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Mar 27 · 99
La luna aúlla
Alyssa Mar 27
la luna tiene la intención
entre las cortinas de gasa
de tocar mi habitación

desliza su brazo largo
buscando my pezón
perla que conduce al corazón

pero de mi carne mortal
no puede deshacerse
su rayo albo polvoroso

sola en la galaxia mengua
y en la tierra los lobos escuchan
cuando la luna aúlla
Jun 2021 · 237
Alyssa Jun 2021
Is it soft, or bouncy? A disc or a balloon?

Crescent, cold, and planetary. I think I am the moon.
Apr 2021 · 232
Hell is my address
Alyssa Apr 2021
living in the walls
creatures gelatinous
thronging the corridors
rising at night
I cannot see the end
only darkness and depth
under the floorboards a grave
direct passage to hell
Feb 2021 · 54
Alyssa Feb 2021
of the flesh
that has been severed
spills a soul
blood and bone
were the womb
where stays soft
yet past nine months
it rots
one might find
tendons torn
dragging a child
back home
Feb 2021 · 55
my mother is taking a nap
Alyssa Feb 2021
my mother never cried
her eyes she emptied of their water
so she wouldn't drown

she was a poetess last year
and deaf the day I was born
there was no milk left on her *******
only vinegar and blood

she strikes me just to hear the sound
my mouth a shape she cannot recognize
her fingers are hooks
sunk in my cheeks, my thighs, my spine

her anger lodged in my throat
as I try her dresses and twirl in the room
to keep her burdensome corpse company
until the coroner comes
I'll tell them she's just taking a nap

I can't explain the rot, it's been there all her life
Alyssa Jan 2021
in the gulf of our desire
I freed the fleeting regret
of letting you see me dancing
and letting you kiss me insane
for the sky over the ocean
turned dark and ****** red
as the sun sunk below my horizontal faith
witnessing your unbothered death
Nov 2020 · 485
Alyssa Nov 2020
the scar in the wounded ground
where your grave was dug won't heal
everpresent welt
meridian bisecting my heart

I've kept your cadaver in bed
for exactly a hundred years
wishing you'd wake up with me one day
but I haven't been able to sleep
Oct 2020 · 1.1k
Atmospheric romance
Alyssa Oct 2020
I am the alpine chill
the pressure of the tundra
sweep of fog that daily dies
arctic bride in love with a vaporous sight

ghost in the clouds dispersed
I dress in morning haze
gauze and mist faint a dress
sighs dissolve in a veil

whirling winds and undertow
hurricane you grow
breathing through the storm
giving the ocean its new form

perpetual lunar tide
rippling aqueous mirage
oxygen and carbon dioxide
impossible atmospheric romance
Oct 2020 · 457
At night
Alyssa Oct 2020
tender flesh
rippled synapses connect
through ligaments and thoughts
the heart contracts
love coagulates
on the wrist a scarlet line
pools the loneliness at night
dampening the mystery of suicide

the neighbour can taste the rot
puppy whining in the hall
shadows grow thicker than blood
the moon witnessed it all
Sep 2020 · 140
Alyssa Sep 2020
Ares of bloodied sands
Mars of iron oxide
light and soft, rovers traverse
the cold desserts of death
enveloped in dust storms and devils
mountainous spawn desolated
of eruptions and asteroid wars
mesozoic realm suspended
in space abandoned glistens
through the endless wonder of night
Sep 2020 · 196
A handful of ash
Alyssa Sep 2020
my father asked no pension for his verses
and left no sounds in the house
it wasn't him but the music that died

I asked my mother for his guitar
she gave me a handful of ash
Aug 2020 · 263
Alyssa Aug 2020
I became a bride at twelve
wearing my mother's jewels
in haste, in heat, by mistake
at the fair with a ticket
you said to keep the secret

at fifteen I am a widow
in my bed your headless body
freezing cold at noon
time now moves in shudders
my father looks like you
Aug 2020 · 98
Alyssa Aug 2020
of name untold and pain unsure
in the penultimate hours of the day
a shadow, a murmur, an imprint in the bed
the smallest child next door is dead

