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19.2k · Apr 2014
Your smile
Dallas Allen Apr 2014
every time i see your smile
a small reminder of the denial
i am in, denial of the fact
that i still crave your touch....
.....what you guys think? any advice?
10.9k · Aug 2014
your smile
Dallas Allen Aug 2014
I miss your smile, that lights up your
face, the way you roll your eyes
at my lame jokes. I can't wait for your return
this afternoon. I wonder how this meeting will go,
have i chosen the correct option you gave me?
Or will I be making my first mistake.
3.4k · Jul 2013
what happened to our society
Dallas Allen Jul 2013
if you do not want to talk to someone
you used to have the ***** to say it,
if i am annoying or bothering, then tell me and i will leave you the hell alone
but do not be a cowardly pathetic pleb and get your boyfriend to
tell me you want left alone on facebook
what happened to you, and what happened to society

me and you used to be close, i was there when
everyone else turned there back and made fun of you
i stayed there and took the crap everyone gave me for it
and didn't give a single sh*t, and then you get a new boyfriend
as well as three friends with benefits and you want me to leave you alone
well i'm glad you don't have time to be my friend when i
broke up with three girls, got in a fight and took a lecture from my entire family
and still stayed at your back,
i am tired of this, when do you get friends that are as loyal to you as you are to them
2.9k · Dec 2013
Dallas Allen Dec 2013
you know whats annoying
have to get up every sunday
and go to a place where
people try to belittle your beliefs

threatening hell if you do not
submit to there corrupt ways,
and interpretations of one of
the many holy texts,

so this is why i do not want to go
to that place, i hate it
all i am allowed to do
is bite my tongue, grit my teeth

but it makes you happy
it seems, when i pretend
to be glad, pretend i want
to be there, when in reality

every second there eats me alive
2.6k · Sep 2014
Couple hours
Dallas Allen Sep 2014
In only a couple hours I will be seventeen
This all feels different then a year ago. I have a different girlfriend
I have different hair, more open views
But all I am missing is you.
Rest in peace my friend.
2.3k · Apr 2014
Dallas Allen Apr 2014
This is Psychological chess
and i am two moves behind
i figured out your game
and you have figured out mine

Our knights are dead,
our bishops have fled
and so much has got to my head
but when will we look up and realize,
we are on the same side?

Our difference is your a queen
I am a king,
you are stronger and faster,
but i lead the team,

we are chess pieces of the same color
king am i, and you the queen
but sadly i do not know one thing
what does this mean?
1.9k · Mar 2014
Dallas Allen Mar 2014
She is back, the voice the feelings
all of her is back, is she here to stay?
Or to make me suffer till she goes away?
why do i keep dealing with human beings?

She must be back for revenge
she must feel worthy to avenge
her emotions, of to hell we go
hopefully my discomfort does not show

Going back to hiding my emotions
thoughts and feelings, the time has come
to go back to being apathetic,
my humanity, should i ignore it?

She always brings out the worst in me
how to beat her at her mind games
that is what needs to be done
time to go think I guess then
what you guys think?
1.9k · Aug 2013
Jealous, yea i am
Dallas Allen Aug 2013
your boyfriend should be glad your his
i wish he knew how lucky he is
to be yours and not the loser writing poems
do you make him feel at home?

does he have a past the binds him
to not do what others did to him?
does he only feel normal with you?
guess he is better for you

than i could ever be
why do i still want you with me?
why is it, i know you deserve better
but i want you still, yea you deserve better
Dallas Allen Aug 2013
walking down the path and who do i see
a girl who makes me wanna be
the guy she deserves, and that guy ism't me

so my first thought is what do i say
it needs to be something, but she takes my breathe away
she standing there so cute and sweet
being near her is a real treat,

we haven't talked in a few weeks,
and now my knees feel all weak
so she says "we haven't talked in a while", yea and since we stopped i feel dead
we hug and i don't remember what i said,

