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99 · Dec 2019
Aprilia Dec 2019
A moment captured in time

Tiny slivers of our past

Peaceful moments of love

The essence of our beings caught in four walls, telling a small story

Pieced together, pictures make up the puzzle pieces of our lives.

And in a flash, a blink, these memories become our prompts to remember
DeSwimber day 15

© 2019 A. Violet. J.
88 · Jun 2020
Aprilia Jun 2020
To choose comfort when chaos surrounds you.

To choose wisdom when shortcuts astound  you.

To choose yourself when others have frowned down upon to choose pain, to choose growth, to choose a life you no longer have to fake.

Let’s stop faking it to make it, let’s start being true to the real YOU.
© 2020 A. Violet. J.
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