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Chips Mar 4
It's a downpour,
The infinite jar,
It's that time of the hour!

Grab a mask,
Join the dance,
Paint the scene forever last,

Exhale, unwind,
Relieve the mind,
Of all the fantasies past,

Faith be told,
The pathway's divine,
For the death of mine.
Chips Jan 4
The convoy’s descent,
Through the breathless hills,
The frozen riverside,
Amongst the wicked witch woods.

Howls of frost approaches,
Impetuous, callous tempest,
Beacon of catastrophe,
Sparks a menacing flare,
The ferocious force of humanity.

Beseech me if you must!
Though as harrowingly as it seems,
No abysmal depth in snow,
May conceal the end in mind,
Of these grimy hands of mine.
Chips Dec 2021
Basking the scorch,
Of summer’s peak,
The soulful sights,
Bracing breeze,
And the buzzing bees.

Green as far as the eye could see,
One sip of pure nectarine,
A dazzling waltz in nature’s theme,
Sparks a warmth within,
This lucid dream.
Chips Dec 2021
Patches of green are all I see,
But green are all that plants should be,
Where oh where, did you go?
The butterflies, bees, beetles,
Fireflies, flies, and friends?
Chips Oct 2021
Serpents sung a harrowing tune,
Seeds of sight planted in dune,
Opaque tides,
To hell they sway,
The macabre waltz,
A masquerade.
Chips Jul 2021
However notoriously must one picture my being,
None may surpass,
This horrid creature of me.
Chips Jun 2021
The silence is deafening,
Beheld upon the creaking drawers of an escritoire,
The sonorousness of all and none,
Still, oh so still,
May the hands of which lay immobilized by this muddled mind of mine.
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