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Chips Jun 21
His glare has pierced my skin!
From a million distant years,
Perhaps from another continent,
Another planet,
Another dimension galaxies away,
That felt all too close,
With those red eyes ablaze.

They fumed and howled!
From all the suffering he caused,
Brimming with anger, guilt, and pain.
With tears overflown and nerves strained,
Of all the marionettes in his dying quartet.

He tugged their strings,
That made them dance,
Until they no longer could.
He pulled them together,
And made them quarrel,
Until one breaks the other.
He does as he pleases to watch them crumble,
As he is the one and only puppeteer.

He has laughed, rejoiced.
Then cries and repents.
For those are the amplified emotions array,
Of this monster in the making,
Chips Jun 15
Hand in hand,
They were formed,
By passion,
By souls entwined.

In profound love they must be!
To set these delicate creations free,
Such divine sculptures,
Sentient in clay,
Each full in emotion and in minds that sway,
But none the same.
Chips Jun 14
The resonance in her tune,
Stroke of her palms,
And in her presence I must say.

Such serenity,
I much have longed for,
Exposed yet confined,
In an ambrosial vessel,
That’s pastel yet complex.

Bewildered must I be!
Of a figure beaming with such familiarity,
And an ever blazing enveloping warmth.
But with much anticipation,
Of the moments to come,
And every sense of bliss inspired by she.

For I searched the sphere,
And have stumbled here,
In another peculiar open field,
That’s divine and unparalleled.

As far as visions reach,
These flowers bloom,
In kind and in chroma,
Without thorns that may injure,
And no disguises to deceive,
Makes no harm befall me.

As she remains,
Authentic and compassionate,
At heart,
And in mind.
Chips Jun 11
Harsh winds blew through,
In this cold, vast biosphere,
And I alone,
With none but my molted feather coat,
And these webbed pink feet,
Trudged across a paved way in snow,
To a place unknown.

Where lies my new colony,
With newfound friends,
And a family evermore,
Where I shall bear my soul!
Unjudged and beloved.

What an adventure this will be,
Surely not pleasant,
But one rough and obscure,
Where the malicious seals and skuas wait out to ambush.

Eager I was,
To be set free!
“The bright and bold”,
They’d say,
To us,
The youth,
The birds of times to come.
Chips Jun 11
I gaze upon,
These luminous lights,
Above heads held high,
And fists that soared through the sky,

It was not a halo,
Not a bulb,
But much like Northern lights in the sky,
Holographic swirls that enchanted,
And danced.

Kindlings of glow each soul comprised,
That bonded,
And brawled,
In this mix and match of colour and aura,
Sparks a spectacular flare of illumination in the atmosphere,
That became the stars.
Chips Jun 8
Crimson red,
Soft as silk,
Petals of hers,
Lie stunning still.

I gazed upon,
An alluring scene,
Of all the blossoms,
In a garden of her,
The crimson red,
The emerald green,
Them prickling thorns aside,
Or so I thought.

Elegant as always,
Her leaves sway,
To the blasting wind that swept her red rose petals and wicked thorns away,
Revealing a pale white surface that hid underneath.

It was she,
A jasmine in disguise,
Equally of grace and of beauty,
Much more superior in scent I believe,
A choice of disguise I could never comprehend,
Of which I wished I knew,
If only she had trusted me.

At last I took,
One last glance,
A reminiscence,
At this garden of breathtaking blossoms,
Where I once lay was safe and with faith.

Thus I shall release the past,
The fragments!
Of her touch and her tune,
Of my passion and anguish,
Of the joy and love we once had shared.

Away with all these pieces,
The petals of her I once so dearly held.
Chips Jun 6
Dark skies abroad,
One mind,
And a weighted soul,
Years elapsed,
Times have changed,
I dimmed the noise,
The clash!
This rumbling all around,

They fade,
And fade,
Until there's nothing but one,
A thought,
A sound,
Of the truth untold,

Feelings I abide,
Of them I shall hide,
A longing,
Of such bliss,
This aching to be found.
If only they know how it feels, not having to be yourself.
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