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Bummer Aug 20
I pressed my palms against the clouds to keep the sky from falling down, when you were weak, I would keep you safe and sound.
I have this pulsing in my veins from all these ******* growing pains, And I'll feel weak, but my heart will feel the same way.
Bummer Aug 9
She apologizes without wronging and it gets under my skin,
How she thinks "I ****** up bad this time, so i guess i'll just give in".
She tells me I'm missed dearly, and I ask if she's okay,
though I know she's crying in her head while she thinks of words to say.
She's lost the light that I watched grow and her eyes seem to show a pain,
As if she has given up on the good, like there is nothing left to gain.
She hears me tell her softly how I know it will be alright,
I can't tell if she's listening or just trying to survive the night.

She has such a beautiful smile, when you see it showing true,
But lately I've been worried. All you're showing me is blue.
I love you, and I miss joking around with you. please keep trying for me. Ill keep trying for you.
Bummer Aug 7
If I am a rose, then let me be your bouquet.
If I am your bouquet, then let me be your garden.
If I am your garden, then let me be your field.
If I am your field, then let me be your happy place.

And if you get weak, and sleepy, and blue,
then let me be your flower bed, so I can hold you.
I love you.
Bummer Aug 2
Im sitting here like it was yesterday.
It wasn't.
My nails weren't black yesterday
I wasn't as insecure yesterday.
But even though I got new habits.
And new records.
And a new reason to feel sad.
I feel like nothing has changed.
He is still complaining.
She is still annoying.
And I am unamused.
So I ask myself why.
Why is the past so prominent.
Why is the present so dull.
Why can't I change it.
But I give up.
Like I always do.
And I complain about it.
And I call it poetry.
At least I have you
Bummer Aug 1
It's been one year since I admitted that missed you.
And I know I ****** up.
And I know it wasn't just me.
And I know so much has changed,
And I want to keep you close.
It's been so perfect with you by my side.
We can do this.
I know we can.
Bummer Jul 27
Another way to say I need help is to say ā€œIā€™m fine.ā€
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