enough,
Pick up the phone and call me when life gets to rough.
I'd love you even if you're too busy,
My love, my life, my daughter , my baby.
Jun 2018 · 294
Seven brothers
Dimitri Ali Jun 2018
I remembered the good old days,
The fights and fun that came in many ways.
There were seven of us back then.
Seven saints and sinners, seven brothers, seven friends.

R.M. you were the first to leave,
Bewitched by her lips,
Our warnings you didn't head,
Misguided by pleasures of the hips.

A.L. seems like you followed soon after,
Your memory replaced by badly timed jokes and complacent laughter.
I still see you around now and then,
But we're more like strangers who were never friends.

D.D. perhaps you leaving hurt the most.
As a friend you were true,
Believe me my brother we all tried,
But we were young and neither of us was capable of saving you.

J.H. I've known you for years,
You cried once in that time and I caught your tears.
You were a true brother till that day,
You slept with her, is there more I should say?

J.R. I'd protect you when push comes to shove,
But it kills me to know that you're the one who runs from love.
As a friends you're one of the best,
Believe me when I say,
But you keep secrets like the rest,
You broke me just as J.H. did on that same day.

M.R. when it comes to being a brother you are.
No matter the words how few nor the distance how far.
I've trust many a person who has filled me with regret,
But you haven't betrayed me, not ever, not yet.
But with my life I'd die by your side,
Because out of them all you're worth your weight in gold,
By these words I abide,
May god bless your soul.

Seven of us like brothers,
Back to back and faces towards the world.
Seven sinners and saints seven brothers,
A single soul.
Seven pieces now scattered,
Lies tainted us all.
Seven souls by secrets tattered,
Seven brothers who faced the fall.
Mar 2018 · 277
Broken glass
Dimitri Ali Mar 2018
Broken glass lay on my bed,
Near the pillow where I lay my head,
I try to touch but it shatters more,
Broken glass lay on my bed.

Broken glass i speak to,
With a mind that is reflective,
Broken glass responds,
With words so defensive.

Broken glass lay next me,
When I open my eyes, that I see.
Broken glass lay on my bed,
Near the pillow where I rest my head.
Dec 2017 · 375
Generic World
Dimitri Ali Dec 2017
It seems like I'm destined,
To relive my decisions again and again,
You know, myself I sometimes question,
All the answers are the same.

Have you ever felt like its all stuck on repeat?
Different decisions with the same outcome, the same beat.

Is it that most people are generic?
Made in the factory of what's popular and new music?
Where is the heart amongst these one size fits all people?
Where is the genuine kindness of a smile that's so simple?

Is it the fault of the victim ?
Who seaked difference in a world so mondaying.
Maybe its because they all dance to the same rhythm,
That's why there's no difference in their sayings.

Don't blame yourself, because I won't blame me,
When we live in a world of puzzle pieces and all are the same.
Be who you are with the joy, that You can genuinely see,
Just let the generic people play the "game"
Oct 2017 · 200
Old fashion
Dimitri Ali Oct 2017
Forgive me if I'm old fashion,
But I still open doors for a lady,
I prefer written letters than text and pictures, maybe.

Forgive me if I'm old fashion,
But I believe in simplicity,
All the makeup, all the prep, all for what?
In simplicity there is beauty.

Don't forgive me! I'm old fashion,
I'd love you before we venture to bed,
I'd know your favorite food, all your different smiles and what goes on in your head.
To me there's more to life when you're old fashioned,

Respect and love that's true,
So don't forgive me because I'm old fashioned,
I forgive you.
Oct 2017 · 265
Dismal overthinking
Dimitri Ali Oct 2017
I sat and pondered,
Helplessly wondered,
As I sat, sat upon my bedroom floor.
The clock ticked as time trickled,
My mind seem so fickle,
Helplessly wondered as I sat on the shore.
I walked I fumbled,
Cluelessly stumbled,
Lost in my mind, my mind oh so sore.
At last she came a knocking,
Her voice I heard  singing,
Tap tap upon my bedroom door.
Right beside me,
She sat so quietly,
She and I upon the floor.
Silence grew thicker,
The sun dimmed and flickered,
Quietly sitting, leaned against my bedroom door.
Day to weeks we sat and pondered,
In my mind we wondered,
Sitting by the shore,
Time trickled,
My mind seemed fickle,
Forever wondering upon the floor.
Oct 2017 · 245
Forever More
Dimitri Ali Oct 2017
He was a weird kid wasn't he?,
Hood pulled over his head in class as he scribbled,
Always buried in a book never lifted his head to see,
Didn't care even if the teacher just rambled.

Heard him crying one day,
He sat in the desk behind mine,
Kept saying I wish I could take it back I wish I could rewind.
Saying he didn't mean to say it,
My dad wasn't even driving that far,
Another drunk driver rammed his car,
I remember the fight before,
The things he said to do,
My last words to him,
Were, I hate you.
I'd bare that forever more.

