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Kimeisha Paisley Sep 2020
You stare me in the face as you mock my desire,
You laugh as I yearn for the touch from another…
Deep within the core of who I am, comes a cry of who I am destined to be
But SSENILENOL won't see me free.

You poke and **** as at my wildest dreams
No peace you want for me it seems
The walls appear to be closing in
And with an eerie voice in my ear you sing…

Half truths about what my future holds
Lies about what will unfold
So with a smirk you mock my desire
And laugh as I yearn for the touch from another

You hide away in the darkest places
And then appear with different faces
No one seems to know who or what you are
But LONELINESS I've seen you coming from a far.
Kimeisha Paisley Sep 2020

Tomorrow I return, to a place that seems forgotten. How will it receive me? I won't know for sure as the script remains unwritten.
Tomorrow I return, to a place that once called out my name, and with joy I'd answer, but now things aren't the same. Through muzzled lips with muffled words my name it whispers.
Tomorrow I return, to a place where I'll wish it was still today and tomorrow is delayed, and though my wish may sound selfish; many would gain…
Tomorrow… if it comes, I return to a place that I now remember...
Kimeisha Paisley Jul 2020

Why do we tend to always remember the things we try hard to forget?
While we carefully try to live a life of no regrets...
Sometimes the very thing  from which we run, is what becomes our saving grace,
But it's hard to see it face to face...
Just to erase the parts that you don't wish to recall,
So that depression won't be your portion after all...
If with the mind, bad things and people we could make disappear,
None of us would live a life of fear...
But things have a way of coming right back,
And it's when it's least expected that it attacks...
When you thought it was gone, it was only suppressed,
Then it shows up at dinner as an uninvited guest...
You try very hard to put it back in the box,
But there's not much one can do with broken locks.
So now you remember and it brings lots of pain,
And you promised yourself not to cry over this memory again...
You try to send it back from whence it came,
But only if you remember, your life will never be the same.
Kimeisha Paisley Jul 2020
My heart is aching...                          I'
My hands are shaking...                  M
My head is spinning..          
My soul is breaking...                        H
I must be dreaming...                        U
My chest is tight...                              R
Can't sleep at night...                         T
For joy I fight...                                    I
I can't see the light...                          N
Take this pain, restore my sight...   G
Kimeisha Paisley Jun 2020
Heart Break
           Break up
                           ­  Backdrop
                                      Drop dead.
Kimeisha Paisley Jun 2020
It hurts a lot when the one you care about doesn't care about you
You asked for my heart and I was quick to give, now that it's broken I don't want to live.
Kimeisha Paisley Jan 2020
From the sound of the guns
To the smell of blood
From the screams of the neighbors as the body of their kin hits the ground with a thud...
From men walking with riffles too and fro my backyard
I have seen it, I have seen it all.
Dogs barking in a distance become very near
People screaming and running for their lives in fear...
Schools closed on the account of war
Gangs and law enforcers together in a brawl
It was a lot to see, but I have seen it all.
Who would I become when crime and violence have been engraved in my mind?
When the hate and torment around me is all that I could find?
Not what is expected of me as my environment dictates
But a role model to society no matter what it takes...
Because I have seen it, and seen it all
To crime and violence I will not fall.
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