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His eyes black as night hooks
His eyes black as solemn nickels
And to be spent

On treats
Poked and prodded
Prayed from the gripping hands
Pried by means
Rough like shoddy tendrils
Of the beggar
Or the mercenary
Of the wino turned soldier
Of dubious fog and haze

He seeks non-combatant
Well turned flesh

White mooned orbs
And a gaze like death
Corseted to her cheeks
A rosened hue
Of chalk and fear

And brings a suddenness
Intended to escape memory

It seems the foreboding nature
Of this sidewalk itself
Causes her stoop
That mimics a sway
That shakes her hips
Like battleships

And in his mind
It has become a war
It is his call
His strike
And beyond his command

There is a deer here
.....veers from the head lamps
And shoots his sweltering skin
He slows
And feels alive
His chest heaves
The onslaught of branches
A rocking chair

he is swaddled by the darkness

.....has shed the light

Interacting with the locals
Carrying baskets  
Bulging fresh fruit  
And palm tree smacked grin
The sun kissed
And grabbed me by the skin  
She danced the light
And smattered it  
Across my wrinkled  
Up nose  
Kool aid carefreed  
Steel drummed  
Rolling round plinking and  
Plopped down to beach it
While curling toes felt up the sand  
I just lay
And soaked up the Rastafarian  
Three man band  
And the **** of spliff  
And the **** of spliff
Tobacco scent  
Wrought ****** havoc  
To rims eeeeking red  
My blink ate dust
Like monsoon season  
And it’s worst  
Fuzzy shores  
A sky too electric blue  
To be right  
The edges of a postcard  
Eroded by salty water  
Takes the better part of a memory  
Come November
I stood scanning channels  
On a ****** radio  
To try and catch a glimpse  
Maybe Marley  
Or at the very least  
At this point  
I’d Belefonte  
The **** outta this joint
It turned out
You can go back home again
How refreshing the smell
Of new rain
On the unsuspecting sidewalk
Where worms come
Out of hiding
Ready to shimmy
In the rain of Life
Birds fly high overhead
Children prepare to
Jump in newly formed puddles
Splashing with all their heart
Lift up your hands
Stick out your tongue
And catch a few drops
It won't last forever
A horse called West

There was an infinite horse called West
He cantered Stallion chest
Heaving, thrusting forward
Beads of salted sweat
To the throttled floor
And hardened salt bed flats
With gifts of pound and precision
The grand machinery of nature
Without untimely death
To reign the beast in

Mortality can appear a noose
Even when the hangman has just cause
And the look of a saint
Beneath his dark hood

West had no knowledge
Of discourage

opposable thumbs were not in his
Chocolate brown make up
His eye dipped
Creamy and soft
If you stared into them
He might appear
To gaze back
Like a lover

Ready and willing
For care and soft
Gentle caress
He might appear to be
But would not stop
A break neck pace

For kind things and touch

But for Omega
He had no vision
No need or desire
To hinder him

He was
As well
Without desperation
He was.....

Just as well

Another horse
Would halt him two foaled
And creation would bring the East
And a certainty

He had yet to see a sun rise
Nor see a sun set
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