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Jake May 2016
I'll see you again.
For now though I'll just play pretend.
That your sitting in one of the planes that we see flying overhead.
On your way to a foreign land.

I know I make you nervous.
You've told me that much.
Because when you're with me you forget about him.
While I try to ignore how easy it would be for our lips to touch.

You said this summer you would try to forget about me.
I guess it's because he gives you safety.
And I guess I'm a bit of a leap.
So guess I'll try to forget about you too.
But I'll admit that's not easy to do.

When every-time I close my eyes all I see are your sky blue's
Jake Apr 2016
Beautiful interstate.
Hallways to a home I'll soon inherit.
They keep telling me that the only downside to the life I've chosen.
Is constant motion.
Maybe an older wiser me will complain.
But for now I'll keep getting ready.
Because if these roads are my hallways.
Then I can't wait to see the rest of this home.
Jake Apr 2016
I want to thank-you.
For reminding me all I need on this earth is my life, faith, and dream.
I'm sure you'll think I'm mad.
But that couldn't be further from true.
Because I never needed you.
I just hope you understand you don't need me too.
Besides we both have more important things to do.
Jake Mar 2016
I take it slow.
I prefer to ride the current.
Drifting along as it ebbs and flows.

Only with you though of course.

Because the rest of my life is more like a tornado.
And I just do my best to to make sense of a mess.
But it was in that storm that I really began to grow.
Jake Mar 2016
Don't tell me you're a follower of God.
If you can't spare a dollar for the man on the street.
Who bled for the war that you said we needed.
Which led to the exodus of the innocents that you now claim are heathens.
Which was sparked by a heating world caused by your people.
Who drilled into this planet to make billions of the dollars that you can't give to the man on the street.
Jake Mar 2016
If I'm never king of anything.
If I fail to save the world.
If I never meet the one.
I'll still be a success if I manage to leave with no regrets.

I know I'll never stop trying to be better than I was yesterday.
Sometimes though all I want to do is nothing.
I don't know if that is wrong or not.
Sometimes I feel too much.
Sometimes nothing at all.
I'll keep trying though.
Because if I can't help me.
Maybe I can help someone else.
And I like to think that some days that's all I'll need.
Words and such
Jake Mar 2016
Drugs and alcohol never gave me the buzz I wanted them to.
But I'll keep taking them anyways.
Only because I want to.
I just don't want to feel like in order to play the keys or write out my mind.
Even if it means retraining myself to focus on something else.
Sometimes I wonder if I'd be a drunk like my father if I were anymore blind.
And I guess the answer is yes.
And I think now is the time to wake up from my rest.
Before I start to forget.
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