I'm choking on my own air
but there is music in the room
sweet mechanical staccato
to the rythm of machines

death waits on the visitors' chair
Jun 2020 · 102
Alyssa Jun 2020
all love has been spent
as currency of their intent
and instead a debt of unadulterated rage
like that of Romeo and Juliet

mom is misery, dad is bliss
the kids a thought in the midst
of truly beautiful things
to make them forget their sins

parents divorce twice befell
once in heaven, once in hell
ears ringing with wedding bells
the family trauma unveils
May 2020 · 164
Alyssa May 2020
mad and moonly
under me so new
sprouting in love
the seed of lust

half curled fronds
brushing the sand
where desire is set
and in my breath spent

warm summer winds
the night have wet
with the spray of seas
soaked in regret
May 2020 · 126
Intolerable la vida
Alyssa May 2020
la imagen de un santo
aparece en mi desvelo
protegiéndome del tiempo
del fantasma y lo real

detona mi fé nuclear
explosión en la obscuridad
iluminando la ausencia
que hace al dolor poeta
y a la muerte belleza

en el redil de la locura
el final del mundo es fortuna
Apr 2020 · 107
a balanced diet
Alyssa Apr 2020
I had chocolate chips for breakfast
a few palpitations for lunch
the weight of loneliness for dinner

I saved the memory of a lover for dessert
but I'm already full
maybe tomorrow
with dreams of a big house sprinkled over
and a cup of distilled tears
Feb 2020 · 120
Wide awake
Alyssa Feb 2020
wisps of dawn
in rhythmic intervals
trickle down in the dark
flooding the night

woolen dreams damp
heavy on the line
shrinking to half the size
the dress I wear tonight
Jan 2020 · 154
Alyssa Jan 2020
in my knotted abjection
tangled are the fibers
of my mother's depression
she spins into yarn
and in my name twines

i am my mother's half
or maybe more
the chronic haunt
and all her mad
Dec 2019 · 183
Alyssa Dec 2019
you say hi
and I undress
morals quiet down
engaged in acrobatics
of extramarital art
rendered mortals
fleeting the charge
of forbidden desire
in dark corridors
and numbered rooms
beneath my ribs
where our hopes riven
by uncertain goodbyes
Nov 2019 · 126
Take me
Alyssa Nov 2019
take me to the place
where you outstare the night
with the pleiades burn out
teach me like the sea to flow
of the shore be the ebbing tide
help me comb the leafless trees
and sweep our trails from the snow
so no one knows we're lost
and try to collect our bones
let them think we will return
as the murmur of the wind
don't make me sing with dried up lungs
just take me to where I am not
Oct 2019 · 118
Alyssa Oct 2019
midnight curling in my hair
soigné drapery in tangled disguise
cascading indolently down my back
and on my fingers twined
sinuous complexity in every strand
fringing the pride in my eyes
Oct 2019 · 104
The air I cannot hold
Alyssa Oct 2019
the empty space inside of me
vast expanding in my lungs
breathing in to pull you close
breaking my straining breastbone
Sep 2019 · 103
Greenhouse effect
Alyssa Sep 2019
I imagined it all
it was cold, umber, decaying
turned a dim monotone
the last standing, trembling
wishing the shadows undone

