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Oct 6 · 55
Signets roundabout
I mute out all sound
Least I treespass on reasons rhyme

I enjoin in the signets call
Least I surround myself with subterfuge

Like a deckled cheeseboard
I hunger for a Silver  lining

Palimpsest on a bright day
I scribe letters already cast
Sep 29 · 68
Dementia - forfeiture
Antony Glaser Sep 29
The horse has bolted
Day is night
Memories flight to County Carlow
whilst he lives in London SE27
A hard rain is about to fall
when he calls me John
and forgets to feed his cats
Sep 28 · 69
Out in the night
Antony Glaser Sep 28
Silence falls softly in these hours
Oft I wish I were a vampire
Between the void and hereafter

Night unfolds into the ether
And the siren sings her woeful song

What use is this solitude it endures
and whispers tales to surmount

Darkness this is the moment
Of plaintiff protestations  unfolding
Sep 21 · 67
An eyelid away
Antony Glaser Sep 21
I could be the lash
under your eyelid
taste your summer wine
sip from your song
Such an azure day
listen to your dahlias grow
meet you in the street
in the passing of goodbye
Sep 20 · 84
The Youngster
Antony Glaser Sep 20
I wish I had a vista of the past
and could still hear the squawking hens
in their Kibbutz hatches
under some 1982 azure sky

I wish I were a hippie
and could permanently hear acetate music from 1967
dressed in kaftan
smoking Moroccan ***
forever  young

If I were to be a poet
id  gap in the missing years
and candy floss the  past
between youngster hood and my  near 60 years
Sep 10 · 80
The runner
Antony Glaser Sep 10
She runs to keep healthy
dressed in black
culpable, catching the sunlight
Her beads of inspiration
clings to her  underarms
She is at peace with herself
Her red jacket drapes her hips
She is sure of her run,
speedy as she goes
deftly middle-aged
Sep 8 · 45
You could afford a pink bathroom
But had a freyed t- shirt
You sapped bitter
And had manacial 1970s whiskers
But I'm interested in your mind
I am quite listenable
I want to taste your Thunderberg wine
And deserve to be sanquinely addressed by you.
Sep 4 · 47
Fridays evergreens
When you think about cracking an ego
You'll thinking of people's withstanding fortitude
Yet I'm tired of folks
and all their green tomato chutney sentiments

But lost in city road
Ones direction is awry
Asking profusely for directions
Everybody you met is friendly
Which goes against the grain

I'm an island to myself
Righting right from wrong
recessing the plates of your salad
Sep 3 · 272
Broken relationships
It was a long time coming
But now she says she wants her escape
weekends to replenish her sleepless nights
She has a gypsy's travel lust
Complains never gets cuddles
Walks over her men
Alikens herself to marmite
You are forced to either hate or love her
She's got her toxic relationship now
Where is her humanity
and true voix
of what she is really feeling
Never talks politics
despite reading the Mail,
seeks a  bad reaction everytime
never gave him a chance
Where does her gentleman lay
with  broken hearts
never happy now
Sep 1 · 41
Teremerdity drawing Razorblades
The arch angels have turned asunder
Realisation is incomparable
In velvet diaries wantonly kept
Unkempt Man faces his disclaimer
Sep 1 · 42
Tethered hooks
Night time pensiveness on dry tethered hooks
Carrion birds ditched at noon
Could have been a contender
In marigold fields of Heather

As bright as a whisper
This voyage far and wide
East winds facing reason
In vast fields of thyme
Aug 28 · 69
Antony Glaser Aug 28
Plastic puddles pervade.
Even through the looking glass,
Hearts of darkness.
Trees of madness set me free.

