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Dec 2020 · 29
Leap of faith
Aprilia Dec 2020
Mind a racing’

Fingers ablazin’  
                Across this page of mine.

Ticky, ticky, tock
                Goes this clock of mine.

Each year passing
                 Faster than the next.

A time-sensitive journey
                 To your ultimate Truth.

Taking time to evaluate...

It might just take a leap of faith and a hope that the universe will catch you when, and if, you fall down.
© 2020 A. Violet. J.
DeSwimber day #11
Dec 2020 · 32
Topsy Turvy
Aprilia Dec 2020
The push-and-pull of the Majestic, like a tug-o-war in time with the Devine.

To sneak away to the silent blooming garden, a secret treasure awaits thee.

Tangled up in unruly vines of minutes and hours, points, and pyramids.

Caught in the no-mans-land of yesterday and tomorrow, of now and then, of reality and fantasy...just a little nudge and down that rabbit hole we do tumble.

We’re pulled inside out and outside in and then, we’ll begin again.
© 2020 A. Violet. J.
DeSwimber day #4
Jun 2020 · 88
Aprilia Jun 2020
To choose comfort when chaos surrounds you.

To choose wisdom when shortcuts astound  you.

To choose yourself when others have frowned down upon to choose pain, to choose growth, to choose a life you no longer have to fake.

Let’s stop faking it to make it, let’s start being true to the real YOU.
© 2020 A. Violet. J.
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