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Chips Jun 2023
Unprecedented to me,
Your presence,
Hold constellations of the cosmos,
Planets of distant suns,
Secrets of the stars
Chips Mar 2023
Letters of yours,
Hidden in sight,
My trove of treasures,
A reader's delight,

Neatly packed,
With a ribbon or two,
They've arrived,
Long overdue,

Line by line,
I've traced your hue,
Scribbles of yours,
Enveloped in blue
Chips Mar 2023
I carry with me,
Creatures and critters,
The moss on branches,
Heaps of soil,
Sunkissed leaves,
They're mine to keep
Chips Nov 2022
Fire is a sea of beautiful entities,
Gentle creatures craving dominance,
Powerful symbols with graceful manners,
Stings sharp, like a velvet dress,
Tides of patience, bouquet of asters,
Or perhaps,
A cordial, thunderous waltz,
Veil of mystics await the golden embers,
Care for a dance?
Chips Aug 2022
Pickle in the brine,
Chaos of the mind,
Here comes the time,
I fear I'd find,

Too late to flee,
My dearest bumblebee,
Don't fear, you'll see,
White lilies under the oak tree
Chips Jun 2022
She drowns in honey,
Smothering waves,
What sweet extravagance!
Wickedly viscous,
As she slowly decays.
Chips Mar 2022
It's a downpour,
The infinite jar,
It's that time of the hour!

Grab a mask,
Join the dance,
Paint the scene forever last,

Exhale, unwind,
Relieve the mind,
Of all the fantasies past,

Faith be told,
The pathway's divine,
For the death of mine.
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