Pretty eyes, the right shade of blue,
Bleach blonde hair but she'd never notice you,
She's not stuck up or cruel in any way,
She's quite, politely smiles but has nothing to say.
She sat next to me in class,
Hair tied band on her wrist.
Stretched to grab papers when I saw the slits,
I looker her and she paused,
Turned to me said,
I recently found out I have cancer,
My step mom said I'm better off dead.
She feels that pain sometimes she'd crouch up on the floor,
Her burden to bare forever more.

You come home to find the pills on the counter,
You freeze just for a minute and start to wonder,
What's wrong with the picture.
You call your mom but she doesn't answer you,
That's when you see the envelopes with everything screaming past due.
She took her own life,
You see now the stress she wore,
Its too late now she's gone, forever more.
Oct 2017 · 183
Who am I
Dimitri Ali Oct 2017
I write what I feel on the inside,
I guess that's why my poems are mostly sad.
They only know my being from the outside,
To them I'm all good and no bad.

Even if they asked me,
I won't be able to respond,
Because I haven't seen who I am.
I feel like a wayward soul searching for a bond.

To me my life seems like a poison,
And here I am searching for a cure,
In the arms of the hollow who whisper,
Forever more.

I'd figure it out one day,
Who I am, really,
I'd figure me out someday,
Maybe then life shall be easy.
Sep 2017 · 366
Dimitri Ali Sep 2017
She said to me,
You'd be fine, time heals all wounds.
Yet for the first six months,
I sat alone thinking you'd come home soon.
Home! Where my heart sleeps,
Tossing and turning,
Where tears cascade down my cheeks.

She said its been a year now,
Why do you still feel this way,
I sat on the phone with my head bowed,
And murmered what do you want me to say?
I loved you even after all the pain,
All the drama all the stress,
Even when they beat you I held you,
I did my best!

Maybe I'm just old fashion,
Thinking that what we had was love,
All the battles we fought were tough,
I'm stupid because I hold on,
Even though I have had enough.

There are still pieces of me gone,
Its harder some days to breathe,
But I feel pieces of you that linger on,
To forget is all I need.
Sep 2017 · 192
Heartless Soulless
Dimitri Ali Sep 2017
Tell me this,
How do you look at someone and crush them?
The same person you kissed.
How do you feel knowing your words can wreck,
We're playing poker you and I,
Me with snakes and ladders and you with a stacked deck.
Tell me,
Do you think about what you're going to say?
Say to me when you call and I answer for the first time in close to 100 days.
I loved you once didn't I ?
Held your head dried your tears as you cried.
We slept together me and you,
Why tell me what you and that guy did even if its true.
Hell I thought I was fine life's been great,
Yet when I see your number I know I'd get hurt but I answer on a leap of faith.
I'm stupid you see,
Because I'm broken but I'd fix your dam problems,
Hell do you care to fix me?
Guess not or else you'd never call,
But don't you worry I'd be fine,
I'd fall,  but I'd be OK again in time.
Forgive me because in this poem I ramble,
My soul is a mess my chest is on fire and my mind a bit scrambled,
But I'd be OK because I'd lock it all away in this poem lock it all away with a rhyme,
Don't worry your heartless soul about me I'd be fine in time.
Aug 2017 · 498
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
Kissing her neck as she moans softly,
Lips along her back ever so gently,
The touch of fingertips,
The lock of her soft lips.

The heavy breathing in and out,
The whimpers that grow to shouts,
Her eyes as she chokes back the screams,
An endless time or so it seems.

The bite marks upon my chest,
Her nails buried deeply as we slow to rest,
Loud moans as they grow to a whisper,
On held breath her body quivers.

Leans in closer as I do,
A kiss on the lips followed by the whispered,
I love you.
Aug 2017 · 153
The view from outside
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
I saw you that day in the car park,
Waving your arms, crying on the phone in the front seat of your car bearing your heart,
To a man that doesn't care,
I've seen you and him mostly everywhere.

You see you've never noticed me,
I live a couple streets before,
Same school for years but you never see.
I worked at the restaurant he asked you out too passing near the washroom when you were crying against a stall door.

I've seen him too,
With other girls around,
Rejecting your call saying he doesn't talk to you,
I guess it is as heart breaking as it sounds.

I spoke to you one day just long enough to say hi,
You smiled as you waved and walked off to his car saying that's my ride,
So I mumbled bye,
And swallowed my pride.

I guess its nice to have your eyes light up for someone,
But what's it like when their eyes light up for everyone?
Does it matter how he treats you,
Are his words all lies or are they true,
I could tell you one thing tho,
He doesn't love you.

