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  Feb 2021 Audrey Gill
Hooria Iftikhar
Maybe you aren’t you because  you’re trying to be who you were before the trauma, that person doesn’t exist anymore, because there’s a new you that’s trying to be born! Breathe life into that person!
Just reminding everybody that don’t be too ******* yourself!
No matter what you deserve love and respect!
#self-love #love-yourself
Audrey Gill Jan 2021
you're that type of love that never leaves
the kind that hurts you physically because they know you wont love them the same
you're that type of love that stalks at night
the kind that sits in the corner of the room and never seems to move
the type that never becomes anything  
the type that never goes away no matter how hard you try to forget all the little moments
the type that will hurt you for an eternity
Audrey Gill Jan 2021
if i am a *** what does that make u
you cheated on me not the other way round
you took my innocence
i'm only 16 and was preparing to be a mother  
but i'm a **** because of that something that we both had a part in
so how am i a *** ?
Audrey Gill Nov 2020
I fell in love with her eyes
Her laugh brightens the day
I fell for her voice
I fell for her little quirks
But then she fell for him
And that broke me
Audrey Gill Nov 2020
All of it's so depressing
Try and write something lighthearted
What I mean is try not to be so depressing
Well I'm sorry if you don't like them
But I do I like what I write
I like letting my feeling flow out of my hands as poetry
so you can go shove a sock in it
Audrey Gill Nov 2020
Today was the day,
I was going to do it.
I was going to end it all.
How could you say you cared?
When you told me to die,
When you told me I was nothing?
Know your turn around and say you care?
I'm going to do it
I'm already gone
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