but crueler than the nightmare
of our hideous mocking despair
was the beauty, the peace
the purity of the earth amiss
Sep 2019 · 206
Shallow depth of field
Alyssa Sep 2019
I died a week ago
it was caught on tape
in shallow depth of field
my very last breath
Aug 2019 · 272
Alyssa Aug 2019
i'm spinning apart
the atoms of my body reversing polarity
working up a particle war
between my colliding halves
Aug 2019 · 190
Alyssa Aug 2019
teñida de rojo llegas a casa
todas las noches, todas las mañanas
de agua salada creció un río en mi alma
y un sepulcro debajo de tu cama
a la hora de dormir cuento puñaladas
y me arrulla el crujir de tu espina fracturada
el eco reverbera en el cañón de mis entrañas
en mis sueños con tus últimas palabras
niña ponte tu falda favorita
y suelta a tu hermana
no le temas a la noche
que muerta ya no pasa nada.
Jul 2019 · 210
Spring lover
Alyssa Jul 2019
unconsummated snow
melting in the sun
choreographing blooming bulbs
sown below the sheets
warm flowering fantasies
with nectar gushing down
the freckled blossoms of my dreams
craving hands fluttering south
like migrating butterflies
Jul 2019 · 113
Alyssa Jul 2019
resisting the fading sky
half dressed — my brain
struggles to concede
a vacation to the mind
courting the still midnight
hoping to show for dawn
Jun 2019 · 240
Alyssa Jun 2019
divine morning spark
the sun, remotely afire
May 2019 · 128
No choice
Alyssa May 2019
no clemency for sinners
rattles in the womb
a modern crucifixion
on wrong you didn't do
life is penitence
so long as isn't yours
May 2019 · 126
Sleep paralysis
Alyssa May 2019
long shadow in the corner
haunting presence, ghastly threat
dark replicating sketch
of my mind's delirious dread
siphoning out the terror
that stirs inside my head
May 2019 · 112
Alyssa May 2019
no flesh, no bone
no spine holding up a cause
my name pronounced in passive tense
in the voice of a ghost
nobody to claim my gold
it's all turned to dust
and as i drift further from home
all gone with a gust
May 2019 · 97
Alyssa May 2019
pale from altitude
architecture of a soul
rugged cliffs, broken rocks
peaks, slopes and valleys
grinding plates below the soil
standing tall in depths unknown
fainting at the very touch
of winds coming from above
Mar 2019 · 191
For fear or love
Alyssa Mar 2019
you drink the poison our lies pour
I drink it too
in agony our bodies entwine
for fear or love or neither one
in unison we die
held in each other's arms
but worlds apart
Feb 2019 · 294
Alyssa Feb 2019
I wish my parents hadn't been musicians
and hadn't transformed into sound
and hear all their absent parts play loud
Feb 2019 · 245
Alyssa Feb 2019
transcending all manners of dimension
time counting its passage
by the rhythms of the world
in an organised crescendo
and the ephemeral speed of light
in lieu of interference
will forever go through the endless
stretch of night
expanding in a cosmic event horizon
limitless indefinite mechanism
holding the stars and graviting quarks
aether beyond the skies
Feb 2019 · 104
Bitter wrong
Alyssa Feb 2019
long growing in my soul
the most bitter wrong
threatens to dissolve the marrow
to make a model from the shadows
and hoping to elude hell
I carved a marble smile
and stood on a half shell
veiled in artful wiles
but still my hands are sharp
and my skin is cold
and all the glass in the world
shatters if I say a word
Feb 2019 · 165
Too deep
Alyssa Feb 2019
I went too deep and drowned
looking for a pearl, holding in my breath
pressure burst my heart
water filled my lungs
the day went dark
and it got cold
pockets full of stones, I sunk
Jan 2019 · 183
Alyssa Jan 2019
you have to break your body first
before you find your soul
so I'm pulling my teeth out
and scratching every sore

but it is in dreams alone
where I can see the hole
and dig a little more
until I find my ghost

if by the morning I'm still whole
make sure to cut me up
break my body first
then rip apart my soul
Jan 2019 · 328
Alyssa Jan 2019
is it cold in the water?
were you shadowed by distress?
did your void turn to wonder?
do you hurt any less?

it must have been the current
everybody said
but half the life you spent
you did already dead
Jan 2019 · 14.9k
A cup of tea
Alyssa Jan 2019
I poured myself
inside your cup
pretended to be tea
your lips pursed to the rim
burning kiss
bile churns
you forgot
I'm made of sins
Jan 2019 · 225
After dark
Alyssa Jan 2019
I don't want to close my eyes
if the moon is smiling
and staring at the sky
doesn't make me blind
when my mind fluoresces
from between the shadows
let me stay awake
and lay bare with the night
sleep is for the worn
I am still intact
Jan 2019 · 104
Alyssa Jan 2019
subdued by the beauty of the rose
the wildflower waits unnoticed
through the cracks on the road
the wildflower does not toil
it does not grow weary
for the rose is already gone
Jan 2019 · 525
i ate the world
Alyssa Jan 2019
i swallowed every word
gulped down the abuse
devoured the self disgust

i ate the world whole
Jan 2019 · 123
Alyssa Jan 2019
no existo
soy el reflejo de mi mismo
la forma que se oculta entre las sombras
del desierto soy el espejismo

soy el tiempo que perdiste
soy esa oración que hiciste

no existo
soy la anticipación del momento
soy la grieta que se hace en el cemento
soy tan solo un intento

no existo
soy lo que nadie esta sintiendo
no existo
pero sigo siendo
Jan 2019 · 101
Alyssa Jan 2019
god and torment, fire and paradise
faith is the cross on our backs
when we pray, we're just closing our eyes
Jan 2019 · 113
Alyssa Jan 2019
atoms collide
breaking a fall
building up
an avalanche
Jan 2019 · 219
Alyssa Jan 2019
a ghost hiding in the haze
the kind of which i came to be
a silhouette, pale and sheer

a bleached semblance with no shape
limbs stretching out, dissolving in the air
a draft whistling your name

a saint who ****** himself for this
became a soul to grasp a chance
but hollowness is all there is

— The End —