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Columbusphere Sep 29
Sometimes when sorrow sinks in
I worry a wailing might screech from my chest
And every person for miles might here it.
Or feel it shake the air, like hot flame
Ripples carrying my saddest indulgence
As the beast that weighs me down, croons.
So that people quaking, step out of the way
And we have room to sing the lonely wail, some more.
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Columbusphere Sep 22
As it turns out meditating is hard,
It turns out it’s hard to turn off the thinking
Reminiscing and ordering and feeling,
Trailing back to the breathing,
I itch and tingle, but I must keep breathing
It turns out it isn’t easy,
Isn’t easy to distract and control
Urges that need to be controlled
Thoughts that rumble ‘bout your skull,
Making you full, actually, over flowing
It isn’t easy, so keep breathing
Prominent than others
You know what you are but do you know why?
Keep breathing
Sound that knocks twice
I said keep breathing
Colour blooming under your eyes
Back to your breathing
Why do we do it
Keep breathing
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Sep 12 · 68
Smokey Pursuit
Columbusphere Sep 12
Every newspapers printing blocks
Bang out headlines; of out cries,
For. A. Thief.
He’***** five apartments
In under five weeks.

Wet newsprint and posters
Weighed damp to the ground,
Have been marked by the sole
Of this shadow walking man.

Cat burglar! He’s branded,
By the chimneys he’s a slave,
To the dark smeared night
And the jewels he craves,
Wake him up.

Astonished are the wealthy
Who are used to sleeping deep
Now find their efforts pimped
By the nocturnal thief.

Battling with the sunrise
He streaks atop the houses, holding fast
His takings,
Some are spilling out his trousers,
Gathering in the gutters.

Turning out of an alley
Into the opened street square,
Walking with the early workers
Discreet within their army.

Hunched over desk, peering intently
Through lenses, enlarging
Details magnificent!
Rocking back in his chair
Smiling. Ruffling fingers through his hair.
Might find myself altering this one to flow even smoother! Wanted it to feel like film noir.

© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Sep 8 · 55
Swallowed Time
He sat slumped, in the corner of the sofa
Sinking slowly through the springs,
Clasping a bottle of Stella in one hand
And supple waist in the other.
The bottle was slipping
He steadied it, by simply placing it down.
Shuffling through positions of whim,
Sliding his hands over skin and shoulders rolling,
Weighing their movements from one place to another.
Slow, staggered breath meeting at the lips,
Lost they became, in all sense of each other
So sure of nothing.
They have this swallowed time.
Shortly it is sunk into the sofa completely.
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Jun 6 · 74
a Sun Tide
As the shadows tick across the park
Sun stretching out with might
Reaching for an hour
It didn't have to fight

Many lounge about the grass
Let the sun sink their skin through
And crawl like hands, from quarter past
Into the warmth of quarter to

Imprisoned in the shine
These willing people stay
Moved slowly by a sun tide, until,
Dowsed by cloud, chill and grey.
I liked the idea of the people following the warmth of the sun as shade creeps around, like the hands of a clock. And days when the only notice you pay to the time, is through the sun fading into evening.

© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
You're beautiful, he said.
You're so beautiful, but why are you shaking your head?
And I too, breathing deeply, thought how
That you only, wanted me now,
We were drunk and lonely
And for me it was the moment only.
I didn't want what you couldn't mean
I wanted skin to be touched, not my self to be seen.
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Gargoyle faces, I'd like to be one
In some people I know, I frequently see them.
Gleeful and wicked breaks the skin on their face,
A brief encounter with the gargoyle
Makes adopting a grimace loudly appealing
The only down side, is being wedged to the ceiling
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Mar 15 · 116
Ice in the Air
Columbusphere Mar 15
Leaning with the door to pull it shut,
Peering wearily at stairs that the ice had cut.
Ice was in the air. And under every street light
It darted, like a shoal of silver fish, might.
With each step taken, the frost would bleed away
Marking time to the ground, next to what still lay
The cold, made it quiet. Burnt briefly by a laugh,
Throaty with wonder, seeing what it might have.
Looming vast was the night sky over all,
Everything below expected snow to fall
Walking alone, under rare disarray,
I was swept up and sunken away.
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Jan 3 · 832
Carefully careless
Carefully careless
Said that look in her eyes.
A trail of faces, watching,
The tilt of her thighs.
She swung her arms carelessly
Movement from side to side,
Committing to careful acts
Which she could decide
Portrayed her as careless enough.

Though there were times
Late in the day,
When she would disperse
All her charms away.
Unaware of herself,
Her image soon frayed.
If reasonable, she'd let be.
But instead she did sway,
Carefully careless
© 2019 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 197
odd Jobs
Columbusphere Nov 2018
I’ve known many people
well and with love,
It's difficult to suggest what I’m thinking of;

I knew them time over time
again, we’d laugh to stay sane
smiling politely to strangers
who’s faces were all the same.