since then i have her stuck in my head
thinking bout my mistakes and feel like staying in bed
because now all the emotions i suppressed
about her have me depressed

it sounds lame and i guess it is,
but i just wish i knew what it is
that makes me feel this way
why is it when she is around i don't know what to say

lame i am, cause i can still feel that hug
and her  being so cute, but its just a hug
and i mean nothing to her,
of course i do not know this for sure

but i guess its better to move on
even if she is cute as a button
i will not linger around, i'll go away
i just wish i knew what words to say
alright any "fans", or anyone who reads my poems gets to pick the name, post a name and my fav one will be the title of it. hopefully this will be a successful weekly thing i do since i am now trying to do a poem a day
1.4k · Mar 2014
The hug
Dallas Allen Mar 2014
i asked for it in a moment of weakness,
so i got one, a simple hug that's all it was
to you at least, to me it was so much more
i wished it had lasted for ever,
but it also made me long for something more
Hey guys, whats up? i got some news for my friends on here that do not already know. i got into Theater for a semester !!! im so excited
1.3k · Sep 2014
Dallas Allen Sep 2014
She makes simple look extravagant
That sweet, simple smile makes me sound ignorant,
it inhibits my speech, and makes me look so goofy.
She looks so beautiful, in that simple blue hoodie.
Well BC hope you like this,....
1.2k · Mar 2014
Hello Poetry
Dallas Allen Mar 2014
Poetry is expression of self,
but it is not one a major
social network, it is here
this peaceful place of nice people

Self expression with words,
not with some stupid Facebook
status or a tweet, not a tumblr
or Google-plus, just Hello poetry

this place is amazing,
full of life, full of hope
full of.....writers
so why can't we expand this site?

Let people know its here
let the masses know that you
can express yourself through writing
wouldn't it be amazing

to wake up and log on
and see all your friends
do something productive
and fun like post a poem
not a half naked pic
what you guys think, and this site has changed my life... just saying
1.2k · Nov 2014
Dallas Allen Nov 2014
What are we deserving of?
Not of hate that I will write
Of on a later date, but tonight
I mean love,

People say we deserve the love we allow
Ourselves to receive but others
Think we deserve what we receive and yet
There are those who think we deserve so much more

But I do not know what I deserve or
What others do, I just know that now
You are one who deserves so much better
You are so loving and kind,
Someone that deserves someone better
Then I.
Well a friends poem inspired this poem and got me thinking about love.
1.1k · Apr 2014
Four letter word
Dallas Allen Apr 2014
a simple word  that used to be
meaningless, then i met you
and it all changed
that four letter word now means
thank you for all the good
you do to me, and a reminder
that for better or worse
i am yours dear
i love you
1.1k · Aug 2013
haha hehe i am glad i am me
Dallas Allen Aug 2013
haha hehe i am glad i am me
if i was him i would have you
and we were never meant to be
my heart for you just isn't true

Yea i be your spies are telling you about me
and what i am saying about your lies
i lost friends and sleep cause of how you try to be
guess they do not see the evil behind your eyes

their mistake not mine
and dang how you aren't fine
its only a matter of time
before your turn to dine

in hell without all your friends to protect you from the cold
maybe this will only happen when you are old
but deserved it will be
dang i am glad to be me

haha hehe i am glad i am me
if i was him i would have you
and we were never meant to be
my heart for you just isn't true

