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AmbientThought Jun 2018
I don't sleep at night for thoughts of you and what I'll do.
Dreaming a life of fright seemingly only subdued
by intoxicants, though with them my life is can'ts,
my words, rants
on a staggered stance;
No clear path through.
Intentions misconstrued
Me and myself collude  
to ruin an attitude
******. Still I feud
with myself and me
to separate what's glued,
but as wood breaks first
on what's naturally fused,
I crack first
where the aforementioned has affused
unto me a link weak and loose.
If I could I'd choose,
but know there to be no use.
AmbientThought Jun 2018
A branch
6 foot 5 inches from 8 perpendicular wraps
sat beneath the left jaws angle to ensure a clean snap.  
Up, right, and back.
Never a plan so mapped
nor a mind so cracked.
then 15 minutes max.
Dark times
AmbientThought May 2018
I thought I'd aptly be recluse.

As if I could flee this ruse,

and, in me, find a use,

but alone I seek my muse,

a friend I knew I'd lose.

Once acute but now obtuse,

my acceptance, but I don't confuse

my penance with a noose,

as there's good still I can do,

to impress this goddess; You.

A greatness to show through

the darkness I've abused

to shroud me from abuse

to change this shade of blue

to an optimistic hue,

and in that new light brew

a life to entice You,

and find, even in our tempered state,

a way to start anew.

Though, I'd not change the line you drew,

in dreams I'd bond our one from two.

I'll hope always for a dream come true,

but I'd not gain mine at a loss to you,

as I see your dreams more deserved and due.
AmbientThought Sep 2017
AmbientThought Aug 2017
I'll be lost when found
Squandering time from lost mind
With what fun I find
AmbientThought Aug 2017
Surface stimuli spreads a serotonin smile across her face,
but the Half-Life's less than half the life she wades in space.
Knows she should quicken pace through times of disgrace,
Though often feels displaced, rewound to start of race.
How's one to continue when all progress is erased?
So many demons faced, and more still to take their place.
She just trecks on through space
Pulls tight shoes' lace,
A race to erase disgrace,
Makes haste to displace
Any demons she'll face,
And on her own, a smile place.
AmbientThought Aug 2017
All I know is that I don't know?
Through the logic loop we go..
I don't know?
But know you don't..
I know one thing. That's it.
Best yet, but I still won't sit.
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