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Brooke Feb 2020
Poetry is love
Love is complexity
Complexity is normal
Normal an illusion
Brooke Feb 2020
Is growing older
Worth the pain
Of letting go
Of yesterday

Is growing older
Worth the cost
Of moving on
From everyone
You've left behind
Brooke Feb 2020
I try to speak
I try to think
Highly of things
That have always hurt me
Does this mean
There's something wrong with me?
Brooke Feb 2020
I am reminded daily
Of my own fragility
That in a single moment
I can be broken
Brooke Feb 2020
Don't behave
As if you love me
When you are the one
Who's throwing punches
Brooke Aug 2019
Goodbye to all
Farewell for now
I’m sorry that I had to go
To all the friends I left behind
I’m really sorry I’m making you cry
I know you loved me
I loved you too
But your love couldn’t erase my pain
And Your love didn’t make me okay
I wish that it had
I wish it would have changed everything
But it didn’t, it changed nothing
Even with your love, I was still hurt
Even with your love, I was still weak
So I’ll say it again, one more time
I’m sorry that I couldn’t stay alive
I tried, oh God knows how I tried
I tried to stay alive
For you
For my family
Even for myself
But I suppose I just wasn’t strong enough
So goodbye to all
I bid thee farewell
Maybe one day, you’ll understand
Why I went out by my own hand
I wrote this months ago; every time I read it I realize nothing has changed.
Brooke Aug 2019
There will always be more dead
Than hopeful
There will always be more dead
than depressed
In the end, death is the only victor
In this game we title life
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