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Syll Nov 2019
True friends can see the hurt behind your eyes.
They can tell when you're not okay even when you say you are.
True friends will know when you need them.
They will give you a hug when you need it.
True friends will stick with you through tough times.
They will not give up on you.
True friends will protect you.
They will protect you even from yourself if they can.
True Friends can be hard to come by.
I have true friends, I love them so much. They have stuck with my when I was at my worst. I am so blessed to have them as friends. This is for Mjolnir, Sapphire, Peanut Butter, Tyto, FreeBird, Mismagius, Eclipse,  Daisy, and Mrs. G.
Syll Nov 2019
It is hard to say what I am feeling,
But I can't describe it.
I want to tell you,
But I don't know how.
I want your help,
But I don't want to sound needy.
I want to be held,
But I don't want to be awkward.
So I don't say anything.
Syll Nov 2019
Who could love a person who cuts?
Who could love a person who is suicidal?
Who could love a person that hates them self?
God could.
Who would cherish someone who is scarred?
Who would protect someone who is scared?
Who would accept someone who is hurting?
God would.
Who could heal their broken soul?
Who could save their weary heart?
Who could restore their wounded mind?
God could.
Who would care for their shattered spirit?
Who would fix their dark thoughts?
Who would bear their burdens?
God would.
God saved us from our sins,
He can heal us.
We are His children.
God loves us so much that he sent His Son to die for us. He can save us from the darkest thoughts, He can heal our scars.
Syll Oct 2019
Don't lie about being not okay.
If someone you trust asks you "How are you?",
Tell them the truth.
They could help you,
Or find someone to help you.
Don't hide behind a smile if you aren't okay.
The smile can be a perfect mask for your emotions.
I know that,
I have hidden behind a smile many times.
You don't want to worry your friends,
I get that.
You don't want to worry your family,
I understand.
But tell them anyway,
They love and care about you.
They want to help you.
Don't lie,
Lying once makes it easier the next time around.
Even if you are bad at lying.
I have lied about being okay countless times. I hide behind a mask of a smile. It doesn't help to lie about it. If you think you might burden your friends, you probably won't if they are good friends. If you're scared to tell your parents, don't be, they will understand you, they might have gone through the same thing. Just try not to lie, please.
Syll Oct 2019
You are a fighter.
You have been fighting for a while.
It has been hard,
But you can get through it.
There will be tears shed.
But it helps to get the emotion out.
If you don’t feel safe,
Please tell someone.
They can try to help you.
They might have to tell your family,
But they do it to protect you,
They want you to stick around.
They don’t want to think you can’t trust them.
Because you can trust them.
It may not feel like it sometimes,
But they tell someone for your benefit.
They love you.
I say it again, if you don’t feel okay or safe,
Please Tell Someone.
This is for a good friend of mine.
Syll Oct 2019
I wish I could forget them.
I really do.
It would be so much easier to go through the day.
I wouldn’t have to remember that we were friends.
Or how much I care about them.
I wish I could forget them.
I really do.
It would be so much easier to be free.
I would never have to talk to them.
Or miss talking with them.
I wish I could forget them.
I really do.
It would be so much easier being happy.
I wouldn’t have to remember the good memories we shared.
Or all the hangouts.
I wish I could forget them.
I really do.
I wouldn’t have to hurt so much seeing them being together,
And being happy without me.
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