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Charles W Rose Jan 2017
Motivation escapes from my tears
as the men in black gather from my fears
I'm scared if I speak I will be hurt
that I will be dropped face down in the dirt
I can't focus on my sleep
I can feel my life up at a peak

My insanity bringing my painful thoughts to life
The grave keeper comes with a scythe
I can't feel my face anymore
it's gone numb and sore.

Please help me escape this hell
before that final bell
shall ring
and the angels will sing
before I slip up and give in
to my insane thoughts and the neverending sin
that burrows out from my tears deep within
Charles W Rose Jan 2017
The illusion that we share together
won't last forever
No matter how much i try
Those thorns will always separate us eventually

Those thorns will dig straight into my heart
Like the lies I told you to keep you afloat
You are the one i want to keep together
but no matter what we will separate

I have always tried to keep us together
but the lies i tell you
Keep on pushing me backwards from keeping you with me

but baby
please stay with me
no matter the pain we go through
i won't let those thorns separate us forever
Based off of the song "Space Between Our Eyes" by SayWeCanFly
Charles W Rose Oct 2016
Rip in the flesh, tear back the skin
To see the true beauty within
Hidden beneath the reason why
Sometimes the reason is good enough to die
Charles W Rose Oct 2016
I've been there, locked away in hell.
Trying to scream and trying to yell
But failing to produce sound
Looking around
Seeing nothing but black
Feeling as if I'm going to be attacked
I can't fend for myself
I can't win
This isn't good for my health
It makes the beast within
Grow mad for blood
Pushing you down into the mud
Feasting on your feelings
Ripping off your wings
So you're stuck forever in hell
No ability to leave and no ability to yell
Charles W Rose Oct 2016
Blood stained blades
create broken hearts
but broken hearts
create blood stained blades
Charles W Rose Oct 2016
I'm here to say
And I'm here to stay
Because when you and I are away
I feel my heart give away
That's why I cherish each moment I'm by your side
I feel so happy and I feel alive
So I write this poem to you
Hoping you feel the way I do
When you message me and say those words
I feel this overwhelming happiness that I can't put into words
So I write this poem to you
Hoping that I see you soon
Because I love you..
I really do..
Feel free to use the poem. One of my only love poems I wrote
Charles W Rose Oct 2016
We all silently sit alone in our rooms
Tampering with the mask we hide behind
Making it have a painted on smile
Little do they know it’s painted in blood
Yes we hide behind a ****** hand print
Slathered across the ceramic mask
It cracks away only for a moment
And shows our true colors within
The ones we try so hard to hide from the world
So we don’t have to make them worry about us
But deep inside us we want to feel loved
So we crack the mask and let the world know
That yes we are happy and yes we laugh
But deep behind the mask we all are dead inside.
Organic poems are a favorite of mine. Easier to pass a message on
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