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The world is shifting right beneath my feet,
All I can think of is what I gotta eat.
The sun is setting right over the green hill...
The world’s moving — but I’m very still.
© Alicia Kapudag 2020
like water, i will drink you.
then i will forget you,
until i thirst again.
© Alicia Kapudag 2020
Brewing the tea,
Filling the cup,
Waiting for Rain
to come clear up.
© Alicia Kapudag 2020
CONTRAST measures the exposure of our desires manifesting in our lives to remind us of where we stand.
© Alicia Kapudag 2020
It takes a while to learn
How to spit it out —
Without harm done.

Indigestion is a nasty thing,
Wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.
© Alicia Kapudag 2020
Now I know that when I’m low
Something surely is yearning to grow out.
Meanwhile I know that I will learn just how to
Not put up a fight.
© Alicia Kapudag 2020
If we spend even half of the energy we spend looking for problems towards seeing what we’ve already solved,
then we’ll be better equipped to deal with each day as it comes.

Thoughts are boundaries of the imagination.
Thoughts have energetic lives of their own.
We empower them as we perceive them,
allowing stories to grow and unfold.

Doesn’t matter what side of the sea,
Dreams are only what we make them to be.
© Alicia Kapudag 2020
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