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Cindy Dressler Jan 2016
Thirty years together and "a slow grind" now holds a very different meaning.
  Oct 2015 Cindy Dressler
David W
III: Unsaid*

I feel
A thought
That never left
God's lips.
One of those evenings...
Cindy Dressler Oct 2015
He says he's broken
I say he's beautiful
He's both.....
Inspired by another's words
Cindy Dressler Sep 2015
They glided easily into my life those boys
just like the water they swam in
Sinewy V-shaped bodies
So unaware of the ripples they created in my life
Cindy Dressler Sep 2015
When the end is near all I'll want is you
You know where to spread my burnt bones
I took you there once just to make sure

Let me go at sunrise so my ashes
will have all day to drift out to meet the setting sun
I am released all debts paid in full
Cindy Dressler Sep 2015
Eighteen 'n pregnant in a borrowed white dress,
saying "I do"
screaming "I don't" in my head
Jesus watched as I lied
'Till death do us part....
Physical death?
Emotional death?

Playing house with food stamps and hand me downs
The sound track of my life backlit by lies
and hollow I love you's
Love does not thrive in captivity
It made me hurtful with your soul
and careless with my body

Mistakes were made that a sweet baby boy paid for
Too young to always know the right thing to do
and many times too selfish to care,
He says there's forgiveness in his heart
But I see none in his eyes
What I see is my guilt reflected back at me
for I know stolen innocence
cannot be forgiven

Fast forward, another son born
This is not a "do over" child
So wanted, so loved by all
so privileged,
Half brothers
half love and half jealousy
This cannot be fixed
Mistakes were made ...
Cindy Dressler Aug 2015
Come let's strike the match
watch it burn..
not too much left to generate heat
I can't live on what was
you shouldn't hope for what will never be
Perpetual cure
I'll hold your hand as we walk thru
Don't be afraid we'll come out ok
just not together..
Thanks to a kind soul for the title.
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