I've seen him,
And I've seen you,
A soft hearted girl with a heartless guy,
You've only just begun for you have many more tears to cry.
Aug 2017 · 179
Creatures of pride
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
What if we looked at someone and see,
Not what's on the outside but instead their inner beauty.
Then it won't matter,
The color of their eyes or skin,
For their outer beauty would shatter,
By the ugly beasts within.
That gorgeous girl with the needle straight hair and all those likes on Facebook,
If we saw her for who she really was I bet she won't get a second look.
What about that guy with the perfect jawline,
His outer beauty is like a rainbow,
Yet on the inside he doesn't even shine.
Truth is we can all see it we see it all,
But it doesn't matter because we still fall,
Still love and still break,
Still cry and still take,
We still try and still fake,
We prefer someone who looks good by our side,
Its true that most of us are creatures of pride.
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
I see her lying there like the world doesn't exist with her broken wings,
My weakness plays on me like a child with a new drum my urge to fix things,
So I pulled her to her feet and held her close to ease the cold,
Her head buried in my shoulder, I felt naked soul to soul.
She sits in front me tears in her eyes,
Broken wings,
She cries.
I fixed her as I always do stitching each one with string,
String straight from my heart,
From me,
My being my soul I strip apart.
Bit bit I take to give,
To her for a smile a laugh, for her to live.
When its over and done I'm less than who I was not a sound I utter, nothing to say,
And just as most things we give it all for she stood up and flew away.
Aug 2017 · 541
Beauty In Death
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
Hush! They're sleeping,
Below the grass,
Not a single heart beating.
The silence a comfort,
With the whisper of the wind,
Here they lie,
The rich, the poor, the saints and the sinned.

Their lives portrayed,
On concrete slabs,
Monuments a story of time,
As simple as a date and even taken before their time.

So much chaos amongst the living,
All these issues, and pain lay about.
Yet there's peace amongst the dead,
For they aren't even allowed word of mouth.

Silence! Just sit and clear your soul.
There's a warmth in this place,
Though bodies run cold.
For their makers they have all met,
But in sadness there's that moment of peace, the beauty found in death.
Aug 2017 · 577
She is wild!
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
She is wild!
Isn't she?
With the eyes that capture,
Her smile is simplicity!
Who is she?
A question so profound,
The gods had no answer,
She's left she's right she's up and she's down.
But she is who she is,
Driven by passion her joy is like music,
Her laughs intoxicates,
Her being is amazing yet so simplistic.
She's wild isn't she,
A soul that can't be tamed.
Trapping her a sin,
She is beauty as a roaring fire but death as a bottled flame.
Aug 2017 · 314
Heart over mind
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
A war of heart and mind,
Oh the decisions that trifle!
My mind armed with its thoughts,
My heart armed with a rifle.
A one sided battle.

I am a slave to my desire,
What my mind wants is ignored,
A curse I say upon myself,
For my heart's logic is always flawed.

Listen! My mind says,
For it'll be the end if you don't.
Forgive them! Forgive them all says the heart,
I'd heal you even if they don't.

I'd cut you out!
This heart of mine, so I'd never look back,
Take control of me my mind, all feelings fade to black.
As cold as the wind,
At the peak of winters rage a godless day.
A heartless person stands,
Thoughts erratic, heart........ With nothing to say.

Free I am! No feelings to distract.
Or am I really free?
I see her and in a single moment, thump! thump! it all comes rushing back.
Aug 2017 · 160
Unity amongst us
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
There are so many things that sperate,
Religion, creed, race, jealousy and hate,
Even politics tear us apart,
We think we're bounded by our views,
No were bounded by our heart.

We hate because we're head strong,
The difference amongst our fellow man,
His religion is different from mine so he's wrong,
I'd correct him if I can,
Your beliefs make you who you are,
I'm not here to disagree,
But each religion teaches love and to hold people near not far,
Yet we ignore that fact and choose not to see.

So what he's black and you're white,
Red still flows in your veins,
We're all human beings yet over color we fight,
That's the true shame.
This life is too short to hate,
What you do can put a smile on a face
The life you live so many can't relate,
Yet we won't help because of race.

Why focus on what separates,
While the world is sick we don't have the cure but we're capable of immunity,
Stop the racism stop the judgment stop the hate,
Focus on loving thy brother, trust and unity.
Aug 2017 · 281
Secret queen
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
She has many masks upon her wall,
For every mask a different emotion, a different face, she has them all,

When she needs to be happy,
She wears a mask with a smile,
Its not perfect,
But it tricks them for a while,

When she's sad,
She wears a mask with a frown,
She owns many masks,
But not a single crown.

She hides behind them,
Day in and day out,
A smile, a laugh, a cry, a scream,
A shout.

You see you'd never know how she really feels,
She's broken inside but she's trying to heal,
She has many masks,
But none for when she feels beautiful,
She doesn't think that feeling is possible.
Maybe that's why her favorite mask is one with a frown,
You all can see her how you want,
But all I'd see is a queen without a crown.
Aug 2017 · 685
You died.
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
The day you died I remember,
In a blistering heat,
An instant winter.
I felt the hollowness,
That drowning feeling,
I couldn't breathe,
My heart was sinking.

Do you remember when we stayed up all night?
I'd just look at you there,
Sometimes I'd wake up at 3 a.m.,
Still feels like you're here.

What do we do?
When the innocence isn't innocent anymore!
Do we move on and smile?
Even though inside we're crying on the floor.

I remembered the day you died,
I died too.
I'm just a shell of what once was.
Not even a shade of blue,
But grey that's fading,
Fading to black.
All the colors left this world with you,
To me they're never coming back.

— The End —