To your unlucky mate
when she asked you to date
you should have said no
but what do i know

just rember that man
I'll be there for you as a friend
if you ever become in need
and not cause it be a good deed

but because your a good guy
and i wouldn't even let you die
if it is within my powers
down till my last hours
i wish you the best
and you past your true test


now yes i know that you cheated on me,
and i cannot really care
because i know that i am finally free
and life is life and its normally fair

so when your spies
are busy spreading your lies
and finally report this to you
know the with you i am through

with the lies you tell everyone
and laughing at your stupidity
and i am going to have fun
so later  ;)
the things i come up with on the bus XD
1.1k · Apr 2013
Dallas Allen Apr 2013
I could describe her physically, but that would be to easy
She is beautiful, and takes my breath away
The hard part is describing her personality
This is difficult because when i go to speak to her, my tongue refuses to work for the day
guys this is describing a problem i have, and yes i known this is a terrible stanza, but I'm new at this so what the hell, haha
1.1k · Dec 2013
Dallas Allen Dec 2013
merry Christmas, enjoy your gifts
stand under mistletoe with you crush
give your happiness a lift
and let this give you a rush

i hope you get what you desire
and what you wish for
stay warm by a fire
and have gifts piled on the floor

tell me what you want and got
so i can congratulate you my friends
i only wish i could be what i'm not
so i could be the guy she needs

or be the one she wants
to be with under the mistletoe
her kiss, i would love to taste i want
to feel her embrace me, though

we both know this will not happen
so enjoy your holidays
and message me when you can until then
i will be here, writing the ****** poems thinking of ways

to get her, Merry Christmas
I wish you all the best
and you get your love's caress
because the best gift is love, there's no contest
comment what you want for Christmas and what you got, happy holidays.
1.0k · Sep 2014
Dallas Allen Sep 2014
Well i am slightly confused
I got dumped, but no reason stated
well stuff happens i guess
Well i have no clue why i got dumped but i guess it doesn't matter.
1.0k · Jan 2014
bio poem
Dallas Allen Jan 2014
Jedidah Lay
Sadistic, Apathetic, Honest
Son of Nick Lay
Lover of Writing War, Weaponology
Who feels hate, apathetic, and useless
who fears our societies stupidity, stupid people breeding, and immortality.
Would Like Death, Apocalypse, WW3
Resident of no where for long
1.0k · Jul 2013
i am so tired of this
Dallas Allen Jul 2013
day after day it all goes on without end
girls telling the nice guys they wanna be friends
but then some ******* walks up
and she takes him and his ****,
these girls make nice guys feel like a *****-up
well girls take this as you will, and pay attention to this bit
cause after you date a ***, you say" i want to date a nice guy"
no nice guy will date you cause you make them feel unwanted
whoever reads this and knows me, i wrote this poem not because i am a good guy, but because i see so many people get put in the friendzone, i am the a**hole that gets most girls, instead of the guys that deserve them, so girls please wake up and see that guys like me are not worth your time, and the guys you have in the friendzone, are worth your time
968 · Sep 2013
Dallas Allen Sep 2013
i am the hypocrite,
whatever i will take that title
might as well, i would take any hit
to keep your *** safe, and i still would

but we are both *******
with good reason to be
you just bail on us to hang with the new people
but what about me

and your other friends you bailed on
and then come back when you are lonely
but ***** it, i am tired of be walked on
you act all innocent, and you will go complain

and whine to your "friends" about
this, and i really do not care,
you and most of my problems are now
out of my hair

your not my problem now,
and do not expect forgiveness,
because you will receive none,
and neither will i,
962 · Mar 2014
My nickname
Dallas Allen Mar 2014
it is not my name but it represents to me
being humble, obedient, and subservient
that is not me, i am not that nickname
i am not everything it represents
from my past, i am not that person any
more, so why should i keep the name of him?

now I am disobedient, rebelious and i speak
my mind, i say what others will not,
the truth that no one wants to here,
even when the lie is what should be said
i can not sit here and grit my teeth
i have to say what is on my mind
or I am nothing but a *******, that
could not even **** himself

so friends do not call me that
or our friendship will be terminated
i hate being reminded of that time,
i hate that i was so stupid
and i let myself be that person
920 · Mar 2014
Dallas Allen Mar 2014
What is mine? Nothing.
What do I deserve? Nothing
What are we entitled to? Death.
That is it, nothing else.

