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 Sep 2017 Charlie Renaud
Emily B
when I began to write
all those years ago

I was amazed to find
that I even
had a voice.

It was a gift
that I never
hoped for.

I only shared light.

There is too much

And then
little by little
I had to write
about the monsters
in the deep.

And my writing
got to be

Those couldn't be
my words.

Don't bury me
in a grave
in a big old box
I've known too much

And so here I am
trying to balance
with hope for a new future

That may be called
 Jul 2017 Charlie Renaud
I find the key
Trick the door open
Ride the tiny elevator up to the third floor
Unlock your door

Everywhere is signs of you
Feelings of ease

I water your plants
Make sure they're happy
Return your hair dryer on your kitchen table

Look around

Walk out
Turn the key
Feel the handle
Make sure it's locked

Elevator down
Ground floor
Walk on out

Back again on Wednesday
 Jul 2017 Charlie Renaud
5 year old me
thought it was
sharing things with people
crying with them

12 year old me
thought it was
holding hands
the term "boyfriend"

15 year old me
thought it was

18 year old me
now understands
love comes in many different forms
sometimes in words
sometimes in expressions
sometimes in staying
and sometimes in leaving.
maybe someday i can fully comprehend what love is :")
 May 2017 Charlie Renaud
i am more
more than an opened text
compared to your ex
leftover flowers
stepped on to impress
my heart
flourishes without your care
my plants will still grow
when you're not there
to watch over
i should've the **** was
still growing but i kept it
and hid it out of the knowing
of the damage it's caused
instead of cutting it
from my roots
because i wanted it to
some petals are withered
but i will keep growing
without you
Hello there
Miss Stranger
I'd like to know your name
Of course, this might seem rather strange
I'm afraid all we've had were passing smiles
And slight conversation
Friendly waves
and sideways glances-
from two seats away
Please forgive me for staring
You just caught my interest
A shy girl taking classes out of her league
And passing them as if it was simple elementary
I just had to know more
So I waved for the first time
And you waved in return
And thus, we were acquaintances

Hi there
Miss Stranger
All across the way
I enjoy the smiles we pass everyday
In class
The hallway rush
I wonder why I enjoy it so much
We've rarely spoken small talk
Much less what we believe in
So why does a smile from you give me such a happy feeling?
This isn't love
I've made that mistake before
Maybe you seem nice and I wish to know more
Oh dear, this may seem a bit much
I assure you I'm not after affection or lust
Just a smile
And your name
If it's all the same.

Hey there
Miss Stranger
Wasn't it such a lovely day?
It was the day
I finally got the nerve to say
That I'd like to be friends with you
After days of finding the words
and the courage
I finally approached
Defying every insecurity and doubt
For talking to strangers can be rather difficult
And even if you said no
I would be proud of myself for trying
To my pleasant surprise
You were delighted to!
It's always exciting to gain a new friend
For adventures and memories beckon as soon as they are created
It was a pity it was such short lived
For not even days after
We returned to our routine
Of smiles and waves
On an endless repeat
How did this happen?
Was it something I said?
Without warning
We slowly faded back
Into the strange stage of strangers
I guess I shouldn't complain
Could've been a lot worse
Though every possibility our "friendship" had
Faded away right along with your desire to know me
So it seemed

Oh, well
I suppose I should've seen it coming

Take care
Miss Stranger
And thank you anyway
I'll always be here to smile
When we pass everyday
Wow, never thought I would see this poem again.
Mostly because it's a mess. Some parts rhyme, some don't, and others don't seem to fit! Gah! Oh, well. Posting it, anyway.
I wrote this last year when I was rather lonely, for I was going through a difficult time. The girl was kind, and though we never really became close (or friends, for that matter) I am still happy to help her in anyway I can.
C'est la vie.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means the sea to me.
Have a wonderful day, wherever you are.

Take care.
I wish it would
well rain harder
I wish that
the sky water would be salty
like my tears.
this way both could slide down my face unidentifiable
I wish the thunder was louder
just to help save me from my thoughts

I love how
well simply how
I'm walking to the beat,
crunching gravel to meet the sound
of my favorite song
even though it's no longer playing
I love that
the rain is blurring my vision
eventhough I couldn't see anyway
I love that with every step
I'm taking a shower
the rain provides me with good cleansing
I'm slowly scrubbing away every
remark, laugh, judge, scar and stain
and as my jeans, blouse, and shoes get wet,
I'm washing away some of this too
hidden deep within the seams

and yet some people wonder
why does she like the rain
It's not just rain
it's a friend
that I can talk to and actually leave with
a cleansed soul.
 May 2017 Charlie Renaud
Why does the sky shine so bright on such a deafened world? Kids crying, bombs flying, parents trying...people dying. Words fall on deaf ears as the first world forgets the rest. They tap upon glowing glass as hundreds drop down, defeated after a long battle. Food forgotten could feed the unfortunate. Water unsafe, a long gone worry. That small child that passed, has no home to roam, you keep your dime which ends their time. So who are we to deserve that sky, upon wishes cast, why are ours fulfilled. Reprimanded are the poor though we are the blind. What has this world become, where is everyone's welcome? Born in the third to never reach first, we are the greedy that cast out the needy. Why do we fight over land so bland? For black gold that fuels our mechanical mules that for no good reason do poison our Eden, So why, I do ask, are we still here reading when we could help those who are pleading. Forget narrow thoughts and rescue those leaving.
My opinion on the state of the world.
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