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Without any light, I could not see
Just darkness, lay in front of me
The only sound, was my own heartbeat
My sense of smell seemed obsolete
Frozen in fear, I could not run
Or even return from whence I'd come
How I got here, I cannot recollect
My memory now seems circumspect
Unwilling it seems, to try and recall
The reason why, I am here at all
I’m at the point of giving up
With nothing left in my life's cup
A cup than once did overflow
With love and kindness for folks I know
But now alone, without any hope
No reason to live, no means to cope
I surrender my soul to this dark abyss
Not thinking of the things I'd miss
And as I’m drowning in this dark black lake
I feel a hand shaking me awake
My presence here is still required
Although, I feel so lost and tired
Your life may not be, what it seems
So, dream yourself, a different dream
Everyone is worth saving from themselves
Help prevent suicide
Words can bring such undoubted joy
And yet inflict real pain
So, if you can't say something nice
Perhaps you should refrain
For once they're said, you can’t take them back
And they will never be forgotten
They will stagnate in someone's memory
Like eggs that have gone rotten
It may, not even be what you said
But the way your words were spoken
An emphasis in the wrong place
Can cause a heart to be broken
No matter your intentions
Or if said in jest or play
Think before you start to speak
And be careful what you say.
Hidden Meaning

 Beware of hidden meanings
That lurk in others words.
They creep up on you like ripples
Once the waters been disturbed.
You took it as a kindly phrase
Confused by their intention.
They slyly recruited your support
As the truth they did not mention.
Now with your realization
Of their cunning and devious plot.
Your understanding comes too late
And stop it, you cannot.
Do you let them force the checkmate?
As it’s just a matter of time.
Or ease the amount of bloodshed
And gracefully resign.
My eyes they are my window
My eyelids are the blinds
But if you look into these eyes
So many things you’ll find

Like all my pain and sadness
From scars that will not heal
They’ll tell you when I'm healthy
And likewise, if I’m ill

For me, they are a window
But to you, they are a door
An entry to my very soul
Which no one, has seen before

So, if I look in your eyes
And tell you all I see
Will you pluck up the courage?
To do the same for me.
She sits alone and cries

Tears cascade down her face

Reminiscent of a waterfall after the rains

She sobs those elongated breaths

Like billows at a furnace

Her body heaves with grief

And still, she cries


I stand outside her door

Like a sentry on guard

Helpless to do anything but wait

She wants to be alone

I'm forbidden to invade into her sorrow

I cannot change the reason for her tears

And still, she cries


Her sobbing does get faint

Then builds again

Like an orchestrated symphony of pain

It hurts my heart

To hear the one I love in such distress

I'm her knight and meant to save her

Yet still, she cries


The sobbing has ceased

Though I still hear her whimper in her sleep

I'm tired too, but I will not abandon my post

This dragon that engulfs her I must slay

I carry no known weapons but my love

I wonder if that will ever be enough

For each time she cries.
Trevor Reynolds Dec 2020
It is not my death that I fear
It is living when someone I love has passed
For death itself does me no further harm
But the death of another leaves me
With a never healing wound.

It is not faith I lack
But that of others faith in me
For faith is just what we believe
But to have belief in others
You must believe in yourself

It is not pity that I seek
Though I pity those who do
As those without pity, are also without love
And those without love
Fear death, seek pity and lack faith.
Trevor Reynolds Dec 2020
While the holidays bring joy to many of us, for some it can be a time that triggers anxiety, depression and mental health issues, if someone wants to talk to you, please be prepared to listen.

I listened to her problems

I understood his pain.

The weather may be sunshine

But to them it feels like rain.

I didn’t need to answer

That wasn't in the plan.

Just someone who would listen

And try to understand.

I offered some encouragement

A little bit of hope.

Something they could hold onto

Something to help them cope.

It's good to share your feelings

To get things off your chest.

It may be a total stranger

Or someone who knows you best.

As long as they'll just listen

You do not want a debate.

So please, just talk to someone

Before it is too late.
We all need help but some are too proud to ask
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