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REAL Nov 2018
The two paths
Lay there peacefully
Quietly teasing you
Taunting you...
Your decision  couldnt affect them
In any way...

The two paths
Lay there
Stretching as far as the eye can see
With nothing in view

The two paths
Lay there as two paths
Not knowing
Never knowing
How they taunt me night and day
REAL Aug 2018
In sleep you find comfort
In your crafts you find inspiration
In your pets you find love
But in the people you love
And who love you back
You find criticism
Short tempered
And anoyyed
In the presence of a Stranger
God forbids you speak up
You would take the word of a stranger that would comment about your appearence
But from the ones who love you a chuckle of disbelief escapes your breath
My love yes
I do wonder of our
REAL Jul 2018
It's been
1320 days
Since that day
You became my clementine
And I became your valentine

A dream we both hold
Lays in the midst
And sometimes it's hard to even see it within our grasp
But late at night
When we are together
And  I turn my head to look at you
And when I look at you
Your eyes are closed
And your billions of worlds away
And when a soft breath
Your soft lips
I know you are the one for me

But sometimes you are asleep
When you are awake
I cannot blame you
It must be hard being stuck in your own head...more then most

You know your my hearts beat

Love , my darling


Is it that hard to say

"How you doing?"
REAL Dec 2017
Heads heavy
Eyes lids hanging
Dragging limbs
Messy hair
No light comes through the windows
Only the pink pink sky
The world looks asleep
So why should I be up ?
REAL Nov 2017
In my slightly lit room

You'll find me sleeping under the covers

And outside you'll find
A wintry land

But in my head
You'll find something different
A hope
A glimmer

Maybe this whole thing
Can turn around
REAL Oct 2017
deep sleeps
Drown me into
An infinite hibernation
REAL Sep 2017
Bored in class
Smoked half my pack
I keep getting up for a snack
The days hot
I got a cold , nose full of snot
All I wanna do is bike
Nah man **** a hike
Give me a joint
Then I'll tell u my point
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