So why are we even here
why am I even here?
If i had never existed
He would still be alive

People died that would
still be alive, if i had not
been born then they
wouldn't have been there

because of me,
breathe, i need to breathe,
it should have been me
but i can not change it now

I got to move on
but I need help
but I am to stupid
to ask for it
hey guys how is everyone doing?
908 · Apr 2014
Dallas Allen Apr 2014
Others open up to me,
And let me know their feelings
The one thing i can not do
Hell I can't even tell my own feelings to me
people swear oaths that you can open up and just let you down
Dallas Allen Jul 2013
you stole my heart, and occupy my mind
i see other girls, and feelings for you is all i can find
being myself is what i attempt
but i know we are not meant,
so i will wait for you,
in case you start to like me to
815 · Mar 2014
Dallas Allen Mar 2014
how do you know if our fate
all comes down to a single date
to fall and fail
or to succeed, and prevail
what you guys think
805 · Sep 2013
Dallas Allen Sep 2013
am i trapped in a spell?
nope but trapped i a hell
i want something to feel, sides this hate
i will never escape this fate

because i refuse to,
i rather suffer then be without you
leaving this place means leave you
behind, but seeing you, this is true

makes me feel okay
and helps me through my ****** day
i am tired of understanding, my friends
because their problems come to no end

i want to be understood
but not by any  brotherhood
or some idiot, but wish to be yours
understood, and liked, just yours
what you guys think
801 · Sep 2013
fan pick, again XD
Dallas Allen Sep 2013
i like you
i respect you actually

so i stay quiet
so i do not
embarass you
and make you feel bad

because that is all i do
is be a failure,
i wish i was good enough for you
but me doing something right, would be a folk lure
what you guys think
784 · Sep 2013
jerk me around
Dallas Allen Sep 2013
**** me around
just throw my life upside down
everyone else does
don't ask me why it, its just cause

what the hell man
spin me around more,
let me look like a fan
i keep heading for the door

but get ****** back in
by you and your *******
by you and my "friend"
and friends, i'd rather be hit

in the face with a chair
i am am yelling at the sky
ripping out my hair
sometimes i just want to die

**** me around
just throw my life upside down
everyone else does
don't ask me why it, its just cause

you drive me insane
you can't make up your mind
i want some stability, not this pain
but this topsy tervy bull crap is all i can find

everyone make up you mind and pick
should i stay or should i go
should i leave or stick
around, man i don't know

**** me around
just throw my life upside down
everyone else does
don't ask me why it, its just cause
i wish i could find someone to provide me some dang stability
772 · Jul 2014
Dallas Allen Jul 2014
One and the same,
we are both opiates,
filling each other with a buzz,
while bringing each other down

Girls, just lead you on and play you
misguiding you with words that may be true
or may be a lie, may be garbage
"your just a chapter, time to turn the page"

make you feel worthless,
a waste
and regret missing them like you do
they destroy you emotionally

One and the same,
we are both opiates,
filling each other with a buzz,
while bringing each other down

Boys just misuse
and abuse
everyone around them
while hoping she doesn't forget em

they want a girls love
but treat her like crap, not a delicate dove
they want held, but push away
they abuse girls to feel better at the end of the day

loosing themselves in the fray
we call love, and swear feelings never sway

or fade away into nothingness
make you feel worthless,
and at fault,not good enough thoughtless

One and the same,
we are both opiates,
poisoning each other in the name of attraction
love, but its just a fatal distraction.
this poem i tried to format in a song format, what you think
769 · Jul 2014
Dallas Allen Jul 2014
You care?
You ignore me for months
then talk to me claiming love
and feelings of affection for me

try to get into my bed
then try to mess games with my head
try to manipulate me,
You care

thats why you try every way
possible to break the walls
that are there because of you
and blame me for your actions

and the scars on my skin
and mind, that are there
because of you,
so this is you caring?
Is this caring because i do not know at this point
760 · Oct 2013
wolf pack
Dallas Allen Oct 2013
we are the wolf pack
we are a group, a team
we are on the attack
but not how it would seem

