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Dimitri Ali May 25
We cya do what we wah do,
Everybody have something tuh say.
When yuh try tuh try and try yuh best,
Yuh make next to nothing at the end of the day.

Meh empty bed does laugh at me,
De late hours of de night,
Spent leaned over de work desk being whipped by worries.
Just to get those blue bills that sweet sight.

Yuh see meh fren, slavery is alive and well,
It does just wear a suit and ride in luxary,
Yuh does be quick to buy wah it sell.
Modern day slavery is why we go continue to live in poverty.

Argue amongst we selves as tuh who better,
The 'coolie indian' or the 'hard back creole'
PNM or the UNC,
We argue as to who is de biggest *******,
But them making ******* outta all ah we.

Watch de high prices, de crime, an de struggle,
Yuh feel they give ah dam about we,
Lemme tell yuh, is you fuh you an I fuh I an we go never be we.
Dem hav we so, can't even afford ah nuggle.

Buh we does fett de hardest tho,
We does wine the baddest tho,
We does horn down to the dog tho,
An nobody does do carnival like we!
Ah pride dat is always by yuh side nationwide!

We does take pride in de wrong ting,
We does **** one another, theif and cheat one another.
While Dem ha we like slaves still,
And we grinding slow but still,
We does grind in the old slave mill.
A poem written in Trinidadian creole about segregation and modern slavery from a trini's perspective.
Dimitri Ali Apr 28
We are all broken people,
Breaking people.
One big domino effect,
Glass dominoss, fragile people filled with neglect.

You'd break me, then I'd break a girl,
And she'd break someone else,
Its the breaking cycle of the world.

Like every other cycle that exists,
Is as real as this.
The cycle of pain Reminding us for a brief,
Some how making us human, relief,
From our heartless actions,
You know the ones we always fail to mention.

The bad mark that we think makes us bad people, unfit for a mention.
Bad actions do not make a bad person, bad people are those with bad intentions.
We all make mistakes, karma hunts us all,
For the ones we've broken, the ones we kicked after their fall.

Pain will come,
One way or another,
You pay the price for you or your brother,
Pain will come.

Falling to your knees when the cycle comes back,
Its never a great plan of attack.
Pain will not pity you or believe your lies,
When pain comes it's up to you to face it, tears in your eyes.
Dimitri Ali Mar 11
With every crack of the whip,
I loose a part of me.
With every part lost,
I feel like there is less of me to be.
A magnet this whip,
As it seems to draw my memories.
The torment of those moments,
End it please.
I face portions of my life,
Portions forgotten, buried in the crypt.
I see the scars, the tears,
Please end it.
Terrified of the battles,
The battles with demons long gone,
But with each crack of that whip,
They all seem to live on.
It feels like...
Dimitri Ali Dec 2019
I'm depressed about a lot,
The who what when and the buts.
It depresses me,
The fantasies of things that once were but now can never be.
The fact that I include my best friend in every single adventure,
But he won't pick up the phone to see if I'm doing better.
I can't blame him though,
Just wished I meant more.
Can't really say what's on my mind,
Feels like nothing and everything at the same time.
Took 4 years to get a 2 year diploma,
Stings to see everyone way out infront yuh.
There's alot more that's there,
But these feelings set it and I just don't care so let's end here
Dimitri Ali Dec 2019
Soft and sweet the symphony,
As soft and sweet as it will ever be.
As calming as diamonds blue,
A whisper beyond what's true.

Simply sweet the harmony,
Sweet and simply you and me.
Falling stars create a bliss,
A hazy fog soon becomes this.

Shattered glass an echo's cry,
Boken pieces of dreams never fly.
An ashy grey mist upon the sun set,
A flustered chime to echo yet.
Love and its lifespan
Dimitri Ali Dec 2019
Someone approached me today,
About my poems they had something to say.
As they expressed,
Their feelings of admiration,
I stood perplexed,
As I was incapable of reacting in this situation.
People read these poems,
Line by line,
A mechanism to cope,
Relics of my life, a forgotten time.
I've never seen my rhymes as something great,
But instead as my way to banish the hate.
To banish the pain, the sadness, the sorrows,
To wash clean this stain, to hope for brighter tomorrows.
My poetry for me has never been something to admire,
But it has always been my hope that they could make someone's day a bit brighter.
Dimitri Ali Sep 2019
Pieces scattered on the floor,
Pieces scattered nothing more.
Upon these pieces people step,
Upon these pieces filled with regret.
All these pieces on the floor I see,
All these pieces, pieces of me.
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