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Charlie Renaud May 2017
What is success? To some it's a desire to be the best of the best
To some they just want to be better than the rest, but it's hard to be average when you can't pass their test.
In my mind, an ongoing strife, knowing I've been a failure my whole life.
That's why I write poetry, shows I've got passion, knowing with insight, there's no need to ration.
I may not be smart and I **** at biology, but using my mind and the aid of technology, I can share with the world and now that you know it,
It's time that I share with you the birth of a poet...
Charlie Renaud Apr 2017
Being a teen today is no easy task,
being self conscious and wearing a mask.
We see our feelings as a meaningless curse,
holding them back as our problems get worse.
I'm not an angel, nor am I a saviour,
I'm only here to question human behaviour.
I'm a chocolate cream soldier in a futile war,
but I'm making amends because I'm done keeping score.
When most think of us teens they might think of anthropology,
maybe some others might think of biology,
teens aren't that complex I mean it's not oncology,
allow me to decode the teenage ideology.
There are problems aplenty that teens today face,
including myself as I try to keep pace.
The list is quite long so I'll keep it brief,
if I talk for too long I'll be causing much grief. The first problem today is how we all act, in very odd manners and that's just a fact. From the totally false and the half witted claims, the calling of names and the fighting at games. We're only like this because we're afraid, of what others think and we're easily swayed, to make bad choices and succumb to the pressure, maybe some days we just need a refresher. A small reminder to help us unwind, to help us think straight and to open our minds.
Next on my list is the fear of our image, constantly caught in an irrelevant scrimmage, we always fear other people's opinion and become someone new as they form a dominion. They change who we are what we like what we do, making us in their image as we become someone new. Someone we're not like a fake personality, I think it['s time that we end this brutality.
Shifting gears to a more personal note, a problem to which I can deeply emote. Our performing arts department is constantly shrinking with every new year and that got m thinking. Why everyone thinks that sports are so nice, turning their backs while we pay the price. Well I've had enough now it's my time to shine, it's time I fight back as my stars align. Because this is who I am it's a big part of story I like to be on stage and I don't do it for the glory. I like stage performing I like to put on a show, despite having been cut the past 2 years in a row. But that's taught me dedication not to give up on my dream, to power through the fear because this is my kind of team. It's a battle I'll fight even if I'm alone, feel free to join or I'll go on my own, because this is who I am, performing is my cornerstone, things feel more natural with my hands around a microphone. My poem has concluded and now that you know, my name's Charlie Renaud, on with the show!

— The End —