we are attacking the grade scales
being top of the county
we are a wolf pack, we will not fail
we will receive the bounty

we are mostly rejects,
outcasts by nature
they think we are defects
and our structure

will fail, but we are the wolf pack without fail
we will win, 300 strong
so the pack will prevail
the pack will not go wrong
i dedicate this to my school. fellow classmates what you think?
754 · Mar 2014
Dallas Allen Mar 2014
a cute smile, a perfect smile
that hides your pain
and deception possibly
time to analyze you

to find out if you are
pained or a pain
all of this hidden behind
that cute, perfect smile
716 · May 2014
my friends last words
Dallas Allen May 2014
"don't let your heart
guide your head in a fight
or you will lose to the dark
before you even embark"
701 · Mar 2014
My Nemesis
Dallas Allen Mar 2014
Your not some person
Your my sister, your my exact
opposite, I am a disease
you are the cure
i am the light
you are the darkness
we are the oppistes born to destroy the other

your a vampire
******* away everyone's life
i am a werewolf destroying everything
when we collide next, it will be a beautiful destructive
event, but for now dear sister, happy birthday
tomorrow is my half sister's birthday, me and her are both evil, and destroy those around us that love each other, she betrays and lies, i tell the brutal truth and shut myself off to those that love me
676 · Sep 2013
Dallas Allen Sep 2013
Blood, leaks down my wrist
loving you is my only reason to exist
over joyed to be with you
order, and happiness if only it was true
**** it why do i want only you
664 · Sep 2013
fade to black
Dallas Allen Sep 2013
well i am sitting here with the knife
desperate, and lonely, i'm gonna end my life
a cut here, a cut there
knife sharp enough to split hair

my body goes slack,
i fall on my back
it looks like an attack,
but it doesn't fade to black

i stop cutting after that attempt
cause i guess my death isn't meant
i meet her and feel wanted
but i am still haunted

from the ghost of my past
how long will this last?
the memories of that hell
the come back, and you can't tell

cause i keep my emotions hid
and bottled and boxed up, and sealed with a lid
i meet her, and its good for awhile
and then it is like being in trial

we break up, and i am alone
to my thoughts that have the same tone,
i am worthless
i am useless

so i am sitting here with this knife
ready to end my pathetic life
if not bound by a promise, blood i would lack,
but now it all fades to black
...what you guys think.....
660 · Aug 2013
bottled up
Dallas Allen Aug 2013
bottled up inside,
my emotions that i hide
will i ever have you close at my side
sides a stupid bus ride

i wanna hold you
and kiss you
and get to

feel your lips on mine
bet it would feel divine
because it sounds lame but you are fine

i just wish i had the guts to say
hey its a nice day,
will you spend it with me?
but instead i leave you be

you make my heart skip a beat
when you joke with me i can feel the heat
build up in my face, i hope i don't blush
because you are my big crush

i wish you knew
because i swear, my heart is true
and all i want to do
is spend my time with you
639 · Sep 2013
Dallas Allen Sep 2013
i am anti-america
i am a racist
well i say thank you
i am the racist just because

i dislike the president
do you even ask why though?
it couldn't be cause i dislike his political stance
no it has to be his skin color i don't like

i am anti-american because i call the government
out when it does something wrong
i am suppose to sit in silence while our government
screws up in other nations and making sure our nation