As the calvary of life raises.
Through the climbers rise of parody,
ballast hope,
Realisation of what you did to me.
Aug 27 · 71
Antony Glaser Aug 27
We grew bulbs on the windowsill
Having tasted our marshmallows
and respected our teachers
Like kestrels we waited eagerly to learn
And wore white poppy's the whole of November
We were never defiant
Always standing to attention
Spelling hard words made easy
Aug 27 · 27
Rain dance
Antony Glaser Aug 27
Rivulets of well worn hope
comes sliding down the bannisters
I put on my classeless smile on
I breathe the air of cigarette defiance
And I know I'm poor and mad
Like scrapeless flakes of snow I follow
Aug 26 · 177
Through the night
Antony Glaser Aug 26
I noticed a streak of meaness
Was it culpable by its design?
Was that that made the moon so stubborn?
I needed to blink out of the night
To succumb to the daylight
Precisely as in a dream
Talking in your  dread
Through the cast windows of your mind
Aug 25 · 57
Ole lady O'Reily
Antony Glaser Aug 25
Land and rock slides
are the order of the day
They point to twilight world
Like a speechless old woman
With pitable likeness to a witch
And when she froze
She had flown for five miles
on a broom handle
A little lose on the left bends
Disliked like the anonymous sea
Aug 25 · 273
Antony Glaser Aug 25
It's the same monstrosity
Like briar wood on display
Mother Anne disciplines her kids
It's always like the first day of her personal crusade
Like being drawn under the ocean floor
Escapades are the order of the day
But it's the present that is the crow
Aug 22 · 221
Antony Glaser Aug 22
In empty fields I strawl
And hear the blackbird speak
The dormice haunt in fives
Whilst the constellations are ajar
Then to a proud pond that maybe a lake
And to a star that tows to town
and speaks volumes
of the silence of the night
Aug 21 · 179
Antony Glaser Aug 21
The King's lost smile is complete
He needs his leige
And the serfs laugh
At this stupid plan

I am on my own sail
Sunny due a different way
And the child within me
Paints a pastoral day
Aug 19 · 491
New poem
Antony Glaser Aug 19
She wanted a new poem
To brighten the day
She wanted to disrobe her gloom
That her love had left
She follow his footprints
and composes a sonnet of bearing
On a night like a flower
Aug 19 · 57
Eartha's song
Antony Glaser Aug 19
Daisy chains and sheltered coves
Gaze into the turquoise landscape
Coldstreams on the island
Where have you been?
Let us talk of the past
Reinvoke the present
And remember that's how strong my love is
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Aug 18 · 33
Antony Glaser Aug 18
Conflating thunderous intentions
Give rise to the lies
A passion play for the undoing
Escapades termerity

Ruined cities
Shuttered windows strike again
Lonely recess
There is time for heroes still
Aug 18 · 136
Antony Glaser Aug 18
Care worn
Follow the sun to temerity
Razor cut your perfection
Hail Appolo your God

The night comes hither
Forlong past heroes
and paperback writers

The perceptible theatre goers
Gain an insight
Into the theatrics of their fellow performers.
Aug 13 · 267
Beths song
Antony Glaser Aug 13
Took the train north
to capture the star gaze
Didn't say if she would come back
Where is her boyfriend now
The one she believed in

She chooses her colours for pleasure
Russett sunset
and embroideries for you
surrounds herself with friends
To learn the truth
Summer fade
Leaves a smile
Aug 13 · 54
Severed Animate
Antony Glaser Aug 13
He is the faker.
Living by the river.
Cardboard eyes holding your attention.
He has no intention of goodness,
synthetically adorned,
living a lie just by blinking.

Nettles covers his body,
crawls on the ground like a newt,
walks in the greenhouse,
makes for penitence,
always thought he was better than thou.
Aug 13 · 52
First girlfriend
Antony Glaser Aug 13
I  just  had  to grow up fast
you were my first girlfriend.
You've turned into a female stranger.
With your wild parties
and church of unforgiveness.
Your ruby lips are for someone else.
and I can't hold your face next to mine.
You're  a big Mamma now,
who can't hold a candle for me.

