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 Nov 2018 Ilaha
Kurt Philip Behm
My words the result
  of the times I’ve lived
  not a classroom exercise

My feelings all paid
  with the blood of my fears
  not a rambling diatribe

My trail has been lined
  with each tear and misstep
  to mark the way ahead

My life a memory
  telling a tale
   —whose direction my soul has led

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2018)
 Nov 2018 Ilaha
Dimitris Sarris
I sense it around me, my heart denies it
but my soul knows the truth.
All i need is to say it out loud.
We are born in a world controlled by fear
and compulsions, slaves to a meaningless
What is the point of existing just so we can
serve someone else wishes?
All i hope is to set myself free and i would
beg for others to do the same.
My instincts always served me well i can not
deny them now.
A distant voice echoes inside my head but for
the first time it is my own.
 Nov 2018 Ilaha
Bryan Lunsford
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
And I've analyzed your beauty over and over,
With your beauty that gets me high, even though I am sober,
All I've been able to do is fall for you like the leaves in October
 Nov 2018 Ilaha
Bryan Lunsford
With smiles and laughter through the night,
I watch as she begins to get tired,
With the sight of her sleepy eyes,
As seeing what was once a live wire
Become tired right before my eyes,
It's here, in a moment of dire, she surrenders this night,
With her head resting on my chest,
As only a moment passes by, and softly, as she fails to reply,
I kiss her on her forehead,
And say "I love you angel, goodnight"
 Nov 2018 Ilaha
Kurt Philip Behm
There are only two ways
  to become immortal

One is to become a warrior
  —the other a writer

(Villanova Pennsylvania:  Watching ‘The Last Samurai,’ October, 2014)

— The End —