gets more and more *******
my question is who is the
anti-american, me who calls out the government
or the person who sits in silence or covers up our nations ****-ups?
Dallas Allen Jun 2014
If it is our place to burn, then let me burn
if it our place to go to hell,
then i will burn with a grin
knowing my only sin
was my parents creating me
625 · May 2013
blood and bone
Dallas Allen May 2013
we pay for freedom in blood and bone.
the lives of our soldiers, not only soldiers humans like you and me
and we treat them like s**t for following orders and them remember them in stone
when will we stand up and support them? when will we leave them be?
they make to the choice to pay for our freedom with there blood and bones
and yet we are ungrateful, i will rememeber your soldiers, and it won't be in stone
i wrote this because i was thinking back on the typical response civilians have towards soldiers, this is not meant to offend anyone
623 · Aug 2013
just a chance
Dallas Allen Aug 2013
me being with her i honestly doubt
cause what you suppose to do
when the words don't come out
and all your feelings are true

i don't need a second chance
just for one moment true
i want just a chance
for me to have you

i used all my tricks on you
none of which have any effect
i wish it was just me and you
and that your friends would accept

if me and you got together
for me it wouldn't different, i only see you
we may not be forever
but to you i would always be true

if not for you i wouldn't write
i would still be a dork
stuck in those old useless fights
and i wouldn't work

as hard as i do
because girl
for you i want to be true
i saw her today and keep thinking off poems :(...... even when the poems are no good like this one, i still post them,  hope you guys like it
620 · Apr 2013
Pain, and suffering
Dallas Allen Apr 2013
I have never been alone,
Suffering is on my right,
Pain is on my left.
612 · Mar 2014
Dallas Allen Mar 2014
I can't figure out how to feel,
I can not understand these human
emotions, why do not know how to feel?
594 · Sep 2013
Dallas Allen Sep 2013
i am here alone, stuck in my "home"
with thoughts of you of you in my dome
of thinking, stuck in my head
is stuff we have said

to one another, i read are chats
and think of you always, thats
to bad though, cause you don't have a care
for me, you just want me out of your hair
what you think
583 · Jun 2014
Dallas Allen Jun 2014
funny how one question
can make you over think something
581 · Sep 2013
i am a idiot
Dallas Allen Sep 2013
i am a idiot
i deserve to get hit
in the face
maybe get sprayed with mace

sorry, i forgot to explain
why i'm not just plain
but a idiot, that doesn't deserve her
i mean why the hell did i mess with her BFF for

i mean why did i get involved
when all of my thoughts are revolved
around and those pretty **** eyes
that still my heart, and with i swear i could fly

with you i feel fine, i feel no pain
but everything i do feels like it's in vain
i couldn't even comfort you when you
needed me, but if roles reversed, to

where i need you, you could comfort me
and wouldn't leave me be
till my mind was at ease, and i felt free
but to bad these feelings are only me

being me, you do not like me
you got a BF who deserves you, be
mine? you would never
if i even told you, forever

you would leave me be
but what if i tell you
and my spirit and pain you set free
could i do the same for you?
569 · Jan 2014
Dallas Allen Jan 2014
She is so perfect
No Expectations, Except
To be Her, only Hers
Haiku, for once
561 · Dec 2013
Dallas Allen Dec 2013
that oh so familiar taste is in my mouth again
caused by someone i was told to trust
hate from both women and men
causing my soul to rust

Heart crushed, head cracked
all of this for what?
i get attacked
cause your girl did what

with me? oh yea nothing
so time to fight, time to taste blood
this time i'm not holding back
this time your gonna feel my attack

while bust your lip,
crack your ribs
slit your wrists
and let you ******* fist

for every time you
or others, have made me taste
that salty metallic liquid
fist fights are always fun, especially when they are pointless right? - what you guys think?
561 · Apr 2013
am i doing anything right?
Dallas Allen Apr 2013
baby, i really like you, and i feel like i am messing it all up
could i have one sign baby, that i am doing something right?
you are my girl, and i know i am awkward and dont express myself right
but girl could  you give me one sign, just one sign that i'm not ******* up

am i doing anything right?
what should i do if not baby?
you know how i feel, but could i have one sign?
one sign so i know to keep doing what i am, or to change what i'm doing wrong
well i feel like i am doing some things right, and messing up more than i am doing stuff right, so like i said, i want one sign :/
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