I with my earnest guitar.
I never slept with you,
but must have made love a 1000 times.
We're young and had no place to go
You gathered flowers,
but could not cry for me
Aug 12 · 41
Ribald threads
Antony Glaser Aug 12
Your ribald sword fades
from view
All that was strong hangs by a thread
My poetry lives just to please you
My song to start the day

My thoughts fjords your armoury
Your eyes are like oceans
My life proceeds your being
Surrender to the wilderness
Aug 12 · 164
Antony Glaser Aug 12
I am planting myself
between eternal hope
and eventual discord

Just some grey occurrence
reflecting the rue of life

The middle way between
the light of day
and the shimmering night.

What a query we have in the night
Its illuminated stare
leaves us more uncertain
The silence of a million stars pervades
Aug 12 · 66
Whispering Winter
Antony Glaser Aug 12
Like a finger dail.
The wall is shallow.
Can't find the other side
Like a passing eagle,
of childhood fantasy.

Thoughts concealed.
Head in the clouds.
Now I'm whispering.
Winter is blue.
The sap is leaning.
Aug 12 · 65
Borrowed Moons
Antony Glaser Aug 12
Dance again
Enjoin your red lips to mine
You're cooler than a glass of water

Now the moon is ready
The unpainted green pains me
all alone
On borrowed clouds
Can't reach you but I try
Aug 12 · 416
Antony Glaser Aug 12
I am touch.
A rinse of saffron rice.
parable on a summers day.
A green leaf waiting to wilt.

I am journey.
From the depths of the oceans.
To rim of the bay.

The gentle blow of the wind,
that picks up the aroma of your winter wine.
Aug 9 · 76
Smiling fortitude
Fortitude  for our heroes
Take them closer to the heart
They are as curious as a curate's egg.
To suffice the occasion
we exchanged a greeting,

Blushed from smiling,
our ears tuned into
eine kleine Nachtmuzik,
to prolong the duration
The morning piano enlivened
our souls.
High in the sky.
London chimes.
Postcode lottery
Knife crime assures.
Still the Eagle soars,
over Streets with no names
Combustible cladding awaiting.

Hose pipe bans beckons.
A capricious late summer.
Rosemary twigs for sale.
See the gypsies staid,
against the Victoria tube exit.
Aug 8 · 28
Quiet contray
Mary Mary.
The mottled peebles awaits
the light of the morning.
Fabled tales regail,
undoing their promises.

Through the nest,
the ship has sailed,
strange lands appear.
The wash lances against
the plaid sky.

Strangely Sunday love
is begone.
Soft was its murmur.
I've been on the blossom so long
Take pity on my bearings.
Aug 1 · 54
Canyons rinse
Follow up at unhappiness
The sweet deadly rinse of decay
passing through chaos
A Windrush forest flame asures

I walk on the seashore
Through ordeals reign of pain
The deep sea canyons
To the ocean of despair
Those lonely contestations
Will fall away like confetti
Jul 31 · 57
Up with laughter
Antony Glaser Jul 31
Up with laughter
down with sorrow
I will wait till tomorrow
to see the seasons change

