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b Aug 2021
you are the tilt of my world,
lost my balance on your axis.
I felt the ocean swirl
swooning riptides held me captive

your chains around my neck held me so tight
some might call it gravity.
though escape never even crossed my mind
your grasp never seemed a tragedy

the moon controls no tide
the stars will not affect me
but stay lazy on your river, close behind
would you let me float atop your sea?

yeah, nature is a woman i confess
and she is my only love.
my world is a green eyed goddess
my orbit could never be good enough
b Aug 2021
So much to say, ****
but can’t even open my mouth
identity perjury slammed
to please whoever was around

The one I hide emerged in
clever jokes and lies,and  storylines
I’m a wretched ******* person
All ******* jokes aside

you don’t seem to know it
i guess you’ll never see
no matter how bit by ****** bit..
oh, hi
my friends call me b

an artist  of sorts,
surrealist self portraits i could sell
Charm, charisma, laughter show more
now that you’re underneath the spell

You see depth in my  eyes
sweet love in every word to you spoken
And sure, in that you’d  be right
But the rest of me - broken

I cant bear to find out
I don’t even wanna ******* know
If you dug straight through my ground
And found the Shallow grave of a dead man
You weren’t ever supposed to ******* know

If you dug me out,
Removed the dirt and saw underneath
You’d dig and dig the grave deep into the ground
The only good b, is a buried b
b Jul 2021
tread light with me
he warned, i’m no light cross to bear
but you seemed to hold it easily
so he swore he’d keep you near
though with time and distance, perpetual struggling
your knees began to shake
you smiled with love through all the trembling
but now your love held a bitter taste

you knew he held you dear
more than the sun,  or even breath
but the weight of love riddled with tears
encumbered you, like all the rest
his cross was just as heavy
he struggled just the same
though the crosses he had
on his back  already
was fogging up his brain

Jesus may have taken 39 lashes
before he laid down his life for sin
but you’d have taken 50 more
just to prove your love was all for him

the broken man with all his burdens
never stopped to take a glimpse
the love he had who stood before him
now held all his burdens upon her hips
b Aug 2017
(whistle).. chirp chirp,
I know the night has slipped away-
when i hear the birds words.
the room starts to illuminate-
the windows curtains, don't work.
i'm not ready for the suns harsh rays-
seeking darkness, the light hurts.
but a selfish horus starts his day-
the jays and i, suffer.
silently, not once a **** apology-
with no remorse,  the birds burn.

Always found it kinda funny, we assume birds are always singing-
melodies of fresh starts, new hope.
At dawn a roosters caw, signals new beginnings,
sounds more like they're hung from rope.
Maybe the cardinals hate the light, maybe they are screaming?
when that fireball in the sky flaunts his glow
maybe the ravens hope they are but dreaming,
Or maybe this time it won't show.

Can't wake up from this nightmare,
yes, this is all real.
sometimes the heat just can't be bared,
i know just how you feel.
it can be easy to get scared,
sometimes you cannot deal.
so yell to the demon in the air,
one day he may just kneel.

Gather the eagles, gather the hawks-
riot! revolution!
act against the evil, no time for squawk-
find it, resolution.
gather on the steeple, form solid as rock-
binded, may confuse him.
together you are lethal, invincible, this flock-
fly high.

b Dec 2014
I want to rewind time
I've been a broken record
I've been stuck on
thinking about you and me
and the things we never were.
i'm hoping
i could change that
last hug to a last kiss,
with me pushing you up against my car,
fingers running through your hair.
i want to feel your lips quiver,
like they used to.
what can I whisper into your mouth,
i love you?
i'll miss you?
you mean oceans and oceans to me?
if  I don't,
what would caress your brain?
would you dream of others?
what could be?
what i should've been?
what should i have been?
  Aug 2014 b
Anderson M
An instance before my mind
Imploded due to devices
Of its own making.
The mind's simply complicated
b Jan 2014
Fly free unwanted conqueror-

I detest you
And your haunting illusion.

Midnight visage-
Encapsulated in wanton peaks
Of redemption.
You who scorched my fields
And ignited my fears,
Laying waste in a furious
Dervish of extrapolated ecstasy.

It might have been over
But in what I was sure
Was my final moment
Your grip became slack,
my conscious lying sputtering
in the destitute mud
That comprises bewilderment ,

And you showed me mercy-
Such bravery in the face of havoc.
And now you gladly accept me,
Embrace me in cold arms,
Wantonly smiling at the distance-
almost, almost imperceptive

But my knowledge trumps mere sense,
With the certainty of a madman.
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