Allison Brown Dec 2017
It pains me so
Never having been so down
the ache, the everlasting pain
kept the pursuing frown

To not have what the heart desire
or to be with who the heart demands
as in betrayal it calls me a liar
for not following it but instead my head

Rash decisions
Bold and incorrect actions
that for now ever shall haunt me
as I  lay down in despair reactions

Too many unknowns
No answers untold
Only stray me further
from the depth of what is needed

The path I have took
is not the one to lead
(or the one to take!)
as I now walk alone

I look the fool,
as the crisis unfold
And the truth reveal
To only ****** that which is left of me

I cry myself to sleep
As I lay curled in my sheets
All that but I can do is weep
for this mistake has no end!

Look towards the light
and remember what is right
for the shame  may remain
but all I can do is try another day
Ever have one of those days where you just feel like nothing is going right? Maybe it is a love life? Or  just your life is upside down? Remember, this is but only one short moment out of many to come! Cherish each one and try to live another.
Allison Brown Dec 2017
The beating heart
that leaps out at your sight
To who can compare?
The sight is too rare

The day passes
dawn to dusk  
the morn to eve
wake to rest

Through it all the pressure increase
The flame reaches new height
as it clinches and burns within
The fire keeps my smile alight

For my love is undetered
unstoppable and unbreakable
The joy and happiness that awake
Make every day worth the wait

Freedom lies only with you
as I am imprisoned in this cell of love
The chains don't break me
but make the labor even more

For if it provides
for the one true reason
and sight before me
then it was worth every hour

As I close my eyes
Even in my dreams I shall remember
Just how good and true
Your beauty as it makes my heart fly
Allison Brown Dec 2017
Flowers are a beautiful thing
they teach us so
to express and to explain
what the depths of heart cannot

We ride the day in fear
of what they will say
instead of how they will feel.
A flower is all I need to say.

Given to show who we loved,
It only takes one to announce our one true love,
The total beauty of a flower even represents the beginning.

A flower for a memory
A flower with a kiss
A flower for a new adventure!

To remember the good,
to honor the dead
To cherish what is now lost

To woo the angel before me
To express how I feel for you
To show what you mean

The world will know
All will bow
At the birth of a new babe

Flowers are more than what you see,
They don't just smell nice
And look beautiful
But they represent life and the real you
Allison Brown Dec 2017
Life can be so difficult,
so surreal,
and yet through it all we prevail.

As we grow old
we become more bold
As we grow old
it seems to always be cold!

All the more wiser
Lessons learned
The world seems more clear

Once we were short
To now only to be tall
and in the end the danger of a fall!

We smile and laugh in our enjoyment
To only eventually become important
Our lives will never be the same!

We want our independence
To only to depend on others
later in life just like our mothers

We play games and joke a lot
Years later we will remember
"those great moments" with a smile or sigh

As adults we try to keep control
To only realize later we never were!
No matter of your age life continues on
Ever write something and "just not happy with it?" yeah that's this.
Allison Brown Nov 2017
Shadows emerging
The light betraying
The dampness that grips us in fear
The eerie silence that that our nerves cannot bare

There is no peace at hand
For the thief is quite as he land
Our fortune is took outside and within
For there is not just one mask but ten

Darkness overcomes the light
Making everything not so bright
Relieving us of even our sight!
There is no end in the morn or night.

Keep your hearts closed
And your eyes open alarmed
Your breathing can even be the excuse
of why it was taken from you.

Many masks, of all colors and design
Many masks, of all motive and origin
Many masks, many types and kind
Many masks, many evils in a line
So I witnessed someone being robbed the other day. You know you hear about this stuff and you never think it can happen to you or someone you know or something of that sort. You  say you will defend yourself or do something, but do we truly fight back at the evil of the world? I am ashamed I didn't give chase I openly admit that. This poem not only warns but reminds us that this world is cruel, polluted, and evil. But that evil has limits no matter how big the evil is we need to learn to stand and fight against them!
Allison Brown Oct 2017
The clouds overcast
The crowd with tears freely falling
The burden a family has to carry
The heartache that never ceases

Woe is me!
Death has come, the flesh failed
We remember you as we congregate
Dawn to Dust there is a mourning so great

That beautiful angel lying so peaceful
The elms tremble as she passes through
Even the birds fly and sing
The mother dog whines for her baby

For the riches of love overflows
The stained tears tell a story so true.
The grapple of wisdom, I will never fall!
You are still there just in my heart

We lost a teacher and a potter
But gained insight and understanding
From the trial given to us so harsh
In the end, you were still there
Your heart never truly closes from the passing of a loved one, but you can use what you remember of them to better yourself..
Allison Brown Oct 2017
Your time finally came,
and my heart in so much pain
Tears fall as memories reign
I feel so lost, I feel so alone

You were always there
Always there beside me
To teach me of all you do
To show that love has no end

Even in your parting words
I cry out your name
As your last breath falls away
But I remember you said, "I love you"

It may not had been verbal
But I know you said it within
Time doesn't stop the ache
Time doesn't stop the pain

But I rejoice in what we did
I will remember who you were
My love for you is never lost
Even now I smile

I smile as I say, "I love you"
A family member of mine passed away today and this is my way of remembering her. It pains and aches me so much. I know she died peacefully and not in pain and that is only peace I have right now. Peace, it will never be there, but I will know in my heart she is still there smiling down on me encouraging me day to day.

Love those dear to you and never let go! Love them and cherish every moment! You never know when the last but even when they are gone they are never truly gone. It is hard to say they are never gone I know trust me I miss her so much! My heart aches and pains for even her voice once more! but i know she is there, I know love was never lost.
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