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Dimitri Ali Sep 25
Pieces scattered on the floor,
Pieces scattered nothing more.
Upon these pieces people step,
Upon these pieces filled with regret.
All these pieces on the floor I see,
All these pieces, pieces of me.
Dimitri Ali Sep 11
I want to show the monster that I am,
The darkest of fires that rage within my heart,
To show the monster and for once not be calm,
The monster and me, they can't tell apart.

I want to set that monster free,
That monster that sits on my left side.
I want that monster to take over me,
Then they'd know why I hide.

I'd keep calm though,
Keep him caged for reasons beyond me.
I'd smile and think happy thoughts so they'd never know,
And that monster they'd never see.

But I want too, I really want him out,
So I'd be the puppeteer,
Dance! Jump! Shout!
Hahaha hahahaha.... and I would not care.

I would not care who is left in the aftermath,
Who was hurt along the way,
I'd laugh hahaha and lower my hat,
I've been trapped my entire life so now hear what I say.

A twisted mind,
Tortured by a caged beast,
A hefty fine,
To pay to never be at ease.
Sanity or sanctuary,
Me or them,
My personal demon or my family and friends.
Dimitri Ali Sep 6
There's a wall that stands between,
A wall that can not be seen.
A wall of silence,
A wall of compliance,
A wall that stands between.

I feel the ties,
I hide the lies.
A yearning touch,
That brings the rush,
A silent voice that hides the cries.

There is a wall between us,
Unsaid words and thoughts between us.
A single kiss upon your lips,
Gentle hands around your hips,
But there is a wall between us.
Dimitri Ali Aug 19
When will my peace come?
When would I be at ease instead of far from?
When would these tides subside?
When will peace by my heart abide?
When will fires die?
When will rest my head to lie?
When will tears not fall?
When will this storm heed its call?
When will my soul ravish in simplicity?
When will my mind rid its negativity?
When will peace lay beside me?
When will calm my eyes to see?
When will I proclaim to be,
With peace within and for me.
Dimitri Ali Aug 15
Beyond the door that hangs the latch,
A shining light my eye to catch.
Fading in and out, a haze,
The broken pieces in her eyes,
Emotions puzzled like a maze,
Solem sorries she cries.
Its not her fault, just a moment frozen in time.
Its not her fault yet she apologises, the fault is all mine.

Beyond the door fitted in to wall,
I see the lights of the chandelier,
As people dance a carefree scent fills that hall,
As she sits next to me while people speak of us and how they never doubted we'd reach here.
The cake towers,
As minutes fade to hours.
I look into her eyes, eyes so true,
I look into her eyes and utter, I do.

Beyond the door,
Through my eyes,
A screen's dim light blinds me in the dark,
As my fingers tap the keys I think,
Would I cry?
Would I laugh?
Would I always wonder how?
The door to my past,
The door to my future,
And lastly the door to my now.
The mind is an amazing thing, able to view the past, hope for the future all whole we're surviving in the now.
Dimitri Ali Jul 1
We are self destructive creatures of habit,
Like Alice in wonder land, a chase to catch the white rabbit.
Like robots we march day to day on a linear path we refuse to scatter,
And as the small minded do, we all condem the mad hatter.

We all read the story,
You know, that one with the magic red slippers and Dorothy.
Take head to the lessons because we all live, no! We all the survive the best way we can,
Without hearts and love just like the tin man.
Like idiots we are we take abuse, our silence means compliance, means we yearn for more,
Some of us are like the scarecrow, our heads filled with straw.

But who am I to condem?
I lived for love like that which exists in the beauty and the beast,
Dreaming one day a girl would love me for me, a dreams that never seems to cease.
Some girls take Cinderella a bit too much to heart,
Longing for the handson Prince to sweep them away, she was basically a slave you know, or did you forget that part.

These fairy tales made us,
They shaped us,
Their forgotten lessons now serve to condem us.
Everything in the life has a purpose,
Realizing what that is is solely up to us.
Dimitri Ali Jun 18
I'm not mad that people won't know the truth,
The reason behind why you had to go.
I am mad little cousin, that you left before you had a chance to know.
To know that we all love you.
Your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother,
My mom your aunt she was like your second mother,
Your cousins, we miss you too.
For christ sake I just wish you knew.

You left behind more than what words said,
More than what eyes have seen,
Left it all behind at the age of 19.
Forgive me because out of all your cousins I'm the oldest,
I loved and respected you, I hope you died knowing this.

Remember the drinks that cheered our glasses?
The 'sup cuzz' that signaled our passes
On the street everyday because you lived next door,
Dam it kills to know that I won't see or hear you anymore.

You had a crown tattooed on your chest,
The symbol, a badge of a real king.
I'd wear your badge too, give a moment of silence while I cheers with friends, I'd hear the angels sing.
Rest now cousin, my brother, my family,
Though gone in body your spirit shall stay beside me.
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