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The pain I give
Can’t be taken
The life I have
Will be forsaken
The ones I lost
Have been mistaken
The ones I have
Will be forgiven
The sadness I have
Will still happen
The help I give
Is never wanted
The pain I give
Will stay
The scars I left
Will never be given
The love once given
Is never enough
To the pain I have given
’m stuck
No where to go
You keep me here
Not wanting me to leave
Holding me against my will
Not letting me leave
Be on my own
I want to leave
And break free
Tomy Dreads Sep 16
I sit with death
On my mind
What’s the last
Thought you think
Will you cry tears of joy
Or blood of pain
So I sit and think
Of my last thought
Will I cry tears of joy
Or will my eyes
Be filled with hate
And blood of black
Will I die at my hands
Like the one before me
Or at the hands of another
Tomy Dreads Sep 16
I saw you once more
Last night you came
You hugged me
Last night I saw you
Last night I think I finally let you go
Last night you said
I love you
I’m sorry
Last night I let you go in
Tomy Dreads Sep 16
Here I stand
A broken man
Held down
Pinned in the corner
Your words beating me
Me head throbbing
Wanting to cry
Wishing I had blood
Pouring from my wrist
My body laying on the floor
With you starring at my lifeless eyes
Knowing what you pushed me too
Tomy Dreads Sep 16
Is all I hear
When I sit in my room
Sit in the dark
Sit in the quiet
My eyes see red
From the blood I bleed
My body covered in black
From the demons I have
And my eyes cry rivers
To fill the valley’s in my heart
Tomy Dreads Sep 15
A blade in my hand
The deeper I push
The more the pain
We eyes are wet
Stained black
With fear of the past
Deep in my soul is a cry
A cry for help
The deeper
The harder
The more it flows out
Cut through I am now free
Free to be me
Without you

— The End —