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Andres Martinez Dec 2019
To my other
Though we haven’t met
I wonder what that day is like
The moment
That memory that will never fade
The perfect sunrise and sunset
And everything else in between
I hope it’s not just me..
But that’s how I think I’d feel
When you’re finally at my side .
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
Could I
Would I
Take a moment
Just a few counts
A thump
The one you don’t often hear
But feel
Every time
That’s what it’s like
So if you see me off somewhere
I’m lost
But somehow you’ve found me there
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
Unwanted at my best
Put down to be addressed as a problem
Can’t see through a mirror but you can try
The reflection is unclear but the resemblance is uncanny
How can one avoid a flaw while trying to improve our own
It’s a simple suggestion
A fresh face to look at only helps with forgetting
Same plot same characters
Just a different setting
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
Once an after thought
Maybe a second option
But it doesn’t matter
I only wanted a chance
Now that I have you here
My heart stops but mind won’t let this pass
I cant find the words
But I can show you how I feel
Like a dream
I’d pinch myself
And you laugh at my reaction
You can tell it’s all so real
Genuine like nothing you’ve ever had
Amongst all the others you’d never guess I’m the only good out of the bad
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
It’s effortless
Every thought that crosses my mind
Moments of peace
Like the warmth of the sun in the morning
Or the refreshing scent of rain
A rhythm that’s only naturally felt
Clearing up the air
Something soothing about the breeze
Heavy prints left in the sand
Side by side
It brings a smile to my face with such ease
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
You’d think giving in would feel free
Quite the opposite
Intangible and perhaps the most enslaving of deeds
Captured in a second
Struggled for a life time
Enjoy the laughs while slow dancing in hopes you’d have me chastised
I forget if I’m supposed to step in the holes that I missed
Can you blame for a second of bliss?
Andres Martinez Dec 2019
Sit back
Set in
Contribute to the balance
Steady on a path
No leads to be exact
Just writing my own map
Many places to cross
There and back
Ever after sort of thing
Stroll on by it’s not yours
The world can only spin so much before you feel the ride.
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