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AmbientThought Jun 2017
Separate many a week
Long missed embrace I seek
Stomach twists, feeling weak
As face turns, collision with cheek
Eyes away, now thoughts grow bleak
Effect assumed, cause unknown
Lowered me easy, still I was thrown
Your voice made me queasy, and touch felt of stone
It could never be easy, something now that's well known.
AmbientThought Jun 2017
A literate in a little nation
Likes to play with literation
And can add alliteration
To send along a fun sensation
And maybe make you misspeak ration?
AmbientThought Jun 2017
Unsettled understanding, perhaps paranoid
Oculars overacting​, ​should vision be void?
Are thoughts toyed, or distracted destructively?
Slide this sinusoid to come back constructively​.
Away it's easier to see.  
When near you know no need.
Stay thine hand from Mead,
and mind from greed
As only fulfilled neuron fires repeat
AmbientThought Jun 2017
How would we have known we would wash away?
As two solemn searching souls, together to the sea
Amongst the creatures underneath the deepening
Holding to the flame burning you and me

We sacrifice the talk and praise the eyes in all wonder and amazement
And notice every star floating in the arms of symmetry so ageless
This is not mine. It is a clip of lyrics from Chuck Ragan's song "Symmetry" of the album "Feast or Famine." I thought others here might enjoy it as I do.(Google him if you like this, as he's quite poetic in many songs)
AmbientThought Jun 2017
Beware, to be weary
is to be unaware
Blank stare, eyes see clearly
but no thought is there
Shelled form,
I'm torn, these absent of mind
were one day born.
Forlorn, but is it they or me
who feel its thorn?
AmbientThought May 2017
The whispering eye speaks only a ***** fable
AmbientThought May 2017
The whispering eye speaks only a ***** fable
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