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Dallas Allen Feb 2018
Pulls a cigarette and lights it up
“They are gonna **** you those sticks”
Yeah well tonight I don’t care
That’s what I’m here to do
Inhale it up and let it out
Close your eyes and start the count
Then you drop the gun
Cry tear after tear
God gave you life and you were going
To give it all back.
This isn’t the end but maybe soon
You realize you are only here for her.
Why do we live on?
  May 2017 Dallas Allen
Francisco DH
There was time when I would have asked you to leave. The weight of goodbye leaves a gouge in memories, so I would have chose to not hear it. You've looked back with somber in your eyes, grappling with the thought of leaving, but, as you lay gazing at the TV, I see happiness. Moments shared flash before my eyes.
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