Stop being intellectual
you need to follow the horde
Their platitudes won't hurt you
Then find a  bucket of joy
Tease your way home
by the Autumn river
Jul 29 · 60
Nikon Fe
Antony Glaser Jul 29
Equally adept from 1978 and today
You're sturdy compact by design
A Nikkormat el platform offspring
Your size is influenced by the Olympus om series
A silicon meter for accuracy,
aperture priority
and a notch for NAI lens
Good for astro photography too
Antony Glaser Jul 29
The unbridled duration of time
I'm stuck in Dorking for two hours
Time isn't fleeting
Instead I go to the library
and read Seamus Heaney
and admire his black currents on a tarmac road
Otherwise I do a raindance mid cycle
And reassess my needs duly
Antony Glaser Jul 28
Once a stray
Now comfy at home
Not a mean bone in his body
You're like porridge with prunes
Indispensable to the body regime
Cool and collected
With an underlined intelligence
I'd happily adopt you myself
Jul 27 · 84
Antony Glaser Jul 27
It isn't easy to know
what to do with such unhappiness
I waved my battle plans at them
They paraded in their midnight striped pajamas
We decided it was a drew
Until they put bubble gum in my lock
I bleached their door mat
We agreed weren't good neighbours
Jul 26 · 67
Antony Glaser Jul 26
Tiptoe through turquoise longues
curtain nets a  twitching
Ladies faces wistful
maybe tomorrow change
I am the breeze
cool as peaches
Houses were seen for miles
your eyes belie them
Me my friend
Jul 25 · 33
Antony Glaser Jul 25
We used to have buttermilk
and Austrian white wine
from Safeways
and used to buy 2nd hand Prog records from Beanos
or see Budgie at the greyhound
The years have sped by
and I'm not recalling any standout shop now
Unless you include the durable Buddist shop
next to the once Hockneys
Toothless gaps in the town square appear
The Whitgift Centre is half empty
Samsung Mobile shop is closed
The years have not been very Kind
The sound of laughter is removed
Jul 25 · 53
Antony Glaser Jul 25
They  give us pennies for the years
we have spent
Everybody says they care
Yet cant wish away their tears
It was not hard to clamber
Speed the unconsecrated times
Seen so many chances fall from
clumsy hands
Glad to leave my youth
The river of us runs dry
Jul 24 · 34
Peter the cat
Antony Glaser Jul 24
Your the chief operator
for the tuxedos
The jewel in the crown
Balanced and assured
Peter the cat has it all
He is the creme d'creme
The after dinner speech
The cat who swims with river dolphins
a as in assurance
Jul 23 · 31
Nikon F90X
Antony Glaser Jul 23
Tough Bakelite body
A DSLR without the pixels
only lacking a LCD screen
Advanced autofocus
update from F90
choice of 3 alternate exposure meters
DX coded
iso from 60 to 2500
speed range 30 seconds to
1/8000 seconds
1992 to 2001
Jul 23 · 167
We've found the answer.
Antony Glaser Jul 23
Rain coming for a long time
Changes coming down too soon
I used to run like cobbled stones
Can't seem to carry down the hill
the overlapping branches remain undisturbed

Used to think of Ferris wheels
All neon rides come down,
luminous signposts
Freedoms come a long way down
I need to talk to someone
Jul 23 · 187
Antony Glaser Jul 23
A day so happy
Cantonese your smile
give me your daily rice

Remember Autumns action,
a bonfire of flames,
where the overgrown cobwebs of your life
are extinguished to your  conscience

Forget your barriers,
on the cobbled way to your destiny.
Once laden is the now free
freedoms hanker is tomorrow's high.
Jul 23 · 46
Antony Glaser Jul 23
Please give me some chopped aubergine
with Afrikanner chops
Could you give me your Ph.D.?
The planner of a healthy diet

Give me back your life
and undo your dementia
Let your care and concern
be the lodestar you gave us
Jul 23 · 48
Olympus OM2N
Antony Glaser Jul 23
Black enameled  embellishment
Your beauty is refined
Like Audrey Hepburn or the Porsche 911
you share their Maitani good looks
OM2 you are the earlier OM1's size
You're the best of both worlds
Manual and aperture priority
Shutter in throat
Deftness is the first priority
A superlative on the field camera
better than the Leica M3 or
Canon A1
Jul 23 · 34
Nikkormat EL
Antony Glaser Jul 23
They say you are a rats
nest of  wires and circuitry
but thanks to a reputable shop
you're still guaranteed
The ancestor of the Nikon Fe
Nikon's first automatic camera
The battery is in the dafest of places
behind the mirror
Rabbit ears for Non auto-indexing
You are a workhorse  my Nikkormat EL
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