I’ve known many people
well and with love,
They couldn’t always know what it was I thought of;

We’d serve drinks, food, fold clothes
only reveal what we chose
when calculating in corners
or bantering loudly over bar.

I’ve known many people
well and with love,
I know what I’m saying isn’t unheard of;

Public and repetitive and social
I'd say, is the bond that we'd share
before we all moved away,
Where we’d discover a new few who'd undoubtedly say,

I’ve known many people
well and with love,
You yourself are one of the friends I speak of.
Just got home from work and was thinking of past jobs and past people i've known in that way that you do, on the surface in a service job environment. and this is what jumped out of my head.

© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 816
Columbusphere Nov 2018
Over breakfast, over tea,
I can hear the scramble of electricity
It crackles in the corner ceiling
Giving me an uncomfortable feeling,
Like the house might suddenly BLOW
And they'll be nothing left to show,
Because of this electricity.
Then, when I was eyeing the roof
My dad told me the unsavoury truth
That cackling of electricity
Is no longer such a mystery.
The noise above, is wasps.
The **** things are living there
Even with the lack of air,
They fly about, invisibly
Their wings buzzing, not rhythmically,
So our house is not about to blow
And that at least, is a comfort to know.
a fun little story poem about the wasps that came to stay during the summer. bbbbzzz

© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 577
Split Ends
Columbusphere Nov 2018
Splitting off like split ends,
Old faces flying backwards,
As you cut yourself a new hair-do
And put on shoes that match a grown-up attitude,
Which melts into your sofa and those pyjamas
Every evening and every night.

Skating onwards, to that place
With the good pay, good food, good vibe,
Except no one there's on your side.

Hovering dragonflies ought to breathe fire
And a ladybirds blushes rise higher
With the indignity you feel,
About the waste and the pace
And you start to hear the voices, you'd rather dictate
The way you move and your right to choose
Sighing mournfully at your brew, or forever
Walking the straight line.

But you want the mountain waves
Save the line, it's stuck,
Not many decide to cut it up and rearrange
The paths they take into shapes who change
And with manners grow up.

Letting time whistle through your fingers
The deep night sky
Stares back.
And you challenge him with a, why?
Is it that I walk in a line.

He winks,
With many eyes.
You know he's old, so must be wise
Beginning to push at your line
Unfolding a parachute
You can see all it brings
Letting you guide and move without strings.
a poem that keeps changing, because it feels scattered but I like the sentiment.

© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 833
Columbusphere Nov 2018
There's this light, really hollow expanse in my chest
and it fills with electric stars, each blinking rapidly.
I'll wear my jumper, loose bottoms and socks
and I am engulfed by a sharp breeze, fleeing in
through our open back door.
I know that smell. It's cold and fluttering and full
of purpose. And it pats my face as I breath it in.
I think how easy it could be, and would have been,
way in the past to believe in Gods and who prove their
power by rylling up the weather.
Blowing in a storm.
All thunderstorms smell the same, wherever you
are. And they each speak in heavy voices, rattling low.
I suppose it's on you to look inside at your grievances
unpaid to them. But I simply love the change.
The power in the sky that strikes and rumbles,
and the waiting, oh the waiting...
As the clouds openly fuse and grind darker, the smell
of the thunder growing thicker and bounding about.
It's like a miracle how fast it happens, how much
energy it feeds to everything.
Time that was the insect looking at us, we are obnoxiously
slow. Is now us looking at the insect, who is amazingly
fast. Until...
There's a moment when that energy reaches its
capacity, the sky squeezing. And you wait
The rain is unleashed. And sound everywhere explodes!
Cause it's heavy and it's coming fast.
Hopping back to the door, I sit just inside its frame
my face stretching with glee, because everything
around me and inside me feels unimportant,
forgotten, under this display.
Small, sitting in the door way, the wind flicking
sprays of water your way. I count in between
the lashes of lightening
One Mississippi
Two Mississippi
Three Mississippi
Four, imagining the maker of these grizzling
static sparks. The ground, the sky, my heart,
I really love a thunderstorm

© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Columbusphere Nov 2018
Light pooling on a surface
And breaking through in beams
Hundreds of passageways allowing this spectacle
To fill one room with sun
Shining, flickering dust particles
Batting against your skin
And this same air swollen with a thousand
                                                  beatin­g insect wings
Which to the light all softly cling
Mashed in colours that the glass carved in
Flying shapes that join the buzz
And spiralling greens lumbering towards the sky
Resting, hunched and pressed against the glass
So shuddering with life they seem to sigh
Solid, light stone in colour
Is the current, wrapped around it's base
River like and over flowing
Is this place
The great outside pointing in
Like a planet inverted or a doctors blue box
Tended, and yet containing a mind of its own
It is mightily over grown
And that is the way it should be
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 404
Columbusphere Nov 2018
Crowds of people big and small
Flowing through our canvas walls,
Their words bashing, one loud hum
And those, who are hidden from them
Me and the other strange folk
The ones who breath fire instead of smoke
Now, wriggling into sparkling skins
And rubbing foreign powder on our chins
We cackle and spit,
Excited we'll fly and flash magic
For delighted faces who
Are wild and soaring
And the big animals, softly snoring
With one eye open and the croc is crying
And the strong man might be dying
But the lights are beaming
And the rest of the world is seeming distant.
We march together out to capture wonder,
Of which you can't manufacture.
Sprinting, leaping, galloping, fast.
Rolling, dancing, smiling, aghast
People everywhere, with shocked wide eyes
Consuming hungrily every one of our lies
My heart is thumping, thumping in my breast,
Soon I'll reach my high, rock nest.
Feet pinched and back straight
All mouths hang open. Wait,
I fall.
Caught. Tight around both ankles,
They thought below I was sure to mangle.
I fly through the air with the look of great ease,
I'm the daring young woman on the flying trapeze
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 1.4k
Legs on trains
Columbusphere Nov 2018
Train rides and trains fare
Hurling over hills and through fields
And we sit together, collectively
Calmly, reading, typing, talking
A train community

The train jumps with apology
When your legs twitch or meet
Muttering sorry, barely lifting a head
To mark a general unease
At the close space we all paid to use

Seeming so personal to share a seat
With another who finds a song to choose
Over conversation with a stranger
Shared time
We share daydreaming
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 847
Saucepan Hospital
Columbusphere Nov 2018
Hot and absent
With blurs rushing inwards and out
Flying up stairs that curl and bend
And a constant shout of noise
My head spins, my eye sends a glance
Purposefully at many signs
I can't chance too many wrong turns
My brain turns to wine, the smell makes it ache
I follow toothpaste coloured overalls
In a number of steps to counters and beds
Heavy and tense, both fall on me.
I clutch a card that I've read over again
Over again
Again I am lost
Every wing looks the same
I know that time costs the same as fresh air
Window panes here only open enough
To let in a fly
And a breeze not a cough
Rattles my heart when I near you.
You appear small and soft
Not much of you there
In that armchair propped up by pillows
Where we kneel by your side, holding your hand
And that equivalent draft billows in green
Life from out there prods and it lifts
With us talking to you,
Quiet and spent and wistful
The alphabet brings nothing new
We walk out pondering, my arm through yours
It is just us two
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 414
Columbusphere Nov 2018
I'll agree with you, but I don't know why.
I don't agree with you.
But as you keep talking and I don't commit
And try to adjust your thought
You're wrong.
You say a word that you say you don't mean
But you use it for weak and unideal
I don't want to loose my place or
Embarrass you.
I can't be embarrassed by speaking my mind on this
But by holding back, I am.
Because I know you're wrong
Because I know you're wrong
Insulting - you're stuck
Uninformed by unwilling ears
I know it wont help to push too hard
We have a whole conversation, with you
Ignorant to my opposite response
You think I am agreeing.
I think that hurts me
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 267
Columbusphere Nov 2018
Changing my mind, changing your mind.
how is it that feelings alter without us knowing?
Something that means so much, is forgotten
and I can only imagine
a curtain
a veil
a road
a sky
a place where it goes, to lose its intensity
and when you catch up, when it comes back to you
it is weakened, like tea
I wonder where that absent place is
I reckon it's time
other things mattering more, instead of less
like which biscuit to choose,
to have with your tea
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 532
Columbusphere Nov 2018
Oh, I would like to be a giant and fill
the dips and lunges all hills and mountains make.
Stride heavy and far in only a few paces and often
find my head in a cloud of clouds when I stray too high, breath the air
deeper. And be much more a part of the night, that black blue
if I stand on the horizon, I'll make a mark much stronger than you
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 343
Find a penny
Columbusphere Nov 2018
I like the silent strangers talk
That's tapped out like morse code
Rare like pennies on the road.
It takes me by surprise,
The talking in my head subsides
When a strangers flirt and smile
I lift my head to find.
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Nov 2018 · 165
Past People
Columbusphere Nov 2018
If I had past lives and reappeared in past people
Would I recognise myself?
Would it just be in the feeble
Way that they blink and turn my chin
Way that they think or I begin
A smile

Would it matter who I were?
Someone of consequence
Or one of the many poor.
People are vibrant
More than a name
It seems so unlikely that we'd be the same

Draw on our eyebrows
Paint our face white
Plait our red hair into the night
Smear fearsome markings over our skin
We serve society
And are raised by our kin

Instincts we have
And memories we hold
For these people past, they may have been told
The same
Recollect the same pain
And we maintain a sense of who they became

Made up of many
It is not simply you
And each of these people, push their way through
In this blink, or the way we turn this chin
The way we think, or the way we begin
A smile
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved

— The End —