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Anastasia Red Jan 2021
A sip on my coffee
Make my mind free
Sitting alone on the corner
Hearing the sound of a thunder
Seeing the sky cry
Behind all of this is a lie
Anastasia Red Nov 2020
Tonight I have decided
To take this off out my head
I can't take this anymore
Pretending like someone you adore

Oh hi, hi there
Showing my smile everywhere
But nobody cares
Somewhat scared to dare

Fly like a butterfly
You are free tonight
Take off the mask
And enjoy the rest of your life

Fligh high,My dear self
Anastasia Red Sep 2020
I want to trust you
But my mind says no
I love you
But my heart tells don't
Anastasia Red Aug 2020
Being paranoid
Is what you see
I can't avoid it
It's all in my head

This is my escape
Write down all my feelings
And let the time heal it
Just please let me be
Anastasia Red Aug 2020
Im nothing compare to her
She was your first love
While I am just your rebound
She's too perfect compare to me
I am just nothing!
Anastasia Red Aug 2020
White that turns to black
A smiley face to a sad one
Positivity to negativity
Yeah I've change

There's no exits
I can't escape
Will you help me?
To bring back the old me?
Anastasia Red Jun 2020
Am I really the one you love?
Am I the only one you have?
I feel I'm not really enough
Cause Im not  that tough

Why can't I fully feel your love?
Is it because you still love her that much?
I feel betrayed by your love
I thought I would be the one,
It turns out Im just the one you loved
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