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Ian Dankowski Jan 2021
There are only so many smiles I can plaster on
so many jokes I can make to divert my feelings
I may convince others that I am okay
but I know myself better than they do
and I know it is a front
I know my jokes aren't out of real happiness
and my smiles take more effort than anything
why must I pretend
I wish I could be honest
not with them
but with myself
Ian Dankowski Jan 2021
There is a reward
for those brave enough to seek it
A treasure chest of shining gold
and shimmering lights
after winding passes turn to peaceful outlooks
This treasure is a land where thoughts are free
and smiles are plentiful
So continue to travel and don't look down
you'll know when you've made it.
Ian Dankowski Jan 2021
You talk down to me
unaware that your insults fall on deaf ears
you try your best to make me as insecure as you are
but I am proud of where I am
and I hope one day you can say the same.
Ian Dankowski Jan 2021
Words spoken like sharp knives
come from the dullest mouths
the worst people feel the highest about themselves
and will try and drag you down to where they really dwell
their insults come from insecurities
meaning you're doing something right
it is hard to look beyond that

but that is because you are so far above
and clouds can be hard to see through
Ian Dankowski Jan 2021
Some people leave things with you
even if what they had to offer was fake
because the feelings you gained were real
you may have both changed
but at least yours was for the better.
Ive talked before about masks people put up. sometimes when they take theirs off you no longer like who you see. But sometimes you can take something positive out of that exchange. Look on the bright sides and life becomes more beautiful
Ian Dankowski Jan 2021
You can move mountains for a person
who will only ask you to move it faster
someone who would never turn over a rock for you
that demands you do more
and it's hard to see that while you're busy giving them the world.
Ian Dankowski Dec 2020
There's a certain tone set
as the sky trades places with the clouds
as rainy nights turn to clear skies
throwing blue across the sky like a painter to their canvas
The clearest nights come from the rainiest days
and the best days follow the worst.
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